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Have your own study about Mothers of the Bible


What lesson’s can we learn from the lives of mothers of the Bible?  How did they inspire their children to follow Jehovah?  For insightful comments, click here Reference: and check box called “Expanded Biblical Comments,” then click on the “Refresh” button.  Do this each time you look up a verse for comments.

SARAH (Gen 21:9, 10; 24:67; Heb 11:11; 1 Pet 3:6)

What does Sarah’s reaction to Ishmael’s behavior toward Isaac say about her as a mother?

How do we know Isaac learned love from his mother?  What kind of example did she set for Isaac from her life?

REBEKAH (Gen 25:28; 27:41-45)

How did Rebecca put Jacob’s interests ahead of her own?  Was this difficult?

HANNAH (1 Sam 1 & 2)

Hannah gave her son away to Eli.  How could a mother do that?  How do we know she loved Samuel?  What example of spiritual priorities did she set for her son?

MARY (Luke 1:29, 46-55; 2:19, 42-52)

What do we know about Mary’s character and faith that help us to see why should was the ideal choice for the mother of the Messiah?

OTHER MOTHERS: Elisabeth, Naomi, Leah, Bathsheba, Jochebed, Salome

What lessons can we learn from other mothers of the Bible?


How can mothers pass on faith to their children?

(11 Tim 1:5; Duet 4:10; 6:6, 7; Prov 22:6; 15; 29:15-17


How can fathers be examples to their children?  (Col 3:21; Eph 6:4)

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