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Christian Growth, Relationships and Ethics

Christianity is not a religion that is best developed in the monastery of a solitary life. It is forged and molded in countless associations with others. Jesus walked the main thoroughfares of ancient Judea. He rubbed shoulders with thousands. Crowds thronged around him. His social life ranged from meals at the homes of the Pharisees to mingling with the publicans and sinners.

The apostles, in turn, mingled with the common man in their tireless propagation of the good news, the “gospel” of redemption. The apostle Paul, for example, frequented the synagogues on the Sabbath and the “agora” or marketplace the other days of the week. And so it is with the followers of Christ today—they come from all walks of life and they daily mingle with others from all walks of life.

In this issue of The Herald we look at some of these relationships which Christians of the 21st century face and how the principles of Christ guide them in the various stages of life. Articles herein will treat such subjects as:

1. What the Bible requires of those who would claim the name of their Master by assuming the title of “Christian.”

2. The relationship with a spouse, whether a believer or non-believer.

3. The conflicts a Christian faces in a secular world as a citizen in a foreign land, and as a good neighbor to all those about him.

4. The challenges for youth in an increasingly liberal and rebellious society.

5. The need to follow a high ethical code of conduct in the workplace, whether as an employer, supervisor or employee.

6. Maturing gracefully while patiently preparing for graduation from this life to a better one to come.

The concluding article of this issue is our monthly verse by verse investigation of another chapter of God’s holy Word—this time the second chapter of the first epistle of Peter. It contains the apostle’s admonitions to complete submission not only to God, but to all the factors involved with living in a sometimes hostile environment.

We put forth this issue with the desire that it will be a stimulus to each of us to apply ourselves more diligently to live the Christian life, always following in the footsteps of our Redeemer.

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  • Just say sweet and good

    A good question to ponder is “What constitutes UNETHICAL & ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOR?

    When Jehovah God told Abram to leave his home he knew Abram had a social structure that prohibited violation of a virgin. see site below We know the rest of the story and the fact that this divinely mandated prohibition was incorporated in the Law of Moses to keep his people CLEAN and that punishment was required at Deut.22:26 on the basis of one witness….the offended one. This Code_of_Ur-Nammu was in operation 2016-2060 B.C.E. a good 500 years before Moses. It has always been ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOR

    Code of Ur-Nammu – Wikipedia
    The Code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest known law code surviving today. It is from Mesopotamia and is written on tablets, in the Sumerian language c. 2100–2050 BC.

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