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How to live the Sermon on the Mount – Christian Morality

 The Matthew chapters 5-7 Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes, to which the reader is amply referred in The Beatitudes and More in the 2005 January issue; and Living the Beatitudes, which is the theme of the 2002 May/June issue. In this issue we go beyond the Beatitudes in How to Live the Sermon on the Mount.

Exceeding the Righteousness of the Pharisees asks each of us if we feel holier than others.

‘Getting even,’ thinking of another brother as a moron, or as a villain, are progressive stages in the ruin of a Christian, as sketched in Sore, Stupid!, and Scoundrel! Agreeing with Thine Adversary reminds us of the benefit of controlling our tempers.

How each Christian, and the local congregation, should respond to the increasing prevalence of fornication, adultery, divorce and remarriage is tackled in The Words of Jesus Regarding Marriage and Divorce.

Yes Means Yes! reminds us that half-truths, so-called “little white lies,” and other deceptions, are shameful. Our Lord sees through them, whether man does or not.

Why we must learn to be kind even to our enemies is addressed in Love Your Enemies.

Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer focuses on what we are really to pray for. Without the attitude of forgiveness, we are asking God to not forgive us, as outlined in Forgive Us … As We Have Forgiven Others.

Where are Your Treasures? shows us a balance between providing things honorable in the sight of all versus not trusting the Lord to provide things needful.

Judge not others by appearance but rather let us judge ourselves that we be not judged, is the message of Judge Not. Concluding this theme, Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruit draws attention to the fruit of the spirit, as measured by behavior rather than by overpowering leadership.

 An Electronic Bible Study Guide is appended in this issue to assist us who live in the computer age to gain faster access to Bible translations and more efficient use of other Bible study helps.

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5 comments to How to live the Sermon on the Mount – Christian Morality

  • doug

    he devorced her 7 years ago and admitted that he had a affair with a Man while he was married to her, and he is still living with him, (we suspect he married the other man) in another country,as it is illegal here for a man to marry another man

    • Jacqueline

      Doug at one time the governing body felt that bestiality, homosexuality (ie. lesbian included) pedophilia were not actually grounds for remarriage. They changed their view in later years and admitted it was adulteration of the marriage bed, even including oral sex. They first felt that only missionary sex with a male or a female union was grounds for remarriage but they even added if in doubt you may stand before Jehovah on the matter.
      As a side bar I was given a talk to give that showed in countries like Spain at the time there was no way to get a divorce even on proper grounds. A witness could leave their adulterous partner and live together before Jehovah as husband and wife and be accepted in the witness congregation. Realizing that any children born to the union would under their law be illegitimate. However, they said when the laws changed that the witness would want to get the divorce according to law. But the point is the different nuances of marriage and a person must sometimes look at it from all sides. Normally the watchtower society wouldn’t accept the wife telling them that the husband told her, she would have to get a signed statement etc. They used to even need pictures or elders staking out the home to see if the person spent the night. So she knows her God sees everything and knows the truth and she has to proceed with this knowledge. That is the way the witnesses proceed on this now. Br. Peter gave the scriptural support for remarriage and we hope it has helped her make a decision that leaves here with a clean conscience before God.

  • Doug

    I am posting for Doug from the contact form for the general audience to see discussion and to give their comments. Jacqueline

    Divorce ??
    if a man divorces his wife with the intend to fornicate with a MAN ,is the wife guilty if she remarries another man ?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Doug  – The “intent” or “desire” is not the same as the “act.”

      In Old Testament times, you could recieve the death penalty for committing adultery, but not for wanting to commit adultery.

      So, in marriage, the other marraige partner is not free to remarry because their partner wants to commit adultry (though that could be cause for divorce).

      Let’s see what Jesus said.

      Mark 10:11-12 (NASB)
      “And He said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her;  and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery.””

      Matthew 19:9 NASB
      “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.””

      So the only grounds for remairrage is if the other partner has committed sexual immorality.

      This may seem quote strict, however I am simply relating what the Bible teaches.  I can’t change it to make it sound more lenient.  There is much more information you can find at this link.     https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2010/10/04/what-does-the-bible-say-about-divorce-remarriage-and-adultery/

  • ari matthew davies

    today I was reminded by a scripture in the psalms that god wants us to be real in our relationship with him. as he said to some who were caught up in sin, why do you bother to go about repeating my verses and comandments and acting in public like you take my words into heart ? because you are treating my words like trash and doing whats bad to your fellowman Im warning you if you dont repent that Im going to rip you to shreds and discard you! yes indeed a stern no nonsense warning to people that talk north and walk south,, they make all the right noises but they show by what they do that they do not love god, god doesent want us to judge others, he wants us to examine ourselves first for a reason! because 50% of the population learn by what they see ! and just what are they learning from you? think about that, you may preach on saterday door to door 8 hours but what about the other 6 days? what does our behaviors teach ?

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