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Is Slavery acceptable to God?


Slavery is one of the major ills of the history of mankind.  It has existed in many forms for thousands of years and sadly still exists today.  What is God’s view on such a practice?  If God doesn’t like it (and he doesn’t) then why does it show up in the Bible?

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9 comments to Is Slavery acceptable to God?

  • ari matthew davies

    I have a qustion, in jesus time it was a roman custom to enslave men for short times to bear the romans armour, weapons,sheilds, etc,
    jesus said if you are compelled to serve 1 mile then serve 2. so if a christian is drafted to carry millitary suppies,food, or armour in todays world. should that person serve or try to get out of it by saying its against my beleifs ?

  • Ken

    Speaking of slavery, I went to a Jw meeting last night and they had a part in which a few pioneer sisters gave their experiences,I knew all of them pretty well but one of them caught my attention because I remember how weak minded of an individual she is. I say this because she’ll do whatever is asked of her by the brothers…no questions asked, in fact, if you tried reasoning with her on scriptural matters she becomes afraid and defaults to “whatever the brothers say” attitude. I don’t blame the brothers for this, it’s just this person is “mentally enslaved” to the organization, afraid to think for herself,sadly, I was the same way at one time….but not anymore!!

    • Jacqueline

      Ken, a relative called me last night and said they are selling their assembly hall. They have to rent for their Birmingham circuit assemblies. The Georgia assembly hall is very far. Many are upset because of the many man hours and money they spent to have an assembly hall in their area. It was by the sweat of their brow. Her husband simply said the governing body will take care of all of that. He is a man he should be thinking and interested in these matters, but like your sister and a CO who once said if the GB said jump, I would say how high. He also said if the GB said this book was green although it is black I would say it is green. I felt sorry for his wife with a fifty or so husband that was that enslaved.

  • Jeff

    Can people be slaves to an organization?

    Anyone know what I’m talking about?

    • Jacqueline

      I had to think a minute on this Jeff. Quite a few of JW are born into the religion, they never had the opportunity to make a choice. It is forced adherents and there are penalties for almost any free thinking or expressions of any idea other than presented by the GB or group. Leaving means great lose and shunning and lost of family is the bait to get you back although you don’t want it. (Also reason so much corruption, some are there by coercion only not love).
      So I cross between HOSTAGE or SLAVE. Hostage- when freed you get to think thoughts you never got to think, without fear of penalty. Slave- You have only followed and obeyed others thought and have been defrauded of life. I use defraud because it is a legal terms that has intent. I do believe Rutherford thought out what he was creating and had knowledge of how to enslave the mind to make the person obey and be afraid to leave although there are no bars. Mississippi was a prime example. Blacks were afraid to leave their masters and still feared although Lincoln had freed the slaves. (tongue in cheek, war was to keep states from breaking up and officially slavery was abolished but States remained autonomous to make Jim Crow Law slavery, I digress here.) In 1958 the Delta of Mississippi was a feared place for Blacks to travel thru. And citizens were stil in slavery by Ms. law.
      JW really believe they need the GB to take care of them and to lead them to God as the GB has told them. So yes, I believe you can be a willing. (ignorant or blindness) slave to organization. They should learn that people who hate something will talk louder than people that like something. This enslavement of free people will be part of their demise, me think.

      • Jeff


        Thats exactly what I was thinking of.

      • ari matthew davies

        ok now you did it ! I myself was born and beaten into the so called truth,I was both a slave and a hostage ! my home was a minefield ! both of my parents constantly looked for oportunityies to beat on me as a child,they used twisted up bible scriptures to justify child abuse.. yes its quite possible to be a slave to the organization in very bad ways, many children and adults are enslaved by that organization,its not isolated to just a few, every last one of my peers suffered some kind of abuse and degradation from that group that claims to be gods hand on earth..this is a sorry state of affairs because many people are spirtualy sickened by that group and come to perceive jehovah as a mean,bossy, father looking for any excuse to punish ! the happy god who loved the world so much he sent his own son is evan given a dark side with scriptures like it pleased god to bruise him !I tell you the truth it would be far better to serve as a slave carrying buckets of vegtables to the loading truck rather than serve as a spirtual slave to that organization !so many lives are ruined today as a result of that slavery that was supposed to be good for us ! and how many of that organization are really saved (working toward rightousness)? repentance involves restitution by fine things instead of evil things, from what I have seen I have to ask what good is this slavery doing ? for me or my fellowman ? and my answer was none. therefore I did what a christian is supposed to do I removed myself from who I perceived to be a hard master and put myself under jesus christs care ! since I have done this I have never ever lacked food,houseing,clothing, or transportation, all of these things have been provided by jehovahs own hand, and not once have I been punished or looked down on for not turning in my time,not doing my building duties ,or not contributing to the wooden boxes. my freinds I can onley tell you that the come unto me you who are weary and loaded down bible vs is a loud call out of organizational slavery ! its onley recently that I understood why the bible students stay away from forming a great organization like you know who..

        they came to realize that to form such a group draws attention away from jesus and jehovah and brings people back straight to the slavery that jesus died to free us from ! see I told you that you got me going ! well dont be a organization slave..be the faithfull and discreet slave that jesus has apointed to feed his sheep at feeding time,, and you let jehovah god give to you what tools he wishs to give.. do not look up to men to lead you to jesus !open you own mouth for your own self so that jehovah can feed you ! that freinds is what the bible says ! my freinds jesus has not called you to be the walking information ! he has called you to be the transformation ! you do that by renewing you mind,everyday you resubmit to god and start fresh and ready to obey what he has for your new day..

        now how can you do that if you have a library of congress telling you in advance what you should do ?

        you can not ! in order to serve jehovah first you have to admit to him that your ideas are sinfull, you have to get his ideas and direction or your nothing but a slave to satan who is deluded into beleiveing that your one of adonis testifyers !(name changed to protect my donkey)

        well enough for tonight, no slavery is not aceptable in any way shape or form to jehovah ! if you serve jehovah you are the highst paid workers known to man,you get room board and blessings untold for all time !

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