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  • ha ha sorry i said spiritual foog .perhaps thats right on fog = fear guilt and obligation

  • thankyou all for your kind replies i now need to consider next move im on here with my real name.the field service now is aimed at using tablets or mobile phones to show householders short viseos. on the jw webbsite recently it was stated that tho object is to point people to jw dot org where they will recieve spiritual foog from the faithfull slave. i find i am unable to feel comfortable with this..it seems that jesus is now moved aside and the message is ” obey the faithfull slave..my field service has allways been my personal ministry to bring jesus and his kingdom to the fore.they have even said that route calls are now a waste of time .however i will continue to do mine with my wife but first call is now very uncomfortable to me..im considering all your comments. i am in north london area not far from hoddesden. i wull get back to you all in a few days using my other name
    .thank you all not sure about link ups on phone i only have a mobile and not sure how conference calls work..

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Greetings Ian.

      It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

      When I was “leaving” the JW’s, I vividly recall feeling a powerful sense of urgency to hurry up and figure out my next step. I got through it by focusing on “not going backwards.” Yes, many times I felt very worried, confused, and anxious. I tried and tried and tried to find a way forward, but every which way I looked, I only saw backwards. For a very long time (at least in my estimation), it seemed as though I was at a complete standstill.

      But gradually, like the grains of sand dropping inside an hourglass, the scenery shifted and time moved forward. Reflecting on it now, I realize that each minuscule choice, each opportunity that I strengthened my resolve to not go backward, every second that I waited and watched and pondered, THAT was actually me moving forward because I was doing something very different than I’d ever done previously–I was learning to wait and trust in Jehovah and in His Son Jesus. Though the movement was quite imperceptible to me at the time, slowly I found my paths being made straight by following Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Slowly, the fog cleared. Slowly, I found myself in a different place, doing differently, feeling differently–feeling inner peace, and seeing that it wasn’t so much my efforts as my surrender that allowed me to be led forward.

      I’m quite certain the 3 Hebrews (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) couldn’t see their way forward when Nebuchadnezzar ordered them to bow down to his Golden Image. But moment by moment they refused to go backwards.

      If it helps, I used to reflect on the Nation of Israel, camped beside the Red Sea, hemmed in by mountains, and panicked by Pharaoh’s fast-approaching army. Jehovah didn’t act immediately, but He allowed the Israelite nation to ponder the situation and to sit with their anxiety. He wasn’t in a hurry. He had all the time in the world. But for the Israelites, they could already perceive danger and a sense of urgency, and they wanted relief from their anxiety NOW.

      Thinking about that helps me better make peace with my own anxiety at times. One foot in front of the other. Moment by moment staying the course, paying attention and making tiny course corrections along the way. And praying constantly. That’s what get’s me where I’m going while also letting me grow and heal and be guided. A flower blooms in it’s own due time. We only risk causing harm by trying to rush the process.

      Warmly and Compassionately,

      • thankyou greg i have been fading for 3 years in fact only an hour avo i had a chat with my jw wife .and she is ok with me just stopping. so the next thing is to decide next step i have to admit i have been going to communion at the church of england for some time and find it great comfort and they are a great community..i also like the methodist church..i ĺike john wesleys sermons..however for serious bible study i feel at home with the bible students..

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Your wife sounds like a mature secure woman. She cares about you emotionally, one blessing down many more to go. JEHOVAH allows us to approach him as individuals in freedom. Wow what a woman, now she will really see a happier more confident husband ready to give her his all. Some of the healthiest JW children are those that had another religious view in the home, it made them more normal. Ideally worshipping as one is the best but it is what it is. I couldn’t imagine having to go to a kingdom hall now with the gb faces on those tv screens but I know some still have this challenge to their faith but you have a gem. She is behaving like Christ. Congrats!

  • hellow from uk i have been following the bible students for about 3 years now..been a jw since 1963..im very unhappy with the way things are going i have been fading for around 3 years although even back in 1980s i felt it was goung bad .it seemed around the time ray franz left it became authority clamp down on any independant thinking.i have his book c of c.im just not sure which way to go i find it impossible to go to conventions as the awfull videos and mind control make me sick..i may dissasociate soon not sure why sshould i ? i have been takubg communion at local church of england fir 2 years when i can .i found i am still a member..it makes up for all the memorials i did not partake..im hoping i can get a sub to the dawn magazine. the word is that the public edd of WT will cease next year its allready down to 3 a year..i still take my disabled wife to one meeting a week and that is now as near hell as i want to get..so do i just drift away ir take a stand and DA i keep talking about jesus .they dont like that..i cant go house to house any more with first call as i just dont believe what the jws are now preaching ” if you dont join jw dot org you will die a hoorible death at the big A .we still have 15 route calls i do with wife keeps her happy..dont know what else to say..

    • just Stay Sweet and Good

      ian………I have been in your situation also. I’ll just tell you what I did. OK? Number #1 You can’t write a script ahead of time of what is going to happen. All you can do is be determined that every thing you say to them will be seasoned with love. Thats the only way you’ll get through it and still like yourself. Love is the key that opens all doors. #2 In order to get over fear of man, I spent twenty years speaking only the pure truth of the Ransom for ALL to everyone in my territory and as a commentor at the meetings.. I introduced myself as a bible student to everyone I met and passed out tracks continually. (you can get them from the Chicago Bible Students) #3 I acquired good friends who were committed footstep followers of their Savior. #4 I gradually lost interest in anybody else and really didn’t have time for carnality. #5 When they finally came looking for me, the answers to their questions were all direct quotes from the Bible which no one would dare to contradict if they have any conscience at all. Just Stay Sweet and Good and let the chips fall as they may!

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ian howat welcome, when I saw your first name and from the UK it brought tears to my eyes! Those that were on this site in 2011 will know why as it played out on this site and the Royal commission (first the police) got my first email advising them of a pedophile sex ring of many Jw elders and men. The rest is history.
      But welcome Ian, you are doing quite well in how you have proceeded so far. Good you went to the local church to partake of the communion. The preaching work is over here for the door to door as the governing body stated last October. They say they have carried out their commission, but we know the gig is up for them and they are collecting the money and are about to run. So they have been paid in full for their services.
      During this time I know you have learned that you can get a relationship with God without an organization, you’ve been in training. We do have brothers in the UK and we have a testimony meeting for the UK so you can come on and we can talk. Tell us if you can and I will wake up (2am here) and come on also.
      Hopefully Br. Richard Tazzyman is looking at this and will come on to talk to you here so others in the UK can know what is available.
      I am like you, I wouldn’t be able to go to a convention or meeting and listen to men I alledge and see as serial killers (GB with their no blood issue and the women and children that sacrifice their lives to them). I will not listen to men that tear families apart and laugh about it and call those that have left diseased.
      You are stronger than you think for having the stamina to take your wife in there and stomach it. Let’s talk on here about questions you may have. Right now we have a Wednesday night meeting on telephone hook up but perhaps we can meet as a committee at the Chicago convention next week and see what we can do if anything to have an internet study for those not in the United States. I will talk to Br. Peter and Br. Kris when I see them next week at the convention.
      I will post the convention so you can come on and be in real time with us.
      I personally think this might be what Daniel was told about, the internet along with the other communication devices. We can text and talk to the entire world in real time. WOW WHAT A BLESSING FROM THE FATHER!!
      Jesus said raise your heads erect in Luke 21 when we see these end time things happening, NOT BE AFRAID! Armageddon is a friend to mankind as Jesus will take the wheel. Don’t worry, they are lying to you like teachers of hellfire. Hellfire witness armageddon keeps the flock under the thumb of the governing body.
      Those men know better and CO will acknowledge that Jesus died for all mankind but they have to keep their jobs and the little power they have. It is about power and control plus add in a little money and stir it. There you have the so called “Jehovah witness” governing body with its many layers of CO, Elders, pioneers, publishers etc. It is a scheme and it made them billionaires, just watch them run to some island that does not have an internal revenue service.
      But you are doing fine so far.
      What subscriptions do you want? Let me know and I will get in touch with Dawn or the Chicago Bible team as Dawn is a very small class. You may put your mailing info on the contact form and I will send it to them.
      Take care and again welcome.

      • thank you i will put my address on contact

      • i hope i havedone the contact details rigbt have sent address and nick name

        • Richard Tazzyman

          Hello Bro Ian,Pls send your details to me at my e/mail address,rtazzyman@dodo.com.au,& I will forward them to a brother who lives in Tring,or stanley Gardens.I am sure if you are willing he would love to meet up with you some where convienient.He also has some study contact with a few ex Jws as well.There are also a group who meet near west Wickham.As I mentioned we will also be in the UK during the month of August for the London Convention.Hope to hear from you soon.Richard.Tazzyman,Australia

    • Ted R. (Bible Student)

      Welcome! I too have a disabled wife. I have been very cautious not openly to do anything that will get me disfellowshipped because of her emotional state. Plus the fact that I now have Parkinson’s Disease. I take her to the meetings when she is able to go but usually only stay for one meeting. The Parkinson’s is a blessing in this way because it gives me a reason for leaving. I have been a JW for nearly 50 years and well remember the 1975 fiasco. As long as I am not asked to go against my conscience, I put up with the unscriptural information at the meetings and just try to take in the little scriptural information given. I have a disfellowshipped son I have regular association with so if I am ever called on the carpet for doing so, I would have to tell them that I must obey God as ruler rather than man. I truly know what you are going through and wish you well in your quest for the truth.

    • Richard Tazzyman

      Dear Bro Ian,We have others like you In the UK,Some have left,others Have found the Bible students.I my self was a JW From the mid 1950s up till the very early Nineties,I have been a bible Student since 2010,I was rebaptised(Consecrated) in 2013 at a convention of the Bible students in Australia where I live.In fact we Just held a convention In Sydney Australia on the 11/13th May,& I had the priveledge to baptise a ex JW That had also Faded & found us on line 6 Months ago.We,that is my wife & I as well as other Australian & American Bretheren will be In the Uk for the English Bible Students Convention in Mid August this year.It is held in Hodeston,Just out of London at a convention centre called Highleigh.I Would love to know what Part of the UK you live In as we would love to meet up with you somewhere & discuss the Truth that sets US free!Pls feel free to contact me & if you would like any Books/booklets etc let me know & we will be able to help you with that.May Jehovah the Most high God Bless you & your wife.Look forward to hear from you my Brother In CHRIST,The risen Lord,Our KING.Richard Tazzyman

    • Nubby Tope

      Hi Ian and welcome!

      I live in UK as well, Cornwall to be exact, and recently disassociated myself after 59 years of being a JW. The elders were going to DF me anyway after I’d shown them evidence of child abuse, and their wrong chronology, but decided to DA as it seemed more honest and dignified than being kicked out!

      I know this sounds patronising but this site and the people on here have been AWESOME in helping me and giving moral support without sounding preachy. I read the Dawn magazine every month on the Dawn Bible website, listen to the Frank & Earnest recordings and broadcasts as they really keep my spirits up! And I still read my Bible and pray to our Father – nobody can take that away from you as nobody has a monoploy on God! And the Bible is God’s own Word as you know and nobody can take that from you either. I’d like to know what part of UK you live?

      The last straw with me was I went to this year’s Memorial at Kingdom Hall (first meeting for over a year but fading for 3) and was disgusted by the first song – Memorial is about Jesus right? So why was the first song all about praising GB and no mention of Jesus? Totally out of order for me and that did it!

      Keep positive and make friends here – you will get support from a lot of people who have been through similar experiences to you and they are amazing! No one here is judgmental.

      • Chris J

        Hey Nuppy Tope,
        Have you ever read the Herald Magazines? Really deep and AMAZING stuff!!

        • Nubby Tope

          Hi Chris J,

          No I haven’t read them; is there a website where I can glimpse at The Herald?

          • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

            Nubby Tope. to the right under Bible student websites you will find a lot of other websites also. This is the herald site.


            • Nubby Tope

              Jacqueline, thanks for the link – I’ve looked and these Herald magazines are amazing! I love listening to the audio recordings too!

              • Chris J

                Nubby Tope. Aren’t they amazing!!! Sorry I couldn’t post the link musically we can’t oost links on here. But yes they are awesome. And they are deep. They do types and antitypes and symbolism and prophetic pictures which is what in LOVE!! When I first became a Bible Student I back ordered them for 18 years. I keep them in page protectors in notebooks 🙂

          • Chris J

            Thanks Jacqueline. It won’t let me post websites.

            Nubby Tope. I like the Herald because it is so much deeper than the Dawn. The Dawn is good though. I like the Herald because it goes into Pictures and Symbolism and Types and Antitypes and Chronology. The first article on there that led me to the truth was called “Called to be Sons of God.”If you click on the “Past Issues” and go to Sept/Oct 2014 it’s on there. I like these because they go into the Great Pyramid and Tabernacle and Symbolism and types in the minor prophets and all about Ezekiels temple. I highly recommened it

  • Daz

    Hi everyone, hope all are well & good.
    It has come to my attention that someone has been proclaiming that the disgusting thing standing in the Holy place is in fact the Faithful & Discreet Slave/Governing Body.
    They are saying that it is of utmost importance that we return to a kingdom halls on the day of the memorial in April!
    Has anyone else heard of this too?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Have not heard of this in the United States. What is their scripture basis for being able to identify this as the disgusting thing. Why would they suggest a person return to a kingdom hall, a building? Sounds like an internet thing.
      How are you and your family doing?

      • Daz

        Hello there Jacqueline, lovely to hear from, yes I & my family are good apart from hving colds lol, thankyou kindly for asking, hope you & yours are all doing great.
        Regarding the post about the disgusting thing etc, I am told they are to return because all the chosen ones are going to be there and their revealing will be seen by all present.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me to get xJW that are weak to return. From looking on the internet they can see that a lot of xJw still believe in them and that they are waiting for God to straighten it out within the org. so they can return and get back into their routine set up by the governing body. It might just work from what I see.

  • Lincoln

    Dear Friends,
    I have a reply/question? Here on this site, does it mean anybody (like me) can discuss, tell or question “things”, religion, beliefs and stuff? Let me speak clear out:

    I did register on Jehovas-Witnesses.com (my name is Lincoln) and after one day with a new “subject” (it was on the Holy Spirit), all of a suddent my “writings” and “things” were remooved and my “asccount” disabled.

    So, I do not understand and my thoughts was: is this “former JW treating a “member” like this and ” is this USA”?

    Now, I do not want to write things you are not allowed to write, but think about it; a site for “former member of JW, and you cannot write about their beliefs”?

    I do not know wehat I did wrong, but I do not want to repeat “what ever” once more, so therefore I ask:

    “On this site, can you write things”?

  • Annon

    I love love Jehovah Witness teaching, in fact by far there are no other religion like it. However there are some rules that I felt holding me back from declare being one. I pray that this site might help with the answer I seek.

    1) The date about when Jesus receive his power. Why teach it and emphasize it, when surely no man could know what really happen in heaven. In fact it felt wrong to say exact year it happen. How is this differ from when the Witness were wrong about 2nd coming?? Do we need badly to know exact year it happened to be saved?

    2) I come from a Bible teaching church with pastor and their sermons. I even still to this day listen to WAVA radio 105.1. I learn a lot from this channel and also were many time inspired. However I can not say the same about what I learn at the Kingdom Hall. With monotone discussion, question and answer that focus on Magazine, it is by far better had I stayed home. I do understand many of you never had the traditional way of bible discussion, please listen to WAVA online or radio. You will see that many of those are practical and useful and by no mean alienating your beleive as Jehovah Witness. You might even get inspire. What I fear the most is the narrow view that Magazine have implicate the teaching. Why can’t we go out and research and find the truth, why aren’t it discussed. Why do we just narrowly go by the magazine and only the magazine. I understand the important of unity but UNITY should be in its believe not synchronizing way of answering a particular question or synchronizing the teaching, yes even worldwide. It felt great but I think the emphasis is wrong. Just like Pharisee who focus too much on worldly view but not the heart!! If Jesus teach us about anything it is that Jehovah care more about the heart than anything else!!

    3) Songs in Kingdom Hall. Human life, is a celebration is it not? Like everything else there a balance, surely one’s does not go out and drink and dance, sing being drunk but the balance is to celebrate with the heart and sing praises from the heart to which I feel there are songs out there that reflect that feeling better than the songs sung at the Kingdom Hall. If you raise unity concern then please read paragraph #2.

    4) Ultimately I guess I am accuse Kingdom Hall of being too strict and narrow in its teaching with out passion. If we have the truth then we do not need to hide from being passionate in delivering the massage nor do we need to shun outside discussion that are not printed in the literature. Balance is the key.

    5) Emphasis on dressing well, how is this not worldly, no wonder people think Jehovah Witness as a cult. It is surely beautiful to dress well and not smear God one true religion but why force people to take notice on how people dress outside of Kingdom Hall when the real focus should be our conducts and our message rather our clothing. Ultimately I think these outside criteria really turn off a lot of sheep out there who really need to find their ways. To join Jehovah Witness one’s must not smoke,dress well, do not take blood etc. While all these are great but would this not discourage people? Once the person know the truth shouldn’t it then be up the him and Jehovah whether he/she should still continue to smoke,etc? Sure, we should definitely discourage but it is still a personal choice, just as Jehovah give us freedom to choose who are we to judge and exclude people from hearing the truth? Jesus pioneer eating with Tax collector, why then are we doing the opposite. The balance is there you see.. it is the heart first always.

    6) Surely using blood to sacrifice or even eating it or anything extreme is wrong but using blood to save life shouldn’t be wrong. Pharisee like to take thing to the extreme with out meditate on it. Sure, if you can afford the alternative why not, its better and healthier but in the event of emergency you are telling me that I will be breaking Jehovah law and risk being shun from my religion base on your interpretation of blood? Its clear to me that in the bible Jehovah hold blood sacred and one’s should abuse it but saving life isn’t one of them. Just like circumcision, or eating pork. Everything has it context. Saving life due to an emergency by blood shouldn’t one of them.

    7)Finally I like to say that except for the very important verse about who Jehovah and Jesus are and what Jehovah plan is for the earth, hell,heaven and death. I really don’t see why christianity as a whole really need to go out of the way to explain everything about the bible.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Annon, hello and thank you for expressing your opinion. I don’t know what others response will be to you but you said exactly what most that have left and are on this site and others, have concluded. I agree with your assessment. We are not Watchtower, Jehovah witnesses. We are the Bible Students and do lots of outside searching for truth. I personally listen listen to many radio stations and some religious TV stations. I have learned a lot about the different Greek words and the meaning they convey from listening to other ministers. I too agree blood to save your life should be a personal medical decision between a person and their doctor not 7 men in New York. Smoking should be on the person and his personal relationship with God. Not enforced by a body of men. Shunning and break up families, I don’t agree with.
      You in fact Annon are like us in most of your thinking. How does the congregation react when you address these issues?
      Unity of thought exactly normally mean that only one person or a few are dictating and enforcing their thoughts. And this is not right.

      • Phissith

        You have peep my interest. So what are the major different between Bible Student and Jehovah Witness and where can I get more intimate study? I have read a few about the founder and did not think I want to follow him, yet here you are saying something quite contrary. Thanks!

  • William Draper

    Yes I WOULD AGREE BARRY , UNDERSTAND , the word of Christ so applicable , try having faith the size of mustard seed . think about it

  • Barry Ward

    I am a Christian but can anyone explain how it is possible to have no doubts when nearly everyone around you accepts evolution which would mean for all practical purposes God does not exist. All scientific TV programmes promote evolution as a fact. There is no obvious evidence of a caring, loving god. The evidence of the world around us is of the whole of “creation” killing each other to survive. Those who have fearlessly left the watchtower and had their families destroyed as a result (Ray Franz, Jim Penton for example) have not had their prayers answered. Those we thought were Christians inside JW’s blindly obeyed the WT. out of fear. So called Christians outside the JW.s are just as bad, and never discuss right and wrong. They also will do nothing to help people who are victims of injustice. This is not proof there is no God but please admit we have a very tenacious faith. Barry Ward

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