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Why Was Charles Russell a Christian Zionist?

Didn’t the Jewish people reject and crucify their Messiah, Jesus Christ? Although a few accepted Jesus, didn’t Israel as a nation reject Jesus? Don’t all the promises originally to Israel now belong to Christians?

Certainly, Apostle Paul explains, “With the breaking off of some ‘natural branches’ of the figurative olive tree, there was a grafting in of ‘wild’ non Israelite ones…(Rom. 11:17-24; Gal. 3:28,29)….Natural Israel failed to produce the required number [for his Church], so God ‘turned his attention to the nations to take out of them a people for his name’ (Acts 15:14)…” (Aid to Bible Understanding, p.855).

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Why Was Charles Russell a Christian Zionist?

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  • Jacqueline

    David Robertson,
    I will give you the official wesite of Jehovah’s Witnesses, http://www.watchtower.org Hit the Medical tab, then look to the right the name of the topic is: “How can blood save your life.” That is the official stance.
    Now Witnesses can take many parts of blood, that if you add them all together including the water, it is almost 100%. Whole blood is still unacceptable. Also you can actually write the watchtower society or go to a kingdom hall to get the latest info from the Kingdom Ministry, because it has constantly changed. But the web-site should be up to date. Most witnesses cannot explain the “fractions” that they are allowed to take now so that’s why I send you directly to the watchtower society site. Organ transplant are okay for a witness, skin being the largest and blood is a liquid organ,and heart, lung bone marrow are stil other types.
    The main scripture used to support not taking a transfusion refers to animal blood in my opinion, but when you read their article, you may decide.
    The prohibition on blood transfusion started in the forties, my father and others took transfusions in the fifties because they could not agree with the reasoning.
    I hope this helps. If not I can look up a website that has an active discussion going on. Take care

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