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The Great Pyramid Witness to Jehovah

Was Charles Taze Russell a Pyramid Occultist?  From his 77 chapters of his Studies in the Scriptures of six volumes—Charles Russell devoted only one chapter to “The Corroborative Testimony of God’s Stone Witness” (Vol. 3, Study X)

Occultism—as generally called in Christian circles—refers to demonic influence including spiritism and witchcraft.  Charles Russell, in fact, constantly admonished his readers to have nothing to do with occultism. In once such warning, he concluded: “We urge all of the Lord’s people to restrain their curiosity and rely on the Lord’s Word and have no dealings whatever with any of these occult systems.” (Zion’s Watch Tower, April 15, 1909, p.123)  Russell’s study of the Great Pyramid in connection with the Bible had nothing to do with such occultism.  He saw the Great Pyramid as a “witness” confirming what was already revealed in the Scriptures.

A Witness for “That Day”

Isaiah19:19-20: “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD [Jehovah] in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD [Jehovah] of hosts in the land of Egypt…”

How can something be “in the midst of the land,” and at the same time be “at the border thereof”?  It seems impossible—yet the Great Pyramid of Egypt fulfills this strange prophecy of Isaiah. The Chief Hydrographer of the United States Coast Survey, noticed in 1868 that the Nile delta is pie-shaped.  Plotting this sector on a map, he found that the Great Pyramid is its exact center.  This remarkable feature led him to exclaim, “That monument stands in a more important physical situation than any other building erected by man!” It is at the border of Upper and Lower Egypt—and it is at the border of the second-shaped Nile Delta. Yet it is in the midst of Egypt at the Delta’s exact mathematical center.

Thus all the other pyramids of Egypt were copies—without any upper passageways or chambers and without the same phenomenal factors. The other pyramids were tombs. No mummy was ever found in the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid was a monumental witness to the Jehovah’s great Plan of salvation and life for all mankind.

The Great Pyramid Witness was specifically created for a Witness to Jehovah “in that Day”—the Kingdom! Why?  For naturally minded people, the Great Pyramid offers a tangible evidence for comprehending God’s Plan and understanding that it has been long been in place. As the oldest of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” it is acknowledged for its architectural precision, its unique location on the globe and even its scientific and amazing astronomical features. These amazing factors will also compel mankind to accept Jehovah’s Plan as corroborated in stone.

Let’s see how Russell found God’s Plan in the Bible, then found that same plan corroborated in the Great Pyramid.  Then you can decide for yourself whether this is a reasonable proposition to consider.

God’s Plan in the Bible

Before Charles Russell  even considered the passageways and chambers of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, he saw Jehovah’s complete and wonderful Plan in the Scriptures. Based on the Bible, he understood and taught that mankind was on a wide and slippery downward course on the “road to destruction”—death (Matthew 7:13; 1 Corinthians 15:22).

Yes, some hope was first offered to the Jewish people that if they could live up to God’s Law, they would get life. But it was too difficult a possibility (Romans 3:20). Only Jesus could keep—and fulfill—the Law of Moses. But his death and astonishing resurrection opened a way to life. Although the way opened was very narrow, it had high and lofty  promises of divine nature. (Hebrews 10:20; 2 Peter 1:4).

In 1882 Charles Russell also had published his first book on the Tabernacle’s graphical  significance (Exodus 26) “of good things to come” (Hebrews 10:1) for Christians. In it he described how one is called out of the world (Camp), then as a believer drawing closer to Jehovah (Court) is invited to offer himself in consecration to live a holy life (Holy).  But first one must bend low (First Veil) surrendering his/her will before entering this holy walk (Hebrews 9:2; 10:20). Then one more time the faithful Christian must bend low (Second Veil) in actual death before entering into the actual presence of Jehovah (Most Holy) to see His glory (Ark) (Hebrews 9:3-6)

Finally,  in God’s Plan of the Ages, the Scriptures showed these faithful “priests and kings” will bless all mankind who will have the opportunity for life on the Paradise of Earth!  In other words, in God’s Plan there is both a heavenly salvation—and an earthly salvation for eternity!

The Bible in Stone

When the amazing Great Pyramid of Egypt was brought to his attention, Charles Russell saw the same basic outline of God’s whole Plan in its Passageways and Chambers! Entering by the main entrance is a descending passageway that leads eventually to the Pit.  All mankind is on this downward path leading to death. However, there is a first Ascending Passage.  But it is actually blocked with an immovable 50-ton plug!  This upward Passage represents the promise of life given to all Jews who would keep the Law (Deuteronomy 8:1).  Yet the Law of Moses, like the 50-ton plug, blocked progress to life since no one could perfectly obey it.  But beyond this 50-ton plug, the upward passage led to another intersection from beneath—a well shaft—which did lead to life (Galatians 3:24).

This well shaft, however, stemming off the Descending passageway before it reaches the Pit is what is called “The Well.”  It symbolizes Christ, whose death as a ransom sacrifice will provide a way of escape for all—even those in the “Pit” of death. It seems to have burst open at the juncture of the Grand Gallery passage—which is a lofty 28 feet high but only six feet wide representing the Narrow Way to life during the Christian Age (Matthew 7:14).

But then, there is another passageway at the juncture of the opening of the Well.  Only this one is  horizontal and cramped to walk but finally leads to the Queen’s Chamber—below the King’s Chamber.  Thus, after mankind’s walk through the centuries of sin and death will only reach perfection and life in Christ’s Kingdom on Earth. Then, “there will be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying nor any pain” (Revelation 21:4).

Contributed by Rebecca Gray

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31 comments to The Great Pyramid Witness to Jehovah

  • Lincoln

    Dear Friends of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

    What do you think about this? I presume you don`t believe in this speculations?

    Should this pagan temple be “a witness to Jehovah”? Now, I prefer to call God for Jesus, just for the record. And the Giza Pyramid a “witness to Horus and Ra”.

    All these speculations about “things”?

    Why are everyone (this is soon 4 years ago) so interested in speculations about time and “day and hour” and only one to comment this?

    The book about this by Charles Taze Russell was printed and distributed (printed) about 4 million copies.

    I know Jehovah`s Witnesses have used this ever since Charles Taze Russell to predict “the end” and given so many date as to when God was going to destroy the world (6 billion people incl. the children).

    What did Jesus say?

    Going on a trip to Egypt / Africa it is interesting to find out, that here in the Ethiopia the cradle of human was.

    I know you are not interested in reference to “´what others say” so I will just say; the earliest human body (bones) was found here “Lucy” 3 million years old. (you can look it up yourself if you care).

    Can you see it? In sharp contrasts to the speculations of a creation period of 42.000 years 6×7.000 + the last “resting day” 7.000 years all together 49.000 years

    All calculations on behalf of Giza Pyramid?

    Just for the record; the 5th and the 6th day: dinosaurs. 150 millions years old?

    We have now past 1884, 1914, 1915, 1925, 1954, 1975, 2000 and times goes on and on and what does the Giza Pyramid really tells us?

    The Giza pyramid is a little more than 5.000 years old that is almost 1000 years before the Flood.

    The Flood Noa was 4.300 years ago.

    So, there is a lot of speculations on all kinds of “facts” and to day none of them has ever been a fact.

    So, then what? Jesus says; (talking about Noah) “no one knows”.

    Then what shall we do? It all depends on what we expect. If we desire Jesus and his promises we should pray to him and the Holy Spirit and worship him and give him praise.

    This is the only “cure” for this generation.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Lincoln, you only need to convince yourself not others. We have a lot of different topics on this site to engage you on every one and not finish is not productive. You are all over the place.
      Most of the people visiting this site are former witnesses and have resolved a lot of the issues you bring up. Some things you ask we simply can’t answer you. Some people are deceased and a lot of your questions are for the Jehovah witness organization and and some are for Bible students.
      It would help if you stick to one subject for resolution.
      I have to admit your comments are getting shorter and the links are gone. Most won’t click on the links anyway and feel you are going to crash and burn, going so fast and touching on every thing. I would like to suggest you ask a question get an answer if not acceptable that is all we can do for you.
      You are doing an evangelizing work on the site and most will just tune it out and you will have worked overtime copying and paste.
      So your last scripture was Matt 10:28 with brother peter. Are you finished with that? If so then we can entertain another question. Take Care.

      • Lincoln

        Dear Jacquline, Thank you. I really can follow what you are saying. Here I quote you:

        “So your last scripture was Matt 10:28 with brother peter. Are you finished with that? If so then we can entertain another question. Take Care.”
        quote end.

        My comment:

        I do not know if we “are finished with that”, because my reply was not given as I wrote it.

        So, for my part I have not been able to answer it fully. And therefore I have a problem, I cannot quote, copy and past other Christians or scholars here, since you do not want it. Sorry, I can`t do it short.

        The “copy and paste”? Well, to my opinion in that case I had to show you the different between flesh and bone/(blood) and the spirit/soul.

        And the “things” I did copy and past was for the information I would use to prove it.

        As you yourself says; “mostly people do not open the links”.

        I am aware of this and to have information at hand, I copy it. Then we can discuss it, but now it is not there and I will not be able to use it.

        It is like, sitting to a meeting with different people. Some have this information and others something else. All along one and the other says what he knows.

        I have been talking a while to you (people here) and I do not yet know what you believe in and you are not telling me, but you give me links to some “books” I can read to get my answers.

        As you yourself says; “people do not care to open links”.

        No, I do not know what you believe.

        As far as I understand you are studying the teachings of Charles Taze Russell. Is that correct?

        In many ways I have the understanding that you believe the same as Jehovah`s Witnesses and all the calculations and speculations of Armageddon, 144.000, paradise on earth, the calculations of the creation days as I wrote; and an visible earthly kingdom governed by Jehovah`s Witnesses or whoever you would exchange them with.

        The only thing that moved my heart was your witness, how you experienced the Holy Spirit invitation to “take the bread and the wine”, Jesu blood and flesh. This is necessary to become Christians.

        This, Jesus; bread and wine, the sacrifice, “blood and flesh” we partake in, just as Jesus told; after you told me I have been thinking about it all along. That moved me. We Christians do it “as often as we do”. To me, I have communion with Jesus every time.

        So, when I think about it I like to show other Christians praising Jesus and singing the heart out. But I understand this is nothing for you.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Lincoln hardly any of our doctrinal beliefs are exactly like Jehovah witnesses. I was shocked when I slowed down and saw the change in a doctrine from face value I would say it was witness theology. But it is not. The Ransom belief and the great crowd to name a few. Israel and some others.
          Also we know others are praising Jesus and Jehovah.
          You seem to think we don’t know this and that you are preaching to the choir here.
          You think we are witnesses as what you disagree with has a witness mention on the end. We can’t answer for them. You have to post on their site.
          This site is for those wanting to escape from the witness religion without leaving God and have a support group in place as they steady themselves.
          You seem to want to teach those here that there are others worshipping God besides Jehovah witnesses.
          We are not Jehovah witnesses. The link on “We believe” is what we believe, It is in written form. You can go read it if you want to know what we believe.
          But for me to copy and paste in a comment a whole article is asking to much when you have a computer and is on the site already.
          My observation is that you have a problem with Jehovah witnesses and is expecting us to answer for them. We cannot. Take Care.

          • Lincoln

            Dear sister Jacqueline,

            Well, I will answer you this way. See, ever since I became a Jesus believer my “family” has grown. I met so many Jesus believers and even when I do not know their “stand”, things happens.

            I have been talking to people without knowing what they are or believe, but all of a sudden the Holy Spirit has revealed it to me (and to them).

            I like to give a comment on this you write to me and since I cannot use the form (I cannot reply where you write it, so I do it here in the follow).

            Lincoln, Hello. I wanted to ask you one question. Are you aware we are not Jehovah’s witnesses and there is a difference. We don’t have an organization or anyone we have to follow? The two histories can’t be combined as the Jehovah witness was a new religion with different understanding of scripture and have bylaws like a corporation and a person(s) to report to? I just notice in some of your comments you ask questions we can’t answer because you blend the two religions.
            It is like blending a question to the Catholic and the Orthodox, one can’t answer for the other. Take Care.

            My comment:

            Dear Jacqueline, thank you for this. Well, I am aware of different things, but it does not bother me any more.

            When I became a Christian, I became free and got peace in my heart.

            But, there is something here (which is interesting) and therefore I like to be around a little while and I thank all of you for your time and comments on my writings.

            There is one thing of all comments and “things” what brothers have written, just this one thing.

            It was your witness to the Holy Spirit. Than I could feel in my heart.

            YOU told about the first time you shared the “symbols” with Jesus Christ. The bread and the wine, his body.

            As I have said before to you, I still think about it. That was a milestone.

            To me, this could be enough for my spirit. Just this. I do not need any explanations, proofs or ideas about heaven or earth. Just Jesus. The communion with Jesus is enough for me.

            But intellectually it is interesting to find out you beliefs.

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Lincoln you and I have more in common than it seems. I too saw something with the Bible students and the way I found them is a story and a journey in itself. They gave me a nice soil to learn in without condemnation and overlooked my strange convoluted interpretation of scripture. I finally slowed it down an saw what Knorr had done and the books of Raymond Franz helped me to see my suspicions were right about this organization thing.
              I hesitated to share my experience with receiving and communing with the Holy Spirit because I felt Bible students were familiar with the Holy Spirit. But I prayed over it and realized the witnesses reading this site were like me they believed in Angels as running the preaching and teaching work today. They don’t believe in the Holy Spirit as doing the helping after Christ ascended. So I shared it. My being held in the Spirit gave me absolute assurance that I should accept the Power of God and RUN for the upward call. The burning for him calmed down, I fought the spirit but now it is a common assurance with me that I am in God’s love. This would seem strange to a witness to think they can get a relationship with God. They feel they have to go thru “his” organization.
              You and I seem to have had similar awakeness. Now I understand you my brother. I am glad we all kept talking it out and got off doctrine and went to TESTIMONY, which was what the early Christians did. They came back and shared their experiences of how the Holy Spirit had directed them. Take Care I feel good now.

          • Lincoln

            Dear Jacqueline,

            I would like to say something to you. Now I know why I was (am) so moved by your testimony about your invitation from the Holy Spirit to partake in the Lords “Evening meal”.

            The bred and the wine, the body and the blood. I know now why. I did read your story 1 and 2 about “what happened to you” leaving the Watchtower.

            So I will say this. You and I are more “linked” together than you may know. We are one in Christ that is, we are both in Jesus.

            I also understand why so many people here addresses you. Thank you for telling your story.

            Now, you tell me many things I should not do here about link and copy and paste, but I can se you do yourself because as you say, in this way you can better pinpoint what you like people to read and understand from you quotations.

            So in this spiritual moment I am in now after reading your “letters” 1 and 2, I will have to give this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6tbbkKxzaI

            sung by Christine Liu. This is for you sister Jacqueline. City of Salem.

            Here are the lyrics. https://metavideos.com/video/3951438/once-i-read-hymn-collection-272df

            Now I am going to write something one day about my view on your “movement” , but for now I will just bless you and say that I am very happy to read your story.

            ” Jesus said: Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe in Me as well. – And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and welcome you into My presence, so that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going.” – Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. – Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The words I say to you, I do not speak on My own. Instead, it is the Father dwelling in Me, carrying out His work. 11Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe because of the works themselves”.
            quote end.

            So, in your association and other associations, Churches, halls, homes, etc. we all meet and listen. Some understand things one way others another way. As long as we have Jesus in front and follow him, we will be fine.

            Jesus is always our leader and it is his words listen to. So this is what I try to tell you; when you listen to this music and prayers, you must realise that we are talking about hundreds of millions of Christians praising Jesus; the Holy Spirit guide us and tells us everything we need to understand. The Holy Spirit alone can do this, no man whoever can do this.

            Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit.

            “…17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot receive Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you do know Him, for He abides with you and He will be in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 In a little while, the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you also will live.…”
            quote end.
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4XWfwLHeLM “Jesus is way maker”.

            God bless you.


            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Thanks for the links to the songs I will listen tonight. I am admin and when I post links they are from other sites and contain info that is passed on to me mostly. I am not trying to teach a doctrine etc. Just to explain our different positions on the site. I just wanted to help you get your point across without people just glancing over all the links to what others say.

    • Peter K. (admin)


      You are repeating yourself. We have already heard all this.

      What did you read about the Great Pyramid in our information here that was false? Be specific. Provide a quote from us and tell us why you disagree. Focus and think.

      • Lincoln

        Dear Peter, I do not believe I have said that you have said anything wrong here.

        Some times you think I say something I do not say (maybe because you are used to phrases from Jehovah`s Witnesses), but I did not.

        So, if you like to read my comment once again you will find out what I say was wrong and who was.

        It would be fine with me if you would tell me what you believe in and where you get your information from.

        As I have said, I do not know what you people here believe in.

        Now I give you a chance to, Focus and think.

        How long a period are the 7 creative week?

        Are you studding the Charles Taze Russell teachings (books magazine)?

        Do you believe in an earthly Paradise?

        Do you believe in the 144.000 government in heaven?

        Hope to hear from you on this.

        • Peter K. (admin)


          In answer to your questions:

          How long a period are the 7 creative week?
          Answer: I will answer this in a separate response.

          Are you studding the Charles Taze Russell teachings (books magazine)?
          Answer: I study the Bible and consider many commentators. My opinion is that Br. Russell is the best.

          Do you believe in an earthly Paradise?
          Answer: Yes. All mankind (not in heaven) will be resurrected on earth.

          Do you believe in the 144.000 government in heaven?
          Answer: Yes. 144,000 and Great Crowd (Rev 19:1) in heaven

          You do not understand what I mean by “focus and think.” This is not a place where I say my views and you say your views. That may be a start. However, this is a place of honest and friendly debate where the scriptures can allow honest minds to come to the same conclusion. We of course allow for differences of opinion, however if we truly put our faith in the scriptures and not men’s teachings, why should be not be able to follow the Bible’s teachings to the same conclusion? My frustration with you is that you keep teaching, but you are not responding to our specific points. For example, you referred to Matthew 10:28, but cannot explain how the soul can be destroyed if it lives on after we die. Perhaps you do not believe the soul is immortal? Do you believe the soul continues to be conscious after we die?

          Matt 10:28 (NKJV) “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

        • Peter K. (admin)


          You asked, “How long a period are the 7 creative week?”

          7,000 YEAR CREATIVE DAYS?

          In the PHOTODRAMA OF CREATION on page 3 we read “We follow the theory that each of the Seven Days of the Creative Week was a period of seven thousand years. This, seven times seven thousand, equals forty-nine thousand (7×7,000=49,000) years, ushering in a grand Jubilee Epoch.”

          Notice, Br. Russell suggests this as a theory, he does not state it as a fact.

          Is it possible that that each creative day is only 7,000 years long?

          Most scientists believe the Universe is over 14 billion years old and that the earth is over 4 billion years old. If true, we ask, would this disprove Bro. Russell’s suggestion that each creative day was only 7,000 years long?

          Many brethren would consider this a minor point not destructive to the Divine Plan if the Creative Days were hundreds of millions of years long as opposed to thousands of years. By the time Bro. Russell died there was no science for calculating the age of the universe or of the earth. Since then, many new scientific findings have been published.

          Volume 6 page 18 says, “Examining the Genesis expressions critically, we discern that a distinction is made between the creation of the heaven and the earth (verse 1) and the subsequent regulations, or ordering of these, and the further creations of vegetable and animal life. It is these subsequent operations that are described as the divine work of six epochal days… The Bible does not say how long a period elapsed between the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth, and the beginning of the creative week used in perfecting it for man…”

          From this point of view, there would be no contradiction between the Pastor’s teachings and the age of the earth being over 4 billion years.


          How do scientists determine the age of the Universe? By the late 1920s the pioneering work of Edwin Hubble in his observations of galaxies and their associated “red shift” established that the universe was expanding and argued for a “beginning” and a “stretching,” just as the Bible asserts in Job 9:8; Job 38:31.

          When the light from a galaxy which is moving away from us is observed the wavelength appears longer, it moves towards the red end of the light spectrum. This is called RED SHIFT. The further away the galaxy the greater the red shift.

          The Hubble telescope has helped to measure the speeds and distances of galaxies. Because all of the galaxies in the universe are generally moving apart, scientists infer that they must all have been much closer together sometime in the past. Knowing the current speeds and distances to galaxies, coupled with the rate at which the universe is accelerating, allows scientists to calculate how long it took for them to reach their current locations. They calculate the Universe to be about 14 billion years old.


          How do Scientists determine the age of the earth?

          Fossils form when organisms are buried in sand and mud. As layers of deposits build up, older sediments are compressed into rock. The organisms form fossils within the rock. The younger the rock, the higher it is in the rock layers. The fossils within the rock layer are the same age as the rock itself.

          Scientist attempt to calculate the age of fossils by using Radiometric Dating methods. Radiometric dating is a method of determining the ages of fossils using radioactive isotopes. In the process of emitting radiation, radioactive isotopes decay into different isotopes, eventually producing elements that are not radioactive. For example, the radioactive isotope Uranium-238 decays into the stable isotope Lead-206. Each radioactive isotope decays at a unique constant rate described by its Half-Life.

          Half-life is the time it takes for half of a given quantity of a radioactive isotope to decay into another isotope. For example, the half-life of Uranium-238 is believed to be 4.5 billion years. Scientists believe it takes 4.5 billion years for half of a sample of this isotope to decay away. Consider a rock containing Uranium-238 that formed at the time of the earliest known fossils, calculated to be about 3.5 billion years ago. Today, it would contain about 58% of the original quantity of Uranium-238. An isotope with a shorter half-life would be better for calculating the age of a younger rock, because it would decay more significantly in a shorter time. The greater change in the amount of isotope would allow a more accurate measurement of the age of a younger rock. By measuring the remaining the remaining about of radioactive isotope, scientists believe they can determine the age of the fossil.


          Among the Christian community are many scientists with points of view in conflict with secular evolutionists. However, these issues are, as the expression goes, “above my pay grade.” I am an accountant, not a scientist and I am not qualified to render an expert opinion.

          I do however take note that when the Hubble space telescope scanned the heavens outside of earth’s atmospheric distortions that various established theories were radically changed or abandoned. Later, after realizing that the Hubble was damaged and then repairing it, they had a better view of the heavens and once again rejected some of their more revised understandings of the Universe.

          Hence, science is only as good as the instruments and tools available AND is flawed at times by previously published conclusions and biased grant money.

          Some creationists feel that the radiometric dating methods are unreliable for pre-flood dating since conclusions are not based strictly on the half-life of radioactive materials, but are rather more on what is called “Field Relationships” in which a starting date range is assumed based on predetermined assumptions about what age should reasonably be expected (based on their ideas). In other words, some believe it to be a rigged system

          There are a number of technical details associated with these dating methods which render them invalid if we accept the canopy theory.

          Carbon-dating assumes that the production of Carbon-14 has been constant for the past several hundred million years. If the canopy theory is correct (and the Bible strongly supports it) then there was virtually no production of Carbon-14 prior to the Flood. Therefore everything that died and was buried before the Flood appears to be millions of years older based on flawed assumptions.


          Page 2 of the Photodrama of Creation says, “The Earth was once molten, as indicated by the igneous rocks of the Azoic period: so called by scientists, but not discussed in the Bible. When the Earth was molten, its water and minerals were thrown off a great distance in gaseous form. As these cooled and took shape, they constituted great rings at a distance from the Earth. Gradually the motion of the rings became different from that of the Earth in proportion to the distance from the center of gravity. These rings of water and mineral gradually approaching the Earth would be kept off by centrifugal force, particularly strong at the equator.”

          Scientists do not generally take into consideration the Photodrama concepts, that the Earth was still relatively molten at the start of the 1st Creative Day. Yet such great molten heat might invalidate the radiometric methods of dating. Perhaps it was the descent of the canopy layers (near absolute zero) which rapidly cooled the Earth’s surface, formed all the sedimentary layers, and allowed for surface water to exist.

          Perhaps this is a related thought at this link: http://paleobiology.si.edu/geotime/main/foundation_dating3.html
          “Metamorphic rock, by contrast, is formed from earlier rock through intense heat and pressure. Metamorphism can reset some radiometric clocks (Potassium-Argon is particularly susceptible), so that radiometric dates record the time of alteration rather than the date when the earlier rock first solidified from magma or was deposited as sediment. Other parent-daughter pairs are less susceptible to alteration.”

          I will share one final interesting idea.


          The epistle of Barnabas, though not inspired, was probably written as early as the end of the first century. We quote selected portions of chapter 15.

          Barnabas 15:3
          Of the Sabbath He speaketh in the beginning of the creation; And
          God made the works of His hands in six days, and He ended on the
          seventh day, and rested on it, and He hallowed it.

          Barnabas 15:4
          Give heed, children, what this meaneth; He ended in six days. He
          meaneth this, that in six thousand years the Lord shall bring all
          things to an end; for the day with Him signifyeth a thousand years;
          and this He himself beareth me witness, saying; Behold, the day of
          the Lord shall be as a thousand years. Therefore, children, in six
          days, that is in six thousand years, everything shall come to an end.

          Barnabas 15:5
          And He rested on the seventh day. this He meaneth; when His Son
          shall come, and shall abolish the time of the Lawless One, and shall
          judge the ungodly, and shall change the sun and the moon and the
          stars, then shall he truly rest on the seventh day.

          Barnabas 15:8
          Finally He saith to them; Your new moons and your Sabbaths I cannot
          away with. Ye see what is His meaning ; it is not your present
          Sabbaths that are acceptable [unto Me], but the Sabbath which I have
          made, in the which, when I have set all things at rest, I will make
          the beginning of the eighth day which is the beginning of another

          Barnabas 15:9
          Wherefore also we keep the eighth day for rejoicing, in the which
          also Jesus rose from the dead, and having been manifested ascended
          into the heavens.”

          So it seems that the early church has this concept of 7,000 year days, with the eight thousand year day being the day that Jesus turns the kingdom back over to the Father when the New Earth is complete.

          We would suggest that since the LORD gave us the method and means of calculating the 7th day as being 7,000 years long, then to be consistent, each of the prior six days would be 7,000 years long as well. This works well with the concept of 7 Sabbath years X 7 equals 49 years bringing your to the 50th or Grand Jubilee year. The Jubilee year would be equivalent to the 8th thousand year day following the last 7,000 year period.

          As I am not able to render an expert opinion on science, I can only share ideas for consideration. If each day is millions of years long, not thousands, it really does not change anything taught in the Studies in the Scriptures written by Br. Russell.

          • Lincoln

            Thank you Peter. I understand what your point is, but I must say I do not understand it.

            Barnabas does talk about the seventh day: “the day with Him signifyeth a thousand years”.

            “Behold, the day of the Lord shall be as a thousand years. Therefore, children, in six days, that is in six thousand years, everything shall come to an end”.
            quote end.

            My comment: It sounds not sense to me.

            1000 years (the day of the Lord)/ 6000 years (everything come to an end)????????

            • Peter K. (admin)


              Barnabas is talking about the old heavens and earth passing away (2 Peter 3). In verse 8 he describes the New Heavens and New Earth.

              Verse 8 “…I will make the beginning of the eighth day which is the beginning of another world.”

              • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                Lincoln I just found it in moderation. Whenever there are a few links the site wants us to look at them first because spammers use links that show like yours does. I just got to a big computer and Br. Peter and most have a job to go to unlike me LOL. I just have this new thing of going to the exercise classes early and only have my phone. So it is approved and I will collapse this when I know you saw the explanation. The site has to moderate links because some mornings we wake up and spammers have gotten thru because we relaxed the regulations and some of that can be vulgar, so a little patience with us because we might be sleeping while you are awake.

            • Anonymous

              Lincoln. They best way I understand the Creative Days is that they are 7,000 years each. Since God rested on the 7th day of creation and we are in the 7th day and it’s been almost 6,000 years It has been almost 6,000 years since Adam was expelled from the Garden then this creative day is 7,000 years if we add the millennium. Hence, with the millennium the seventh day since God rested is 7,000 years total. So it logically follows that each if the Creative days are 7,000 years as well. This follows the Jubilee cycles that every 50th year was a rest day. Well seven sucked of seven years is 49 and the 59th year was when all was released. Thai corresponds to the rest of eternity in the 50,000 year in which all of mankind will rest anti typically from sin and death.

              • Lincoln

                Dear Anonymous

                Thank you very much. I agree with you; this is the calculations from Jehovah`s Witnesses and their belief. So, we have a creative day 7.000 years contra the scientific evidence. Did the dinosaurs develop in 6.000 years to day; or did they live + 65 millions of years ago???

                When Jehovah`s Witnesses pinpoint what you refer to: ” … the Jubilee cycles that every 50th year was a rest day”. quote end.

                So, where are we today?

                All these calculations I myself have left 25 years ago and as far as I understand, Jehovah`s Witnesses have left 1874, 1876, 1914, 1915, 1925, and at least 1975, 2000 and to day; it is now “any day”.

                I do not calculate.

                I thank you very much for your prompt and accurate and honest answer.

                If you like, we can always talk about “things”.

                Now I would like to tell my story.

                Everyone knows how the white man overthrow the black people. They catch them and brought them to USA.

                Here they were treated like animals. Yes, even worse than animals. Can you imagine?

                Even to day it is not as good as we would like, but better. So, God called a black man; Martin Luther King to preach and things got very much changed and better.

                In Africa things were not good and when the whita man came, it was the same all over again. They treated the black people like animals.

                I cannot think about the Congo in those days. I cry. How can they forgive us? I don`t know, but I have given my heart.

                Now, some hate and anger came, but all over the world the apartheid was fought and finely, Nelson Mandela won.

                Now the people are split up, but so many millions forgive us. Now, here we are to day; can you imagine millions of black people taking Jesus to heart and start praising him?

                Would you like to join this worship and thank the Lord every day like:

                Benjamin Dube – Ngiyakuthanda


                (Sung in Zulu)

                Ngiya kuthanda, moya oyingcwele (I love you, Holy Spirit)
                Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)
                Ngiya kuthanda, moya oyingcwele (I love you, Holy Spirit)
                Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)

                Siyakuthanda, moya oyingcwele (We love you, Holy Spirit)
                Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)
                Siyakuthanda, moya oyingcwele (We love you, Holy Spirit)
                Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)
                quote end.

                You see: When this happens you don`t need any calculations or books. Here just listening to the song and be present, the Holy Spirit will talk to you and give you comfort, knowledge, love and understanding.

                Than`s all there is to it.

                Now, I will close my letter to you and God Bless you from all my heart.

                I will invite you for 10 min. to sing ”You are holy, Lord” again and again.


                Patrick Duncan – U Is Heilig ft. Jonathan Rubain

                U is Heilig my Heer, u is Heilig x4 (Afrikaans)
                (You are Holy my Lord, you are Holy)
                Uyingcwele Baba, Uyingcwele x4 (Zulu)
                (You are Holy my Lord, you are Holy)
                You are Holy my Lord, you are Holy x4 (Repeat)


          • Lincoln

            Dear Peter,

            Thank you. I understand what you are getting to. I can clearly see all the calculations on the Pyramid, but I do not use it for calculating when world end is “at hand”.

            I do not calculate that Jesus came back in 1874 and I do not calculate the end of the world.

            I think it is very interesting and clever from Charles Taze Russell (using other people information) to state his teachings.

            I understand you here are following this. I do not need all these calculations for end of the world theology.

            All I need is Jesus. I love to be a part of this Jesus movement, praising Jesus alone and I see how this alone can “melt the hearts” of everyone.

            I have never seen anything like it. All the calculations and speculations I have never seen it “bringing people together”. Only Jehovas Witnesses has this obsession about calculating dates for everything.

            About understanding. It is very strange; for 40 years studding first the Charles Taze Russell teachings and then J.F.Rutherford teachings; and even brother Raymond Franz saw this was not the truth.

            “By the end of 1979 I had arrived at my personal crossroads. I had spent nearly forty years as a full time representative, serving at every level of the organizational structure. The last fifteen years I had spent at the international headquarters, and the final nine of those as a member of the worldwide Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was those final years that were the crucial period for me. Illusions there met up with reality”.
            quote end (sorry for the copy and paste)

            Well, he also 40 years in the desert.

            Now we come to the claiming of you. Jesus Parousia 1874, end the end of the world in 1914.

            This is also the speculations and calculations of Charles Taze Russell you are teaching.

            I do not go around and teach this. But, singing and praising and praing to Jesus is what I teach.

            I have something else:

            The 1904–1905 Welsh Revival

            The Azusa Street Revival 1906 – William Seymour and the History of the Azusa Street Outpouring.


            I am sure you do not like this, so I will just link to it


            God Bless you.

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Lincoln i know all the governing body members from 1970 till 1990 which one are you? And Raymond was in my old Circuit in Alabama after he came out.
              Also if you have come to these conclusions and have found peace with God hopefully. You are still mixing us up with the witnesses but that is okay. I am interested in how you served on the governing body and got out without being disfellowed.
              That would be a testimony I and all here would love hearing.
              Please, please share. Take care

              • Lincoln

                Dear Jacqueline, I think you misunderstood my letter:

                I rote:

                ” …. even brother Raymond Franz saw this was not the truth. He wrote:
                Raymnond Franz wrote:

                “By the end of 1979 I had arrived at my personal crossroads. I had spent nearly forty years as a full time representative, serving at every level of the organizational structure. The last fifteen years I had spent at the international headquarters, and the final nine of those as a member of the worldwide Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was those final years that were the crucial period for me. Illusions there met up with reality”.
                quote end (sorry for the copy and paste)
                quote end.

                I wrote: Well, he also 40 years in the desert. That is me.

                Ok, thank your for your comment. I met Frederick William Franz in Copenhagen 1961 (I think it was to international convention)

                I also met others from the head office, but it does not say so much to me.

                So, both Raymonc Franz and I was 40 years in the desert, like Moses you can say.

                I will tell you my story later Jaqueline, and I do not mind people to know. It is a long story.

                • Jacqueline (Bible student)

                  Okay I see you mean you are quoting Raymond Franz. I thought you said you were 9 years on the governing body. We do have a link for you to tell your story and length is no problem. There will be an opportunity in the near future for us to give our testimonies live. Br. Peter is working on that. Raymond urged house churches and get back to the Bible and he spoke to Bible students in Romania that are identified as true faith witnesses. As long as it doesn’t have a pope or governing body making policies and forcing beliefs I can just about get along with most believers in Christ. I can find some common ground, even if it is just that we recognize Jesus as our Saviour. Take Care of yourself, you have so many to answer. But I understand when the spirit moves you it burns within to speak.

            • Peter K. (admin)


              I am going to try one more time to politely explain to you that this is not a website where people get to preach their message unopposed. You are not the elder in a Kingdom Hall. You can disagree with us, but you cannot ignore us. When we refute you on a point or a topic, you either need to answer the specific points we make or drop the topic. For example, I guess you have given up on the topic of the SOUL since you have not responded to my questions. Also, you have made not attempt to honestly respond to Chuck’s arguments with you. This is only acceptable when you tell us you are willing to drop those topics. If you cannot defend your views, at that point, you need to drop the topic.

              If you want to continue to evangelize us without answering specific challenges directly, then your comments will be deleted from the website. If I am a guest in your home, I need to respect your rules. You are a guest on our website. We will treat you with respect, but we expect the same from you. That means when you criticize our beliefs (which it is apparent you do not understand very well), you cannot ignore our specific rebuttals. You need to make an honest attempt to answer our arguments to support that our view is wrong and yours is correct. This is how we can arrive at truth, by having a full hearing of the facts and the evidence presented by each person. That is what his website is about and why we have thousands of visitors each month. Our website is about – Christian liberty – honest debate – respecting other peoples views enough to either respond to their arguments or remain silent. Sure you can bring up new arguments on a topic, but only after you have made an honest attempt to answer those who take precious time out of their day to help you with scriptural evidence and reason. We do this out of love. We respect your opinion enough to respond to specific points you make. Mutual respect is key to Christian love. You are not in a Kingdom Hall on this website.


              I think you miss the central theme of Br. Russell and the Bible Students: That Jesus died a Ransom for ALL, even for unbelievers, ALL mankind of which will have a full opportunity to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior when they are resurrected from the dead during the 1,000 years during which Christ and His Bride reign.

              God’s Plan is beautifully summarized in ….

              Eph 1:9,10 (Weymouth) “He made known to us the secret of His will. And this is in harmony with God’s merciful purpose for the government of the world when the times are ripe for it—the PURPOSE which He has cherished in His own mind of RESTORING THE WHOLE CREATION to find its one Head in Christ; yes, things in Heaven and things on earth, to find their one Head in Him.”

              The scriptures which illustrate God’s plan to rescue the unbelieving world of mankind in his kingdom are found in the Bible, page after page, from Genesis to Revelation. As we are told in

              Acts 3:21 (NKJV) “… the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.”

              The compelling point about the Truth is that it harmonizes the scriptures and makes sense of what was previously confusion.

              1874 AND 1914

              You are the one who keeps bringing up the Great Pyramid, 1874, 1914 and etc. Why are you so fixated on attacking these issues you do not understand.

              Can you tell me how the Jubilees and Days of Daniel can be calculated to arrive at 1874? No, you have no idea do you? So why not remain silent on 1874. If you want to read about it, point to the quote you disagree with and explain why you disagree, your opinion is welcome. I can walk into a college Physics class and declare that Quantum Physics is nonsense. However, if I have never studied and and cannot explain specifically what is wrong about it, I am only embarrassing myself by challenging the professor.

              It is true that in 1914 Brother Russell expected too much to happen too quickly. Students of prophecy at Jesus first advent, made the same mistake. At the time Jesus was born, people were in expectation of the Messiah (Luke 3:15.) They expected the 70 weeks of Daniel 9, pointed to a Messiah that would immediately conquer the Romans and set up the earthly kingdom in their time (Luke 24:21). Before Jesus ascension, the Apostles asked, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” (Acts 1:6) They were wrong to expect more than the prophecy had promised. Nevertheless, the Seventy Weeks prophecy was correct and did point to Messiah, just as the 1914 prophecy was correct.

              Pastor Russell “owned” the Times of the Gentiles concept which identified 1914 as the end of the Times of the Gentiles. In other words, he is the one who taught, promoted and spread the concept worldwide. His reputation would have been severely damaged had nothing happened in 1914. As it turned out:
              1) Church/State rule ended
              2) European Kings were dethroned forever
              3) The European Empires began to lose their colonies
              4) WWI lead to the 1917 Balfour Declaration which set aside Palestine as a homeland for the Jews.

              Is this all a coincidence? Did C.T. Russell just get lucky like the man at the roulette wheel who picked the lucky number (exact date)?

              No other man in history except for Brother Russell has ever been able to preach two future dates (1878 end of Jewish double and 1914 end of Gentile times) based on Bible time prophecy and get it right. For getting it right, he is called a false prophet. Go figure.


              Regarding time prophecies, certainly history is full of frauds and as well sincere students, who made mistakes in interpreting Bible prophecy. However, that should not discourage us. Students of prophecy at Jesus first advent, made the mistake of over expectation. At the time Jesus was born, people were in expectation of the Messiah (Luke 3:15.) They expected the 70 weeks time prophecy of Daniel 9, pointed to a Messiah that would immediately defeat the Romans and set up the earthly kingdom (Luke 24:21; Acts 1:6). They were wrong to expect more than the prophecy had promised. Nevertheless, the Seventy Weeks prophecy was correct and did point Messiah. So I think we can agree that Bible time prophecy was used to validate Jesus first advent appearance. Should we conclude that the same could not be truth for the second advent of Jesus or for end time events?

              Daniel 12:9-12 (RVIC) “9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel; for the words are shut up and sealed till the time of the end… 10 … none of the wicked shall understand; but they that are wise shall understand… 11 And from the time that the continual burnt-offering shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days. 12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred thirty-five days.”

              So I hope we can agree that the book of Daniel tells us that we would understand time prophecy at the time of the end. Notice what God says in Daniel 12:10 about time prophecy, “none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.” Don’t get made at me about these words. This is God speaking. Do you disagree with God?

              • Peter K. (admin)


                I have not approved your last comment in response to anonymous. You stated that the dates 1874 and 1914 are not valid. However you cannot answer us that these prophecies were fulfilled on those dates. How do you answer that?

                You can repost your story and experience, but no more links (they seem to have infections). and nothing about dates if you refuse to answer my rebutal.

                • Lincoln

                  Dear Peter,

                  You write:

                  “You can repost your story and experience, but no more links (they seem to have infections). and nothing about dates if you refuse to answer my rebuttal …”
                  quote end.

                  My comment:

                  Well, I was expecting something like this. Many times people has their own ideas of “how things must be done”, like Jehovah`s Witnesses (especially in this context we are moving around in here.)

                  And I will respect this.

                  You also wrote this:

                  “You (that is me; my comment)stated that the dates 1874 and 1914 are not valid. However you cannot answer us that these prophecies were fulfilled on those dates. How do you answer that”?
                  quote end.

                  My comment:

                  Yes, I suppose so, but how do you expect me in a debate about these things this way?

                  If I can or not must depends on the information I give and when my information are censored what can I do?

                  I am not here to talk about myself, but Jesus. I would have been glad to tell my story, but not this way.

                  One thing I have experienced here with pleasure was when Sister Jacqueline gave her witnesses of her meeting with the Holy Spirit.

                  That I will keep in my heart. I thank you for your invitation to partake here and the fine people I have met and I also will thank you for taking this (what you think is necessary step) towards me.

                  Don`t worry Peter, the Holy Ghost is doing his job even on his own.

                  God Bless you.

                  • Peter K. (admin)


                    You said, “how do you expect me in a debate about these things this way?

                    If I can or not must depends on the information I give and when my information are censored what can I do?”

                    My answer: I deleted because you keep saying the same thing, that the time prophecies are false. If you have some new evidence that you have not yet shared, please do. For example you can say the 1335 days (years) do not bring us to 1874 because….” Then explain how we are misapplying the prophecy and what it really means. If you do not know the correct interpretation yourself, you are not in a strong position to attack our view.

                    God bless.

                    • Lincoln

                      Sorry Peter,

                      I cannot debate this way. I can “attack” anything I like. And you can ask me about anything you like and I will try to give my answer.

                      But I understand (like with Jehovah Witnesses) things must not be questioned.

                      I let the Holy Spirit do his work. I am not in a position to convince you of anything.

                      I am not in a hurry, so I take the time I find necessary.

                      When I do so I find out many things about people.

                      To help you to understand what I am doing then I will tell you, that brother Anonymous were going to give the answer you are asking me about.

                      This is the way the Holy Spirit works. So, by studding Brother anonymous letter to me, you will also begin to find your answer.

                      But I bless you and I respect you.

                    • Peter K. (admin)


                      I guess I am just a real softy. I just approved your response to anonymous. Let’s here what anonymous has to say in response to your comments.

                      Okay. So as of now, every comment you have ever made is on our website. Nothing is deleted.

                      What I ask in return, is that you be respectful of other points of view. Do not bring up a topic unless you are willing to have an open discussion where you directly respond to any challenging questions we asked of you.

                      Let’s do this. You pick one Bible topic or one Bible chapter. You explain it if you want to go first. Anyone on the website can agree or disagree. However the rule is that under that discussion string you only stick to that one topic. If you are challenged with questions or arguements, you have to respond?

                    • Lincoln

                      Hi Peter,

                      You sent me a message to day, but I am not able to answer you, as the message has no “Reply” on it?

                    • Peter K. (admin)

                      You can reply here.

    • Peter K. (admin)


      Your comments on the Great Pyramid make no sense to me. You have no comments on the article, which makes me doubt you have read it and understood it.

      You said, “We have now past 1884, 1914, 1915, 1925, 1954, 1975, 2000 and times goes on and on and what does the Giza Pyramid really tells us?” If you read the material and Br. Russell’s chapter on the Great Pyramid in volume 3, your questions will be answered. If you have a specific question on anything you have read, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

  • margaret porco

    i had the series on the pyramid years ago and would love to read it again

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