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REVELATION – Explained by Bible Students

Click book to download the electronic book – REVELATION

The Revelation Notebook

You know what the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization teaches about Revelation. What do Bible Students teach about Revelation. This wonderful electronic book is a good representation of what many Bible Students believe about the books of Revelation. As the light has shined brighter and Read more…

May 8 Conference Call – Did Jesus Die for ALL MEN or ‘all sorts of men’ (NWT)?25


CLICK ON THE RECORDING ABOVE OR IF YOU CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. You will need to find the May 8, 2011 program and click on that.

What Biblical doctrine, more than any other, demonstrates the Love and Justice of God?

How have the Jehovah’s Witnesses lost this most important doctrine of Christianity?

What Read more…

Listen to Talk Radio on the Passover, Memorial and Jesus’ Resurrection

Find Christian Questions talk radio programs on the Passover, Memorial and Resurrection by clicking here:

Look for program # 655 on the Passover

Look for program # 656 on the Jesus’ Resurrection

APRIL 10 – Ex-JW & Creator of Pastor-Russell.com Interviewed


CLICK ABOVE TO HEAR THE RECORDING OR CLICK HERE: AND FIND THE APRIL 10 RECORDING. Since first going online in 1996, Eric Patterson’s Pastor Russell websites have been seen by nearly 20 million people from literally every state, country and territory on earth. In January 2006 Pastor-Russell.com temporarily entered the top 60,000 websites worldwide.

Read more…

Slander and Evil Speaking – What the Bible says

The Bible teaches that the New Creation is not to Evil Speak against others. It is important that we all study and understand how to apply Matt 18:15-17, so that when problems arise, we are equipped to respond as God has directed.

In this regard, we highly recommend the review of Volume 6, p289-293 as Read more…

Can I Participate in a Memorial Service from Home?

For those who are not able to physically attend a Memorial Services with a local congregation, you can have your own Memorial Service at home. Attached below is a recording from a Memorial Service given to the Chicago Bible Students in April of 2004. If you plan to partake, have jewish matzo bread (or substitute Read more…

How Can Congregations be Organized Like the Early Church?

On Saturday April 2, Ex-JW and former Circuit Overseer Richard Rawe interviewd Russ Marten (an elder with the Chicago Bible Students Congregation) about what the Bible says about the formation and structure of the Bible Student congregation, how the early church is set up and how the Bible Students model themselves after this. You can Read more…