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Will Everyone Be Resurrected from the Dead?

Some might argue that “ALL NATIONS, PEOPLES AND LANGUAGES” worshiping the Lord in His kingdom only includes the small number of those who survive Armageddon and does not include all the billions of people who died prior to that. If true, then the wonderful provision of these “times of restitution spoken of by the mouth of all God’s holy prophets” (Acts 3:19-21) would only apply to a scant tiny percentage of all the people who ever lived. Oh what empty promises these scriptures would be if that were true. But no, the Bible teaches that everyone who ever lived will be resurrected. So then all the billions of people resurrected will have an opportunity for everlasting life if they accept Christ in His Kingdom.

Acts 24:15 – “there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust.” NKJV

John 5:28-29 – “the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will … come forth” NKJV

Rom 5:18 “through one Man’s righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life” 1 Cor 15:22 – “as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive.” NKJV

Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that John 5:28-29 applies only to those only those whom Jehovah remembers in memorial tombs. However there is no scriptural evidence for this view. This Greek world for memorial tombs is a common word for tombs used often throughout the Gospels referring to the tombs of the dead. Yes, any tomb or grave is a memorial unto the loved one left behind. However, to arbitrarily limit this verse to select ones whom Jehovah remembers is very subjective. Jehovah who sees every sparrow fall and ever hair on our head would certainly remember every evil person he ever judged as the good. Not only does this verse not specify anything about bringing back those whom Jehovah remembers, but it does not qualify its statement by excluding those whom he has judged in the past. As a matter of fact, the Acts 24:15 text cited above which in the NWT reads, ” there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.”

21 comments to Will Everyone Be Resurrected from the Dead?

  • Alfred bond

    What about those who rejected the message of truth right up to their death ? Had every opportunity to learn the the truth and even where right out violent to those , as such as family members , because of their stand for Jehovah and Christ Jesus . Will they be given a resurrection ? Jehovah is the final judge on the matter, no matter how I feel about it.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Thanks Alfred. Good questions. You are welcome to share your point of view here. In order to find answers to your questions we need to examine what the Bible says. An additional important question to consider is what does the Bible state is subject to eternal judgment? Who is eternally judged and when. Did all mankind since Adam received their final judgment upon death? I do not believe the Bible supports this. Those anointed (spirit begotten) with the Holy Spirit have received the benefits of the ransom and under eternal judgment. The general world of mankind, including the wicked, have a learning and judgment period in the Paradise Kingdom, at which time they can choose to eternally follow Jehovah or reject him. It is at that future time that they face eternal judgment. See this link for scriptural
      details. https://www.beyondwatchtower.com/2011/03/19/two-salvations-a-ransom-for-all/

  • Apparently, even animals are in “Shoel”. Ps49:14; Ecc3:18-21 Gotta think big for the REGENESIS of Matthew 19:28. (Eze47:9)

  • First of all I want to say great blog! I
    had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to know how you center yourself
    and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had
    a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there.
    I do take pleasure in writing however it just
    seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be
    lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any
    recommendations or hints? Appreciate it!

    • Don’t think, as one method. When writing just let connections flow from the first, make it short statements like an outline.

      The moment you get stuck, expand the last place you were at until another connection arises in your mind.

      Re-arrange it later if you want.

  • If all people are going to be resurrected, who are the one’s God is going to destroy at Armageddon? And the Giants of the earth (sons of the angels) God destroyed at the flood…why would he bring these back?
    Not to ride a dead horse with what many do not believe, but I do believe in the two seed…one from Adam, and one from Satan. I believe all from Adams seed will be brought back from death…none from Satan’s seed.

    • Jacqueline

      Domenic, Jesus ransomed Adam and all of his children not the Nephillim sons of the angels, so no resurrection. Those that die at armageddon or a minute before or of natural causes during, all die in Adam so all will return.Today since Adam we all go to the memorial tombs not Gehenna. You and I don’t get to pick and choose who get resurrected, Jesus died as a ransom for ALL of Adam’s descendants.
      It also seems you eqate destroy or kill with judgement to Gehenna. The evildoers died in Adam along with Jesus. The type of punishment dying on a crux or pole was reserved for the heinous ones but notice the one evildoer coming to Christ although men considered him heinous indeed. Which mother will you say your child is not as good as my child. That is why Jesus ransomed them all so they may get to know the real will of God and have the best learning environ. Sometimes I also think Domenic that some must be sons of the devil, especially pedophiles but some I actually know they father and mother and they resembled greatly the father but they are wicked. Yet redeemed with the liar that destroys a whole family and the adulterer that spits and ruins many lives. You once said yourself sin is sin.

      • Jacqueline, Yes I believe all of Adams seed will have a resurrection. Those in the grave will be resurrected first, than those alive who God wants. Then God will kill all living things on earth…People, animals, birds, fish, trees, everything alive. If God were to resurrect humans after he kills those left on earth, that would be a resurrection that is not in the bible.

        • Jacqueline

          Are you forgetting his promise after the flood to not deal everything a blow anymore. He does not lie. Also I added more to my previous comment.
          PS: We just had a beautiful discourse with interaction on the mothers in the bible. Strange I never noticed them before. David’s sisters for instance had sons that were pivotal in the bible. Just a sidebar of today’s service in Chicago’s ecclesia.

      • Jacqueline,
        God promised not to again destroy the world with water. In Revelations he says he will destroy the world again with fire. He will not save the seed of Satan. To say he will bring back all is against the bible. If God were to bring back all who had lived, and save all who are alive on earth, we would have no bones to bury. Gods written word says it will take seven years to bury all the bones. God says their flesh will rot of there bones as they stand on their feet…that means death at his hand. This all will be saved only means Gods people. To say all is against Gods written word. I am a Christian, I believe Gods word over that of the man Russell.

        • Jacqueline

          Domenic, you are talking to me Jacqueline not Br. Russell so I don’t understand your outburst. Br. Russell does not have to answer to you or me, we all stand or fall by God and Christ’s call. Now that aside this is what the Bible says “ALL” it is a simple scripture that needs no additions:
          1Timothy 2:3-6 (American Standard)”3 This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
          4 who would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth.
          5 For there is one God, one mediator also between God and men, himself man, Christ Jesus,
          6 who gave himself a ransom for all; the testimony to be borne in its own times;
          Here is the page where you may see more thoughts and scriptures if you like:https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/category/ransom-answers/ Since I agree with what is stated in these articles there is no longer a need for me to further keep replying to your same points over and over again.
          I for one will agree to disagree with you on some points Domenic and that is okay, we are still friends. You are not God and therefore I don’t have to agree or accept all you say. I however have to give you one for zeal and endurance for what you believe to be truth. Keep up the energy without taking away the liberty of others to think for themselves also. Both you and I are old and have acquired some wisdom but the wisdom from above is the only thing that matters.
          I am reading the book of Enoch today for the second time. When I read it 4yrs ago I was an infant in Christ now I grasp it”s meaning a little better. You take care Domenic. In Christian unity Jacqueline

          PS: Domenic I find with me it is best to put the scripture”s fulfillment in the right time period. 1.Before the flood, 2.Patriarchal age, 3. Our day the gospel age or 4. the Millenium

          • Domenic pappalardo

            I agree the scriptures say Jesus died for ALL the people. That does not say ALL the people will except the free offer to be saved. And yes, Russell made claim, ALL the people will be saved…what he claimed is not true. He should have said, “Jesus died for ALL the people, who will believe in Jesus, and God the Father.”
            If I was the Captain of a ship, and it was sinking, I would to save ALL the people. But, those who do not get into the life boats will not be saved.
            Do you not understand this?

            • Jacqueline

              Domenic you and I have the same background and you know I understand these little fine details you are pouncing on. For witnesses those are elementary facts. Most of your audience here understand these fine points. Your info is not that difficult to understand it is you want validation of whether you are right or wrong. You should be satisfied with being convinced yourself. It is not a salvation issue here. We here and the average JW know one has to accept Christ ransom. But the difference is you say now is judgement day and we say 1000 yr is judgement day. But you can hold to that, it won’t kill or save you. Christ already got it covered.

          • That’s the perfect insight in a thread like this.

  • Jacqui Thomas

    Jacqueline,the articles are very interesting,I also believe any good Christian will be absolved of his sins on entry to heaven. On the subject of my Mum,I am not at all afraid of her presence,on the contrary I find it a great comfort,it is as if she is beside me looking out for me,but when we think of lost loved ones do we not draw them near,and I think of Mum a great deal. This is how humanity keep the dead alive in their hearts,what is your view? Surely our need to do this isn’t sinful,it’s just the natural grieving process.I am sure I will see both my parents again when I pass over.I was privileged enough to be present at the passing of them both,thought my Mums passing was extremely traumatic,I now feel peace.Closure came last week when I visited the east coast of England to have a Memorial Bench put on the pier at Skegness,this was a happy mission and the culmination of a 10 month project,I not feel much better than I did.

  • Ken

    Thanks Brother Pete!

  • Jacqueline

    Ken, Somewhere the org . moral compass went awire. ie, Rom.6:23 says in part “the wages sin pays is death’. The JW belief is that by virtue of a person entering death, he has REDEEMED himself, by dying and will automatically get a ressurrection because he died before armageddon, even a mass murder or child molester (Christ covers all). Not at all believing that Jesus redeemed him already. So follow this thru, A person dying at armageddon, although a child or one that has not known fully about Jesus will die because God’s set time table is upon us. You must have found God earthly organization to survive. (I am quoting the wat.) They once declared that all have had an opportunity to find it, not realizing babies are born everyday. What is the age of majority with God?
    Although they say now that Judgement day is 1,000yrs long. They still won’t change the scriptures to the 1,000 yrs when knowledge will be known by all and all resurrected babies will reach the age of majority. They push Christ ransom out everytime.
    They fail to realize Rom is just saying why we die not that is the only way for a sinner to be saved by dying and ressurrection.
    I always looked at little children and nice people and tried to tell them. But he can’t kill them because of my approach I felt. Because we worked the territory so much we were a nucience in my area. They hate the name we bore.
    And no, I have not finished even vol 1 because I read all scriptures now and read so much on this site. The language is clearer. But amazingly, I can understand the 19th century phrases now that I use other bibles and not just the language of the NWT.
    BTW, it will take some time for your wife to accept the cross. We were mislead into thinking all religious pictures are worshiped. The watchtower has a logo and the watchtower is more sacred than the bible in JW org. I have never seen anyone put the cross and crown above Jesus as we put the org above and replaced him with the governing body. And I have said all this before my coffee. LOL

    • Ken

      Wow..you said all of that before coffee! Excellent!!:)Amen to what you said.Recently I was saying to my wife how the Jw’s put more emphasis on the GB than Jesus,I told her the next time she goes to a meeting to write down the number of times the GB/FS is mentioned compared to Jesus;she’ll be in for a suprise!

  • Ken

    I remember when I was was a Jw, some of the talks they used to give made it seem like hardly anyone was going to come back in the resurrection, like everything you did wrong would subject you to gehenna!Gloom and doom….so sad………

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Ken – Here are nearly 100 scriptrues showing how patient and loving Jehovah is and that his plan is to give EVERYONE a full opportunity to be saved. https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2011/03/19/two-salvations-a-ransom-for-all/

    • Just stay sweet and good

      I have one point that you may or may not know about concerning 2 John 7.

      The correct translation of that word er kho me non
      is the same at 3 John 3……it is in the past tense……referring to his past coming. This is to say that Jesus Christ was
      a perfect man in the flesh (not a God man) at his first advent as John had already instructed at John 1:14. This perfect, blameless man forfeited his future, as a perfect man equal to Adam, in order to buy the whole human race. The ransom for “ALL” means the ransom for “ALL” no more, no less. 1 Timothy 2:5,6 The greek word there being anti ly tron meaning exact
      equal. So, therefore, when you consider the text at verse 10 you have to realize that “if anyone comes does not bring you this teaching” they then constitute themselves as an antichrist because they are then denying the sufficiency of the blood of Christ to buy back the WHOLE HUMAN RACE and insure their resurrection. Acts 17:31 (ALL means ALL) The scriptures are clear at our death we receive an acquittal Romans 6:7 Not an exoneration. There is proof of sin, but it is overlooked.
      Thats undeserved kindness aka GRACE! No works can ever pay for that. Ps. 49:8

      As Paul said: “I preach one thing and one thing only Jesus Christ and him impaled”

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