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Women in Jehovah’s Plan

Gal 3:28 – There is neither… male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Jesus’ attitude toward women was radically different from what was customary at the time. Women normally stayed home and attended to domestic duties. But Jesus allowed women to travel with Him and His twelve disciples (Luke 8:1-3).

The early churches followed Jesus’ example. Women were treated with respect and allowed to hold positions of responsibility. Many women, including Jesus’ mother, Mary, as well as Dorcas, Julia, Lydia, Persis, Priscilla, Phoebe, Tryphena and Tryphosa were important in the early Christian Church (Acts 1:12-14, 9:36, 16:14, 18:24-26, 21:7-9, Romans 16:1-16).

In Jehovah’s Kingdom, on Paradise Earth, women of faith and character will be appointed by Jehovah to positions of authority, leadership and responsibility.  But today, many women continue to suffer, even after entering the 21st century.

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20 comments to Women in Jehovah’s Plan

  • mr.n.mckay

    would you possibley put me in touch with a local group of IBSA notJWS BOLTON GREATER MANCHESTER ENGLAND Thanks Christian Love

    • Anonymous

      Mr Mckay,I have sent your particulars to our English Bretheren,Also let me know what you would like to read & we will send it to you.Regards,Richard.Tazzyman,Australian Bible Students,Australia.

  • Gasa

    Woman was created for man because it was felt man could not cope on his own any longer. Woman has a greater proportion of Jehovah’s loving sensitive motherly qualities than man. It is very important for man to learn and incorporate these qualities if he is to be approved by God and for him to uphold his position of caretaker of earth. Eve was deceived Adam failed his wife and became imperfect his first words to God were “this woman whom you gave me”. Showed his start to become a male chauvernist pig dominating his wife. Eve became the mother of all living she was a creator as Jehovah is the highest honor bestowed on any creation in the universe. Mans only responsibility was to care for her his offspring as before Jehovah. Jehovah said if anything goes wrong the buck stops with you. Satan of course wants women to be liberated from this position of honor and copy men, men like Adam who are chauvernist pigs. He wants men to be as women as well he truly is The pervert. Jehovah wants women to be put first, it’s mans job, Adams failure back in Eden and look around at the mess in the world. Finally women sharing in Christs government or kingdom are sharers with men they have the same responsibilities. I believe that the government will be made up of approximately similar numbers of men and women. Bear in mind women in the heavenly government will be as angels and will not have the privaladge of women on earth including motherhood. Christian Regards from a husband,

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Okay so how many remember when we were told to go door to door and introduce ourselves as Bible students? Not to even mention we were Jehovah witnesses?

    This is an excellent Handout on Mind control: https://freedomofmind.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/BITE-Model-Handout-9-23-16.pdf

    This is the A&E youtube review and comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XBUn0yTLYA

    • Just Stay Sweet and Good

      I remember when we were to go and tell people we were bible students. I did it and never changed. I preached the ransom for ALL. People knew I was different but couln’t figure me out. They used to say “that sister xxxx .sure walks to a different drummer. When I finally told them I was always a bible student and the JW’s just did the baptizing they just couldn’t accept it. They told me I was suppose to give a letter of resignation and I told them it wasn’t necessary because I have never resigned from being a bible student and that I never was a JW. Also, I also told them “If I won’t pledge allegiance to a flag why would I pledge allegiance to an organization?”

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        JSSG, we got so much backlash with persons saying you are being deceitful to get us to answer the door, you are Jehovah witnesses! So they told us not to use that term anymore. I wasn’t aware they were trying to fight the Bs brothers from Br. Russell.
        I am like this, if you lie a lot or pretend to be something or someone that you aren’t I can’t trust them. Because as we see they have lied and pretended to be a faithful and discreet slave getting orders from God. Now they say they are getting them from dead anointed that lived at Bethel,channeling thru the 24 elders of Revelations. How do they expect a prudent person to trust anything they say.
        Now we hear they are giving a talk in Australia. On Who are the Bible Students?. Just as our brothers are having their convention this year.Assuming the identity of others yet again. Can’t trust them. Also they will again have their convention in Johnstown, Pa when our General is held. It had been 25 years since they had a convention there before they just discovered a couple of years ago that we have ours there every year. Why dont they just meet and talk to some Bs brothers and sisters so we can perhaps help them?

        • Richard.Tazzyman

          Sister Jackie.The local congregation where we held our NSW Convention on the 11/13 May Rang the Australian Bethel H/Q & told them that the bible students(Who do not exist)were holding a convention in their area!The results (1)They sent the CO TO VISIT THEM,(2)They also had a visit from the new HQ in the USA(A Senior brother was sent) (3) They Visited every Person in the territory during the weeks before,(4)Called on every Person who was a study,Back call,or who had shown any Interest in the past.How do we know?.Well one of our newly Interested bro,who used to attend their meetings,was called on twice with 2 elders & the CO Trying to convince him that ONLY THEY had the F&DSC,we only had a little of the Light,Theirs was burning Bright.Also a new person who had requested booklets/Mags from us(Also used to attend the KH) was also visited by them.Shows whst fear they have now that we are active & others are finding us online.By the way our NEW AUSTRALIANBIBLE STUDENTS SITE will be up & running by the 15th June(16 Pages)God bless all of my American Bretheren.Richard

          • Nubby Tope

            Hi Richard, this is amazing news! Yes, I think JW is worried and so they should be! If their so “right” then why are people leaving? All the child abuse (especially the Royal Commission with G Jackson) and other stuff is NOT what true religion would tolerate. I can’t wait to see this Aus. website! Please let me know when its started.

            And on the subject of Women – I bet the Sisters among the BS feel better than women in JW as they’re more likely to be treated with the respect a woman deserves! Partly because we’re not run by “control freaks”.

          • Ted R. (Bible Student)

            How did they know who the brethren were in order to contact them???

            • Ted R. (Bible Student)

              I just reread this I think I understand now.

              • Richard.Tazzyman

                They knew that Bro Robert,had been in touch with the bible students as he had told them so,but as he was not baptised they could not take any action against him,Hence the calls on him with the Elders & CO.We also advertised the convention for 4 weeks running once a week in the Local paper,so to conter this they decided that it was wise to call on as many as possible that might be Intereseted in the Adds.You must remember that most of the JWs in Australia do not know that we exist,so it was quite a shock to them!Regards,Bro Richard.

                • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                  Br. Richard thank you indeed for the info. Something is brewing here but I have to wait until it comes out to see what the problem is with my family. I have had one of those famous visits angrily asking me if I knew the damage I was doing to Jehovah organization. I tried to nail him down to see exactly what I was being accused of but I got nowhere.
                  It would be nice if you could come on tonight as a guest to update us. https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2018/03/11/testimony-meeting/
                  Also maybe I will advertise this on our facebook page.
                  Greg what do you think about this?

                  • Nubby Tope


                    The damage you’re doing? The sheer cheek of it! Their Goon Squad at the top are doing far more damage with the child abuse, policies protecting paedos, in bed with the UN for 10 years, investments that reveal how 2-faced they are, attitude toward women, false predictions, shunning and destroying families driving some to suicide and murder, elbowing Jesus aside while praising themselves in the songs, and the homophobic rhetoric!

                    Have you seen Kim and Mikey’s new video clip about a video to be shown at 2018 convention? I’d love to hear your opinion; this new video is crazy!

                    I’ll remember you in my prayers as those muppets have caused you stress! There’s fear there! God bless you Sister.

                    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                      Nubby you are so encouraging, thanks. I saw the video promo but I never look at or listen to any watchtower talks. I get my info from the comments or someone telling me. Strange I know but I get nervous nauseous if I hear their voices. Thanks for mentioning what damage they have done. That is my defense and approach, wow. Something is up but because family is on here I am a little careful. One of my sons claim is he has read everything I have said, bless his ❤.I know I am probably being blamed somehow for a part in the A&E. I admit I knew about it long ago but I help in the background and never show my face norlet my name be mentioned in pieces I have had a part in. My brake line has been cut an walked in on someone disabling my RV. It would have killed me on the hiway if they had finished. The steering wheel broke right in my alley because they didn’t get the chance to put the bolt back on. I have a stalker that is a mentally ill elder and it was alledged by an elder after the trial that the watchtower told my stalker to go after me. A body of elders told me that is what they learned. So I work in the dark. Tee-hee.I have learned to stick to what I preceive God wants me to do and let others do the rest. I have mental peace that way.I give up on my family being consistant. They swing back and forth on Simon says.

                  • Richard.Tazzyman

                    Dear Sister Jackie,we will have to make a special Time,day & date as the day you have the call in on the USA site is Sunday in Australia,& we have our meeting/class from 10.30 AM till 2.00 PM in the a/noon,& today after the class we are visiting some of our Polish Bretheren.We should talk to Bro Peter & see if we could have a special link up that would include as many of us as possible.Maybe I suggest that we move this special meeting back to Saturday a/noon,Aust time 1.30pm & then our US Bretheren ,as well as the AUSSIES could Join in as well.We really missed you at our convention,but maybe you could plan for next year as we are going to plan another.Hope to hear from you Soon.Christian Love ,Bro Richard.

          • greg (Bible Student)

            Thank you for sharing this, Br. Richard. I find that exciting news. Be sure to share the website link with us, please and thank you.


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This is a summary of the very disturbing talk given by Br. Herd. He was my CO and he seems to have a problem with wives and telling them what to do in their own homes.
    Many women work hard in jobs to help their husband make ends meet plus take care of the household. Another way they are trying to make husbands look at their wives in a different light. So it insults a man that they come into their households telling their wives what to do.
    We know they did this in the past with the bedroom laws and divorces occurred all over the world within the organization. Loaded conversations will cause children to be at risk if you take away their mothers rights to speak.
    Her life story here:

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE WOMEN ON THIS SITE! If you are in a dark place right now because your family doesn’t acknowledge this day, Remember:
    We celebrate you all here on this day. You have and are producing Praisers of God every day! Peace!

    • Chris J

      They also liked women to cows in the WT 1961 12/15
      “As with a cow, when a young girl who has reached her…”

      They disrespect women in general.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Yes Chris I looked that up and was disgusted at the language so glad you posted the link instead of the words because the filters would not post their disgusting language. We do have to warn young ones below 18 that are on this site not to view that content although it is in a watchtower from when I was a young one. I remember my mother telling the CO that those men are nasty mouthed. In those days women protected their daughters and I wasnt allowed to read this question from readers. Br.Herd is still carrying on this legacy with his talks about women. They are grown men and know better if my mom and dad knew their language was to rough for children. Dad never made his 8 children go to the kingdom hall. Only I went of the nine, he believed a man teaches his children.

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