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Ex-JW David Stein Speaks About Love and Forgiveness

Just this past Thanksgiving weekend, former JW and host of the “Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses Webcasts,” spoke to a crowd of Bible Students at the New Albany, Kentucky convention. David Stein explores examples of God’s love in the Bible and explains how if God is love, a love motivation can be found for every thing he does. He looks at examples of seemingly sever actions God has taken and probes deep to find God’s underlying motive of love. He discusses not only how God has forgiven us, but the importance of us forgiving others, that love does not keep a record of wrongs and how we should returns love for evil. David presents practical examples of love and forgiveness. You can listen to his discourse on the topic of

Love and Forgiveness by clicking here:

Select discourse # 3, “The Doctrine of Love and Forgiveness.” On the slider at the bottom, you can advance to 4 minutes and 20 seconds to get to the introduction of the discourse.

2 comments to Ex-JW David Stein Speaks About Love and Forgiveness

  • Just say sweet and good

    Dear br. David. I am happy I just passed a test of rejection. I just received this email:
    “Please unfriend me from your facebook as I will appreciate not read anymore about your newly found apostate looser blind lost form of so called “worship”!! So sad to see anyone leave the only true God’s religion and truly believe that they are so happy, I believe you lost your mind, I know you worship with Satan’s apostates! I don’t want nothing to do with you, you and your kind are creeping me out, how could you invite us over to share a meal just to put down our brotherhood that we love so much!! I need to erase you out of my life ! Creep. ”
    I had had this brother and sister for dinner and told them about my trip to Israel with the Bible Students and they had really thought the Bible Students were not in existence anymore. My reaction was to remember this little poem.
    “They drew a circle to cut me out,
    a heretic, a rebel, a thing to flout
    but love and I had the will to win
    I drew a larger circle, and took them all in”
    My home will still be open to them anytime and I will always be able to rustle up a sandwich and a beer for anyone who wants to talk about the goodness of the great Jehovah God the Sovereign Master of the Universe

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Rena, a classy man would have just unfriended you himself on facebook. Typical responses however if a person depends heavily on an organization for their support system. I know you and he didn’t have to respond to you in this way. “I need to erase you out of my life! Creep” a tiny bit disconcerting but probably just deep emotions because he has seen so much on the internet lately.
      Thanks for sharing and love you, take care of yourself.

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