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On September 25, Ex-JWs Questioned Bible Student Elder – Did Jesus die a Ransom for ALL or for all sorts of people?


On Sunday, September 25, a Bible Student  elder, Rick Cunningham, was the guest on a conference call with Richard Rawe and other Ex-JWs and he answered the question, “Did Jesus die a Ransom for ALL or for all sorts of people?”  As you know, JWs believe that the “wicked” will eternally perish and have no future opportunity for learning righteousness, repentance, trial and judgment. They believe everyone but JWs will eternally perish in Armageddon.  Bible Students believe that even the wicked will be resurrected, but that they must learn righteousness and repent in the future kingdom on paradise earth or be eternally destroyed (the second death).

The Conference Call begins at 12:00 pm PDT.  You can join at any time at or before 12:00.The call in phone # is 218-548-3324.  The Pass Code (pin#) is 534929 followed by the # (pound) sign.

To mute or unmute your phone, press * (star) 6.

You should try this as soon as you can just to make sure your phone # has no problem calling the conference.

Rick Cunningham will begin by presenting the Bible Student position (45 minute), then discussion with questions, answers and comments will open up to the entire group of callers.

Beginning time by time zone:

Pacific (PDD)   12:00 pm

Central (CDT)   2:00 pm

Eastern (EDT)   3:00 pm

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