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Joseph Rutherford admitted that most of the Early Watchtower Bible Students left the Organization.

Alan Rogerson in his book (as well as some other books) gives the 1925 Memorial attendance as 90,434, and 1926 as 89,278. However, the 1928 Memorial attendance was only a little over 19,000. With so many of the Anointed now gone, Joseph Rutherford soon turned the message away from the heavenly calling to the earthly Read more…

A History of the Early Watchtower Bible Student Movement and the Schisms after Brother Russell Died

Today the Bible Student Movement is united worldwide and even growing in some countries. However, before this re-unification, many schisms occurred after Brother Russell died in 1916.

Go to any bookstore or library and look up “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and you will find nine times out of ten the statement; “Jehovah’s Witnesses, a sect founded by Read more…

Revelation Made Simple Website and Audio

Revelation is the most difficult book in the Bible to understand, but now it is made easy. CLICK HERE to visit this amazing website and find our how quickly you can understand Revelation by letting the Bible interpret itself:

Listen to these simple introductory talks on Revelation:

Revelation For Beginners

Revelation Introduction

Revelation Made Read more…

Principles of Biblical Quotations

Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21). From time to time we note what appear to be inaccuracies when New Testament writers quote from the Old Testament. Sometimes words are left out, added, or changed. Many times what we have learned in the Harvest Message applies Read more…

Photo Drama of Creaton – God’s Plan from Creaton through Human History


The Photo-Drama of Creation was produced in 4 parts, altogether for 8 hours. The completed production premiered in January 1914 in New York and was presented worldwide, being viewed by over 9 million people. It has the distinction of being the first major screenplay to incorporate synchronized sound, moving film, and color slides.

Read more…

Has the Heavenly Call Ended? Or is it Still Wide Open? Jan 14 WEBCAST

You can now view this webcast by clicking here:

Does the Bible teach that you should be pursuing a earthly hope today, to be a part of the Great Crowd on earth? Or does it teach that the Christian should be pursuing a heavenly hope, to be a part of the bride of Christ? Read more…