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How Can I Conquer Fear?

Dangers are all about us. Homicide is the leading cause of death among black teen-agers today. The drug culture has spawned violence throughout the land as the addict resorts to any means to find the funds to fuel his addiction.

If we do not feel personally threatened by these dangers, we worry for others—our spouses, our children, our friends and neighbors who may not be as protected as we are.

Uncertainty of the future gives birth to still other fears. Will we have a job tomorrow? Will Russia revert to communism and once again polarize the world into an armed camp? Will the funds be found to open school next year?

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2 comments to How Can I Conquer Fear?

  • becky

    knowing that one day that jehovah will make all the day to day fears go away keeps you going. and just having your brothers and sisters around you gives you faith and hope.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Becky, how are you? I can relate to being in fear. I was almost paralyed by it. I first had to identify what I was afraid of, then determined if there was something I could do to lessen it’s hold on me. I found in my case facing some components of the things that frightened me helped. One by one I learned to throw it on the Lord and not take it back. I said essentially, “I’m Done”. Mine was a fear of men. I failed to realize there is only one judges and no man has that power. Sometimes you have to take back the power, that a person or things has over you. Sometimes you have to get your voice back and speak up for yourself, you will find that there is really nothing to fear. When you get controll over your life and decision making processes in harmony with the will of God you will feel less fear, which is lost of control over oneself. At first you may come off as being bold, then you find a middle ground, it;s a journey, but like you said friends and family coupled with the Love of God, with prayer will see you to your destination.
      Is will be a beautiful thing when peace and harmony is restored by means of the kingdom’s rule. Take Care. In Christ Jesus, Jacqueline

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