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Brother Russell Founded the Bible Students, not Jehovah’s Witnesses

This early Bible Student history book is written by Bro. Ken Rawson, a Bible Student elder who knew more Bible Students from Pastor Russell’s and JF Rutherford’s time than any other Bible Student elder alive today.

After the death of Pastor Russell in 1916, the purpose of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society changed drastically. Joseph Rutherford, whom Pastor Russell had recently dismissed from his staff, seized legal control of the Watch Tower, dismissed the majority of the Board of Directors, and established dictatorial authority. The Watch Tower became the central head and authority over all congregations willing to yield their sovereignty. Basic doctrines of the “new society” seriously digressed from the teachings of Pastor Russell as the writings of Pastor Russell were discarded. The methods of conducting the evangelistic work were altered. The more sensational digressions, such as refusing blood transfusion and saluting the flag, caught the public’s eye.  But many individuals and whole congregations refused to surrender their Christian liberty or accept the new teachings. As early as 1917, the exodus from the newly declared sovereign headquarters
began. By 1918 one-fourth of the Bible Students left Judge Rutherford and remained true to the teachings of the late Pastor Russell.

To read more click on the pdf file below.

Bible Students not Jehovah Witnesses.pdf final

111 comments to Brother Russell Founded the Bible Students, not Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Hank

    To Jacquelin

    Will do reseach to show Rutherford was called the evil slave by Bible Students. Also, just as brother Russell had many false charges brought against him, I don’t buy the stories of the charges against either man.

    He will be judged for what he did, not what his son did. Have you seen that list of all of Pastor Russell’s relatives? Surely you don’t believe for a second that he will be judged because they are for the most part in the nominal churches.

    And for not slamming the dead, you did a pretty good job.


    • Jacqueline

      Hank, his son didn’t attend his funeral, he didn’t do anything that his dad would have to bear. Sorry I might have put you on the wrong track. My father was df’d for disobeying his new light policy of no blood. Also I mistakenly thought you knew more about the early history and why the new DVD distance themselves from Rutherford. And you are correct we all have sins and faults but not all of us affect other people as leaders. So they are held to a higher standard.
      I would like to ask you a question, it is sincere. How does the Governing body prove they are appointed as the faithful slave? What is their scriptural proofs? I was a witness for 61yrs and never understood the scriptural appointment they received. Their July 15,2013 issue even have some elders wondering. Perhaps you can break it down here on the site, if you will. Jacqueline

  • Hank

    To Keven and Jacquelin;

    Was Jesus foretelling that there would be an evil slave class? No! Unlike the faithful and discreet class which he said he would appoint.

    So when Rutherford mentioned the evil slaves and the Bible Students who left the Society called him an the organization the evil slave, they both were wrong.

    But if you read the Jan 1st 1918 Watch Tower, you will see that Rutherford admitted to being imperfect and offered an apology to those who were in disagrement. He also offered them postions of service which they refused.

    So Rutherford showed the Christ like example and they refused. Why would they refuse?

    Well, the Bible spells out many reasons why people quit serving Jehovah. A list way long to go through.

    It is very nice to have that clear understanding, that whether one is of the faithful slave or the anointed or the other sheep Any, I repeat, Any of those could become an evil slave.

    Simply put, they start doubting Jesus kingship in 1914, speaking badly of their likeones of precious faith.

    But we as JWs are to busy to worry about that. Why? Because in the near future Jesus will began judging who are sheep and who are goats.

    And whether you are a JW or not. The way you truly feel about Jehovah and his worshippers is what will tell. Why?For not only should we love are brothers and sisters. Heb 10:23-25 But we should pray for our enemies and try and get the kingdom message to them.

    And look how humble the faithful slave is, they, just like other anointed, and the other sheep are all domestics. Why? Because they to have to eat the same spiritual food as the others.

    No other religion can truly say that.

    So rather worrying about who is a evil slave, would it not make more sense to draw close to Jehovah God, and listen to his Son, that said he would apoint this Faithful slave and get our heart in line for the coming judgement?

    Don’t be like the majority in Jeremiah’s day. Zep 1:12,”are saying in their heart,’Jehovah will not do good, and he will not do bad.'”
    If they followed what was written over three hundred years earlier and applied it, theirs hearts would have been protected. Eccl 12:14,”For the true God himself will bring every sort of work into the judgement in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad.”

    He always does what he says. Those worshippers that Zephaniah mentioned had let Satan steer them away from the truth of Jehovah. Don’t let that happen to your heart.


    • Jacqueline

      Hank only the J witness organization said there is an evil slave class. They just decided in one sentence in the July,2013 study edition that they change their mind there isn’t one now. Since they are claiming to be the Bible Students they need to drop that moniker. Most on earth never thought there was an evil slave class only Jwitnesses.
      You are a brave man indeed to align yourself with Rutherford when even the DVD by the Governing body distanced themselves from him. I would check his history before you call him humble, maybe some of those associated with him but you are stretching it. My parents and almost all the ones in my congregation knew him some personally when I was a child. Also look up info about him and his Beth Sarim exploits and check on his funeral and burial. Where was his son? Why, such a dispute over his burial. Just a few points, not to speak ill of the dead, but.
      I like Eccl 12:14 that you quote for it is truth Jehovah is the judge and the watchtower society of Jwitnesses have no right saying the Bible Students are the evil slave class (class not even in bible).
      They have no right judging those that choose to leave their organization, disrupting families. They should accept their member loss and monetary loss rather than spewing a river of vile talk. (District conventions talks this summer) (Some posted on this site and mentally diseased articles. Let go and let God judge and direct from his word.
      Now on a personal note, when you mention, faithful slave, anointed, other sheep, this is akin to name dropping.
      Jesus said Rev.2:10 in part ‘Prove yourself faithful EVEN TO DEATH and I will give you the crown of life.’
      Phillipians 3:12 “Not that I have already received it or am already made perfect, but I am pursuing to see IF I MAY also lay hold on that for which I have been laid hold on by Christ.” And we should all have this mentally attitude to not suppose that an anointing has sealed us. Remember Judas.
      Matt 22:14 “For there are many invited but few chosen” NWT (old edition) Jacqueline

  • kevin

    last month watch tower said those who left were evil slave class did you read it back then.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Kevin and welcome. The study articles for July 2013 changed that view and said there is no evil slave class. They say now that the evil slave is within their body now, any one of them can become the evil slave if they turn against each other within the Governing body who are now said to be faithful and discreet slave. Not any other anointed living now). They say now that the Faithful and discreet slave are only those that have lived physically in New York city Bethel. Now that entire complex of buildings have been sold so can’t be any new additions if the definition holds and does not change. (See July, 2013 study edition at http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/w20130715/who-is-faithful-discreet-slave/ to verify these statements.

  • Anonymous

    To Disciple;

    Hebrews 7:22 shows that a new Covenant has been suretied,made effacious by the blood of Jesus Christ.
    dictionary on effacious-effective as a means-effective-orporitive or functioning.

    In the final end time of the Millennium, when they will go step by step advancing towards perfect obedience. BUT!

    At the close the two clsses will have been completely separated. Disobiedient or obiedient.

    The two groups are all organized unto one or the other. All human beings, either worshipping God the right way or the wrong way. SO one doesn’t have to say there is any religion do they?

  • Disciple

    In response to the postings I have read here, I wish to share some thoughts:

    In reference to the “need” for an organization during a time which almost everyone can agree has been without the Messiah, we should re-evaluate where the Apostles came from to begin with.

    16-As He was going along by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew, the brother of Simon, casting a net in the sea; for they were fishermen.17-And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”18-Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.19-Going on a little farther, He saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who were also in the boat mending the nets.20-Immediately He called them; and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants, and went away to follow Him. – Mark Chapter 1

    Notice that they were not students of the Law, like the Pharisees. They were simply your average men, however with hearts that would receive truth.

    An almost universal thing I see today is that most religions teach that they are the only way to God. This contrasts greatly with the Messiah who said that HE was the way, truth and the life. He told us he was the way. Many other groups however seem to shout “This is the way!!!” They try to back this up by saying “LOOK AT OUR WORKS!” …NO OTHER ORGANIZATION/CHURCH HAS WHAT WE HAVE!” In doing so, they actually condemn themselves the way that the Pharisees did.

    The Pharisees and Sadducees had the law and even added things to it, so they kept rigid regulations on the people. These people werent running around “sinning” in the sense of orgies or violations that most would consider sin. However, by focusing on the errors of the people, these scribes were actually condemning themselves by adhering to a written set of laws.

    40-Those of the Pharisees who were with Him heard these things and said to Him, “We are not blind too, are we?”41-Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but since you say, ‘We see,’ your sin remains. – John 9:40, 41

    If they would have just admitted to being “sinners” and accepted the ransom as a release from that sin, then he would not have condemned them. This is the recurring theme in all of his dealings with the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were hypocrites because WHY??? Because they themselves were sinners also, yet they condemned those who didn’t adhere to their extra laws.

    Most organizations today try to suggest that they are the only channel for truth. Many of them will expel members who do not agree with their doctrines. While some of the doctrines may be based upon Biblical laws or principles, the same could be said of the scribes in the Messiah’s day. They were still condemned because they ignored the laws of Love, Mercy, Kindness. In fact, the law of Love was the foundation of the Ten Commandments. If you had love for your neighbor and God, you wouldnt even need such a written law to remind you not to do these things.

    Most people today seem to think that they will earn everlasting life (whether in Heaven or on Earth) by their self-righteousness. In doing so, they are basically stating “I HAVE KEPT ALL OF GODS LAW’S. The truth is that all of us are sinners, and that this sin will remain in us until we are perfected. We seem the recurring theme of “UNDESERVED kindness” in the Bible, however if we are being rewarded by our actions then it would actually be defined as “DESERVED kindness”.

    5-So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. 6-And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. – Romans 11:5,6

    Evaluating these few scriptures leaves us all in the same position. It does not matter which group or organization you attend. The attendance of any of these may teach you basic principles about the Bible and the Messiah, however replacing him as a channel of light with any of these groups is a dangerous thing. Claiming that he is only with a particular faction of followers is also not based upon scripture. In fact, as many wise ones have discerned (such as Russell), the goal of all of this is the “restoration of all things”. In such a plan, only the wicked who refuse to change and who oppose God directly will need to be removed. All others will simply need taught truth (all of us different amounts) until we all have the fullness of truth.

    Saving all who can change, even if it takes them 77 times is always preferable to destroying them. Sadly, misinterpretations of past judgments has made this truth unpalatable to many.

    In conclusion, I see many problematic areas within organized religion, due to the policing and lack of mercy which these tend to promote. In any case, it is very simple to remove yourself from such a situation if it causes you distress. Expecting to gain 100% truth in this system will only lead to disappointment until the “Revealing of the Sons of God” and likewise “second dispensation” of rain occur. Those who claim to be “Anointed” right now tend to show themselves to be foolish as the entire purpose of that group ties into the last “42 Months” of the system. Just as there was a purpose to the Apostles and the Pentecostals which involved a short term ministry, there will also be during the last few years.

    We would be wise to do as the Messiah instructed and just WAIT, keep in expectation, make supplication. Remember that even if you become the “Body of Christ”, each member of that body has a specific role. No member is going to have 100% truth, just as the Apostle Paul told us that he saw only partially. We should be interested in gathering scattered truth which has been thrown down for the past 2000 years and since we cannot expect to understand Bible prophecy fully at this time, we should be open-minded to all possibilities, but only in harmony with ALL SCRIPTURE. As things then begin to unfold, we will be able to see which of those possibilities is a reality.

    If any one of you believes he is perfect, has perfect vision like the Pharisees or somehow has managed to through his own intelligence found the “true religion”, then you immediately sentence the rest of us down syndrome, autistic, normal IQ, mentally handicapped due to Adam and Eve’s genetic destruction ones to death. Whether you realize it or not, even the most intelligent humans use a fraction of our intended brains. If God was to limit truth to a specific organization, he would automatically be sentencing those who would never know which was true. Further, how could we possibly know even as we are all born into a world which there is no verification of anything, and everything is only by FAITH.

    Many religions believe that everyone is going to heaven and that all should be baptized. If this were the case, then the criminal on the torture stake next to the Messiah somehow got a free pass to heaven without being baptized.

    Perhaps most of humanity has missed the simple explanation for all of this…

    The heavenly rebellion which occurred by creatures which do not, cannot repent was led by Satan who believed that he could catch God in a “catch 22”. God is one of mercy, love, kindness…would he really eliminate Satan and his Demons?

    The Creator chose to make Mankind in his image with the same “free will” as Satan and his demons had. Satan most likely never expected that he would be the instrument which caused the fall of Man, which led to the ransom, which led to a group of replacements which would become a “new creation” and replace the positions that the Fallen Angels used to hold.

    The Messiah came preaching the “Kingdom of the Heavens” and everything he spoke of was connected to the heavens. His ministry was for this specific purpose…to gather the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”. Many were baptized, symbolizing death to human life, and rebirth to a heavenly one, however that never indicated that all others who did not respond would have their lives terminated, as many Christians today teach. The goal was always for the salvation of all, and the purpose of the “anointed” or “elect” was to act as priests for the rest of mankind. In doing so, all creation will be in harmony, in balance in a way that most of us cannot comprehend. There will be no religion, for all will worship God.

    Only those who would never under any circumstances want to be part of that Paradise will by their own choice have their wish granted. It will be in harmony with their own will that they are removed. When everyone has an abundance and all enjoy equality in possessions and status, these individuals will long to have more and to have elevated status, and thus will not even enjoy being in a Paradise. Likewise, those that wish to be God-like will not fit in either and will fight those conditions until they would be removed. In this way, all Creation will end up where they belong and all who desire everlasting life and equality for mankind will have it realized for eternity.

    • Jacqueline

      Disciple thanks for your thoughts and we welcome you to the site. May I ask if you were affiliated with a religion? I only quick read your comment but I will slow down and analyze it tomorrow. Take Care.

  • Anonymous

    Jerome, i can see how captive you are in darkness (Apostasy)

    You are zealous of God, but not accordin to knowledge.

    1Corinthians: “the world by wisdom of God, knew not God, it pleased God by foolishness of preaching to save them that believe

    keep seeking the truth, pray to God. If u are unable to locate the truth, the truth will locate you.

    Don’t you know that Christ organise His Church?
    Have you ever ask yourself where is the Chruch?

  • jackie

    The imperfection and inherited weakness of men is too often overlooked by adoring admirers of charismatic and flawed leaders. Has God not spoken since 1918? The inspiration and brilliance of Biblical understanding was not buried with CTR. The dozens of divergent groups who could not get along because their lone and only leader passed, have not advanced the great mission of Matt. 24:14 . . . their good news is that CTR once lived! This is an insignificant footnote in eternal history. Was he a good man – probably. Was he perfect – definitely not. He was changed by the influences around him – see his early studies and associations. He distanced himself from other “Bible Students” numerous times when his “views” conflicted with theirs. The Bible details many accounts of the imperfections and flaws of ancient servants of God – these weaknesses were not hidden or denied. Their lessons remain a written legacy and reminder that humans too often attach excessive importance to flawed leaders. God did not reject them all and used them to accomplish his will; but, not their own. Remove the blinders, friends!

  • People fall into a snare by placing men, such as Charles Taze Russell, as being the founder of something. And, then that “something” comes to have a large following.

    They do a terrible thing. The Most High sent us His Son and told us to listen to him. (Luke 9:35)

    That Son – Jesus [the] Christ said:

    “But YOU, do not YOU be called Rabbi, for one is YOUR teacher, whereas all YOU are brothers.” (Matthew 23:8)

    At Matthew 23:10 Jesus says:

    “Neither be called ‘leaders,’ for YOUR Leader is one, the Christ.”

    Yet, when one uses expressions like, “The teachings of Brother Russell” they are calling him their teacher. They follow him (his teachings).

    Likewise, when one uses expressions like, “The Bible teaches …” they are calling the Bible their teacher. They are “Bible Students.”

    Yet, Jesus said “for one is YOUR teacher, whereas all YOU are Brothers.”

    Therefore, no book by any name is our teacher and neither are be to be “students” of a book; and no human or human agency is our teacher. Christ is our teacher and we his disciples. (John 8:31-32)

    We are not to be “Bible Students” or “Russellites” or “JWS” or “Catholics” or “Lutherans” or “Seventh Day Adventist” or “Mormons”, etc.

    Yet, this is a common denominator in the world today, a gathering up of the human family into organizations with their own unique set of contending teachings all claiming to come from God and Christ.

    Very few see the wrong and “something is not right” with all of it.

    If one teaches what Christ taught, then that teaching should NEVER be ascribed to anyone or anything. That many use the expressions “Russell’s teachings” and “The Bible teaches” reveals what these teachings ARE NOT: They are not Christs’ teachings.

    If they were truly Christs teachings then one would not ascribe them to “The Bible” or “Charles Taze Russell” or an organization.

    People are following behind the teachings of men and not the teachings of Christ.

    Also, concerning Charles Taze Russell and that entire movement back then, I question if he was such a Christian man (leader and founder), why were there no people of “color” in the ranks? I find this odd then and today when I look at the racial composition of the leaders who sit at the top of the organization(s) he founded.

    Apparently he did not and those who followed him did not practice the teaching that “God is impartial.”

    Here is a link of those back in 1926 who were Russell’s followers at an “organizational” Christmas Party. Not one person of color present at this “pagan” gathering. If any of this was – in the beginning from God – why would God just gather White people? Because it is NOT from God as He is not partial.

    I do not believe men like Russell and the many after him were “enemies” of Jesus; I just think that the men of that day (and even now) wanted to make a “celebrated name for themselves.” And, they have were highly successful and we see the evidence in the organizations “they” founded.

    These organizations DO NOT hold Christ as the foundation and cornerstone or teacher. Rather, they hold Russell as founder and teacher (his teachings).

    BTW, Jesus NEVER told his followers to be known as Christians. NEVER to we read of followers of Christ referring to each other as Christians. Jesus NEVER used the expression.

    The world has been misled in a very large way. And, the very ones who claim they know the truth are the ones most largely misled.

    I see in this thread people arguing in defense of a man, Russell. This is disturbing. One would think they would champion Christ. This is further evidence that the truth has escaped them and they remain in captivity to a system of darkness masquerading as light.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Jerome – Thanks. You have some good thoughts on the Holy Spirit. It of course is not a literal dove, as you have said.

      In Ephesians 4:11, the Apostle Paul said, “And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers. Of course it would be dangerous to promote any of these above Jesus.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Jerome – The problem with your logic is you really don’t understand Bible Students or Brother Russell, so many of your comment are not accurate and misrepresent the facts. I believe you are sincere, but there is something called “willful ignorance,” where, even though sincere, you don’t know the facts, because your mind is closed to an honest investigation. Now, I can understand that you are upset with the JWs and don’t want to invest the time into examining the teachings of their supposed founder, Brother Russell. However, if you don’t want to invest the time into an honest investigation, then it’s best not to criticize. Here is what I suggest, if you want to continue to criticize Brother Russell and Bible Students, then read his flagship book, “The Divine Plan of the Ages.” Report back to us all the errors you find in it. If you cannot do that, then I don’t think it is fair for you to continue to criticize him. You can find the Divine Plan of the Ages by clicking here:

  • I was born and raised in Rutherford’s twisted version of religion. My father knew the drunken sot personally and served at Bethel for 13 years until he married my mother, then a Colepourter. My father having been born in 1897 met the IBS’s in northern Michigan when he was 19 years of age. I personally disassociated myself by letter some 20 years ago and have not looked back. I am very aware of the perversion of Russell’s teachings by the despot Rutherford. As I grew up I witnessed the vacillations on doctrine by Knoor, Franz, ad nauseum. I finally settled on a fundamental Baptist church that primarily tries to follow the Gospel. I tend to avoid religion where the ideas and laws of men are more paramount than the actual message.

    • Ken

      Mark Palo, I can understand your reason for wanting a religion that doesn’t promote the laws and ideas of men,however, don’t the Baptist believe in going to war,abortions,gay marriage and so on?

    • jacqueline

      Mark Palo, welcome. My father knew Rutherford and couldn’t accept his blood doctrine and was DF. They tried to get him back but he said he would rather die outside of that org. My mother left for 4yrs but my adult brother pulled the whole family back in. I was with the BS until 12yrs. Now i am gone and will never go back. CO wife came by my home yesterday but I didn’t hear door. Glad to see you made it out. 61yrs of my life working for some God dishonoring men. Free at last!

    • More than 2000 years ago the Jewish religious system held tight influence and control over the Jewish people. They held an entire people captive to that system, threatening them with harsh punishments and death by stoning if any failed to keep the law. (But they themselves would not)

      In his 29th year, a man by the name of Jesus of Nazareth comes along and calls his first 12 disciples out of that slave camp of a system and he taught them a new law and teaching. That teaching freed or liberated them from the tight clutches of that religious system. These first disciples eventually ceased to fear what those religious leaders could do to them and their minds were free to dare think and believe outside of what they were taught by the Jewish religious system. There consciences were freed by acceptance of what Jesus was teaching them. (John 8:31-32)

      Today, many are in captivity to the teachings of religious organizations. They become afraid to think, reason, read, discuss, write or believe something “outside” of what that religious organization teaches them. Essentially, they are captives to an organization.

      Jesus’ call is for us to become “his” (the person) disciples. In other words, to be taught by him. And, by listening to him and what “he” teaches, we come to know the truth and that “knowing” of the truth is what allows us to no longer fear thinking, reasoning, and believing something outside of the organization that held us captive.

      But what do many people do? They are set free from one organization (or religious system) and they go right into another one. They are re-enslaved again! They did not hear what Jesus said at John 8:31-32:

      “If YOU remain in my word, YOU are really my disciples, and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set YOU free.”

      His call is for us to go to him (the person) to be taught by him. His call was NOT for us to go into religious organizations of any sort. Jesus -the person – is “The Truth” not religious organizations. (John 14:6)

      Many people have short-changed themselves and do not realize the things they can know if they depart from ALL religious organization and do what Jesus said his disciples should do when they want something: Ask the Father.

      If we ask the Father “through” Christ, for His(the Fathers) Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge, we WILL receive these things from the Father “through” the same person we asked them: Jesus [the] Christ.

      It is not a book (called The Bible) or a religious organization or some man or woman who founded religious organizations (or the organizations themselves) that we gain incredible insight; it is from the Father “through” his Son.

      No book or religious organization can contain the wisdom and knowledge of God. But, we have a way to access and receive His vast knowledge and wisdom: His Son.

      It is for that reason God at Luke 9:35 says we are to listen to His Son. It is only through him that He will dispense what we ask of Him.

      This is done by prayer. Our minds are fed by God through Christ by Holy Spirit (God’s power). Under “Human spirit” or human power we cannot know God’s wisdom and knowledge. Christ is the only “way” by which we (the individual) can get this vast wisdom and understanding.

      It does not come to us by another way (such as The Bible or a religious organization). It comes to us ONLY by Christ himself. But we MUST – like Jesus did in private – ask the Father for these things and expect them through Christ.

      That Christ is no longer visible to us, it will require faith on our parts to EXPECT that the Father will answer us through His Son by giving us Holy Spirit to understand the deep things that come from Him.

      IF WE look any other source – such as The Bible or religious organization – that act shows unfaithfulness on our part. What will come from God can only come through the one we asked it as he is “The Way” and only channel.

      Yet, religious organizations take people captive and say, “Look over here, we teach Christ.” What that REALLY IS, is saying God’s teachings come through “the organization.” It is a trick.

      YOU – the individual – are able to pray to the Father through Christ and ask for the things I mentioned above. The MORE FAITHFUL you are the more in abundance of those things you will receive from the Father.

      Resist thinking that what you receive must come up out of the pages of a book (The Bible) or a sermon or talk in a Church. This shows that you are looking for “another way” in which to receive from God. You MUST and I repeat YOU MUST focus on God using His Son as the only WAY in which you will receive these things from Him. It will be by Holy Spirit that your mind will be opened to receive and understand.

      Religious organizations stand in place for the purpose of “preventing” this from happening.

      As long as persons remain in them, they will be kept infantile-level.

      If you leave one, do not go into another. Instead, go to the person of Jesus [the] Christ and become – not a Baptist or JW or Mormon or Bible Student, or Christian, etc – BUT HIS DISCIPLE. That is what he said we are to be. (John 8:31-32)

      • Peter K. (admin)

        Jerome – Did you know that the Bible Students are not an organization? We have no central governing authority. We are set up like the early church with Christ as our head and each congregation elects its own elders based on the qualifications the Apostle Paul outlined to Timothy and Titus. Each congregation is independent and self governing. You can find out more by clicking here

  • steve

    Charles Russel was an enemy of Jesus and a rebel obviously on the side of Satan because he taught twisted truths and tried to destroy the truth rather him then me mate

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Steve – The Bible often speaks against slander and evil speaking. For example, James 4 (NASV) says, “11 Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law [of love] and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?”

      Have you ever directly read what Charles Russell wrote. For example he wrote the article we posted here: https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2012/02/16/pressing-toward-the-mark-of-the-high-calling/

      Does this sound to you like an enemy of Jesus? If Charles Russell is a danger to Christians, then we should all bel alerted to that. Can you provide just one specific example to prove that Charles Russell was an enemy of Jesus? Now make sure of your facts and that you can prove your charge.

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