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May 23 – Wednesday Night – Call in to Our Bible Study – THE THREE WAYS – Narrow Way to Life, Highway of Holiness & Broad Road to Destruction

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Prepare for the lesson by reading and/or hearing the audio read of chapter 11 by clicking   here:

The study begins promptly at 7:00 pm Central time (8:00 pm Eastern & 5:00 pm West Coast). It is best to call in 5 or 10 minutes early to avoid technical delays.   If you have any questions, you can contact me at BibleStudents1@GMail.com.  Find more information about our studies by clicking here:

Our approach will be topical Bible Study where we examine all the scriptures on a particular topic and harmonize them all.   You can find our study book here:  It is Volume 1 of Studies on the Scriptures; or an abbreviated version of it here: God’s Grand Plan of the Ages.    You can prepare by answering the questions below:


Vol. 1, Chapter 11              THE THREE WAYS

The bible describes three different paths a person may travel in the course of his life.  In this study we will consider these three ways, the qualifications of a person on each way and the direction each path leads.


We will start with the section on page 54, “On the throne—or before the throne” in the abbreviated book, “God’s Grand Plan of the Ages”

Read:  Revelation 7:9-17; 1 Corinthians 3:12-15; Revelation 3:21.

17.    What is the reward of those disciples who fail to keep spiritual objectives first in their life, but who don’t reject the Lord?  (214)

Answer:  The Lord gives them severe experiences to awaken them to their real desires, and to give them an opportunity to correct their ways.  If they do awake to their lack of zeal and correct their ways, the Lord says He will not forsake them.  Though they don’t receive the great reward of the divine nature as Jesus did, they will serve God before Jesus’ throne rather than with Jesus as his bride in his throne.


Read:  John 16:33; 2 Corinthians 12:9; 2 Timothy 4:7,8; 1 Peter 5:4; Romans 8:31, 32.

18.  Why do we not need to be discouraged as we see how weak we  are even when trying our best?

Answer:  The Lord assures us that as long as we are trying, He will keep and encourage us.  All our experiences will be to develop our faith and reliance in Him so He can guide our lives and activities.


Read:  Isaiah 35:8-10.

19.  How does Isaiah describe the pathway for humanity in God’s kingdom?

Answer:   It is a highway, easy for man to travel, and a way which will discourage him from doing wrong.


Read:  1 Corinthians 15:20-26; 1 Timothy 2:3-6; Acts 3:19-26.

20.  For whom is the Highway of Holiness?

Answer:  It is for the whole world.


Read:  Jeremiah 31:31-34; Acts 3:19-26.

21. What is the result of getting to the end of the Highway of Holiness?

Answer:  The end result of getting to the end of the Highway of Holiness will be actual perfection.


Read:  Isaiah 11:4-9;  62:10-12; Malachi 3:15,18.

22.How will the human family succeed so easily to achieve perfection in the kingdom when it is so difficult for Jesus’ disciples on the narrow way?

Answer:  All hindrances to progress toward perfection will be removed in the kingdom.  In addition each step of progress will be encouraged and rewarded until each person reaches the requirements for actual acceptance by God.


Compare Luke 4:19 and Isaiah 61:2.  Read:  Philippians 3:8-15.

23.Why did Jesus not offer the Highway of Holiness to his disciples or anyone else at his ministry?  (218)

Answer:  Because only theBroad Roadto destruction was open before his first advent.  At his first advent, the narrow way opened for his disciples.  The Highway of Holiness opens when the narrow way closes after the disciples all have received their reward of the divine nature.


24.What have we learned about the opportunities open to man as different ways to live life?

Answer:  There are three ways—the board road is traveled by all of Adam and his family.  There are two ways of release from theBroad Road.  The first way is provided for all people—the Highway of Holiness and will restore the family to complete human perfection. The other way is open to Jesus’ disciples prior to the Highway of Holiness. This way—the narrow way, is a way of sacrifice of earthly pleasures in order to serve God to a resurrection to a spirit nature in heaven, the divine nature.

The entire world is thus scheduled to receive God’s blessing of life and salvation from sin and destruction because of God’s love.



Read Matthew 7:13, 14; Isaiah 35:8-10.

1. What are the three ways the bible tells us about?

Answer:  The three ways the bible tells us about are 1) theBroad Roadthat leads to destruction, death; 2) theNarrow Waythat leads to life; and 3) the Highway of Holiness that cleanses and corrects the sins of the traveler.  As a result of traveling on the Highway of Holiness the traveler will be delivered from his sinful condition.


The Broad Road to Destruction

Read:  Genesis 2:16, 17; Psalms 73:1-28; Proverbs 16:18; 18:7; Job 5:21, 22; Romans 6:23; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22.

2. What has been man’s destiny as a result of Adam’s sin?  (205)

Answer:  The sentence of death resulting from Adam’s sin has directed a course of destruction for the human family.


3. By whom has the human family any hope of salvation from the downward course?

Answer:  God’s provision of the Messiah and Jesus’ sacrifice is the only hope of a reversal of the destruction for humanity.


Read:  2 Timothy 1:10; Hebrews 10:20; Ephesians 1:18-23; Romans 8: 13-18.

4. Who can have a release now from this direction of destruction?

Answer:  Jesus’ disciples are the only ones now who can struggle against the destruction successfully.


Read:  Hebrews 10:20; 1 Peter 2:9, 10; Matthew 7:14; 2 Timothy 1:7-12; 4:6-

5. How may Jesus’ disciples gain release from the path toward destruction?

Answer:  They may renounce the sin of theBroad Road, and fully consecrate to the Lord.  Then they may enter theNarrow Waywhich leads to life.

Read:  Genesis 2:9, 16, 17; 3:22; Psalms 39:11; Job 14:10; Malachi 4:2; Ecclesiastes 9:10.

8.  What analogy is there between God giving life to His creation, and the sun shining light on different objects?

Answer:  In each case the reflection of the sun is determined by the nature of the object itself.  When the sun does not shine on the object then that object is lightless.  So it is with God’s gift of life.  Each of His creatures enjoys it only as long as God gives it.  Because each created nature is mortal, thus is dependent on God for its sustenance.  When God removes the life support, then the creature dies.


9.  From the scriptures about the divine nature promised as a reward to Jesus’ disciples for their faithfulness, what will these disciples have in receiving the divine nature?  (210)

Answer:  They will receive life within themselves.  Therefore, they will not be dependent upon any outside/external source for sustenance.

“The Narrow Way to Life.”

6. What kind of life is a faithful disciple of Jesus promised?

Answer:  Immortal life is promised.


Read:  James 1:17, 18.

7.  How does immortal life relate to the human family by their nature?

Answer:  The human family has mortal life.  Therefore it is dependent on outside support for life to continue.  The hope of immortality for anyone who is human now is not a natural gift from God.  It is a unique gift promised only to Jesus’ disciples for faithfulness in their commitment to God.

Consider that God is the great source of life and gives life to every living creature.  It is a unique gift promised only to Jesus’ disciples for faithfulness in their commitment to God.


Read:  1 Timothy 6:14-16; Hebrews 1:3; John 5:26.

10.   To whom has God given immortality?

Answer:  To Jesus, and thus Jesus has life within himself.  He is no longer subject to death.


Read:  1 John 3:2; Colossians 1:27; 2 Corinthians 4:17; John 17:22; 1 Peter 5:10; 2 Thessalonians 2:14.

11.  To where does theNarrow Waylead?

Answer:  TheNarrow Wayleads to life, the highest form of life, the divine nature.


12.    How many are interested in walking theNarrow Wayinstead of on theBroad Roadto destruction?

Answer:  Matthew 7:14 says that only a few find the Narrow Way.


Read:  Hebrews 11:39, 40; Matthew 11:11; Revelation 21:1-4.

13.  Is the Highway of Holiness open yet?

Answer:  No, it won’t be open until the disciples of Jesus complete their  walk on the Narrow Way and receive their reward.  Then the Highway of Holiness will be opened for the world.


Read:  Romans 8:17, 18; 2 Timothy 2:11, 12; Matthew 16:24-26;  1 Corinthians 15:37-49.

14.    If the end of theNarrow Wayis the divine nature, what is the roadway of that way like?  (212)

Answer:  It is narrow because it demands willing suffering to serve God rather than one’s own ambitions.  It might also be referred to as a way of death for two reasons.  1)  One is the suffering just mentioned.  2)  The other is the actual death of the human being.  Except we complete our walk in death faithfully, we cannot have a resurrection to the diving nature.


Read:  Romans 8:13, 14; Ephesians 1:18-23; Philippians 3:8-11; 4:19; Ephesians 3:16-19; Proverbs 8:23; 1 John 2:1,2; Hebrews 10:10-23; 2 Peter 1:4-8.

15.    How can a human being possibly be faithful to such a demanding requirement?

Answer:  Three people are involved, God, Jesus and we.  We give our hearts, our constant best efforts to serve God.  Jesus presents our efforts to God, based on the virtue of Jesus’ own sacrifice.  God accepts our efforts and fashions our experiences to develop our faith and obedience and to test them for faithfulness.


Read:  James 4:4; 1 John 2:15; John 5:44; Romans 8:13,14; Galatians 6:7-9

16.   What should we be careful to let influence us?

Answer:  We must reject influences which would draw us to become involved with worldly efforts.  Instead we must encourage all spiritual influences which would stimulate our minds to dwell on God’s blessings and hopes.

12 comments to May 23 – Wednesday Night – Call in to Our Bible Study – THE THREE WAYS – Narrow Way to Life, Highway of Holiness & Broad Road to Destruction

  • jacqueline

    Tonight on our Wednesday night study we had an announcement by Richard Rawe.
    Br. Jeff Mezera a Bible Student will be interviewed by him on Saturday May 12th,2012.
    There are two men other than Br. Russell that taught the two salvations. He will tell us who they were and give us a history of how Br. Russell came to know of this. Please tune in to listen.

    (712)432-8710 Code is 9925#. 6pm CST; 7pm EST. You will be muted when you come on. To unmute yourself you will press*1 when the moderator gives the all clear to ask questions.
    This is the sixscreens network.

  • ari matthew davies

    thanks for the email I was concerned about over writeing jehovahisgod is my name on another site google dosent like that word so none of that stuff shows up.its so very odd that evan though I dont go to the hall I still feel like Im constantly filtering everything through what I was taugt their,I do wish their was a good bible beleiveing god and jesus church full of recovering people in my town But I have to travel60 miles to get to one,Its so true what you said about bind us togeather with cords that can not be broken…
    this is the onley physical scripture that supports what I say about the spirit simply because if I did not have god and jesus helping me Their is no way that I would have gone without drugs and bad life styles for 22 years, you know I have actully had people say its a demon that performed the miricles in my life,I can not and do not give that a second thought because I give jesus and god all the credit and have never done a work that brought me money,the praise of men, or fancy things,and if demons were involved certainly over the many years the wicked ways of satan would manifest,, I am a person that beleives firmly that you can not say jehovah please help me do this or that rightous act in jesus name and have a demon come forth who does the helping..when someone asks for jehovah or jesus or the holy spirt thats who you get or rather who gets you ! jehovah god has been a most miraculous provider to me Ive not been made rich but have exactly enough no more no less I see jehovahs hand their dispenseing his wisdom, I have prayed for richs so that I can give to others and I dont see none,,I can onley guess that jehovah knows that unless he keeps me strugling a bit that I may grow more fond of the richs than who provided them ! I do know this I am here on earth because jehovah wants something from me, somebody somewere needs to hear my story,,because other than that I have no life to speak of I work and pay bills and peck out blogs on my cellphone,well I wont use all your space up exept to say this last thing for many years I have never liked my name ari matthew davies I got teased over ari and matthew isnt one of those spectacular names.. one fine day a jewish women happened to see my whole name and showed honor to me I asked whats special about my name ? she explained. ari means the lion (of the air) matthew means the gift of jehovah davies haveing gods blessing upon david, and showed me arimatthewdavies was also arimatheia the city Now I feel better with my funny name…

    • jacqueline

      And yet your name is how all websites know and remember you. It is a unique name and the Jewish woman gave us all a lesson in names. LOL
      Arimatthews, I will never be the one to say what God has or have not done in a person’s life. Paul kept saying I am an apostle too. He tells the story of a bright light and being told to go to a street called straight. They thought he was probably crazy. Jonah said he was in the belly of a fish 3 days. I have have heard and believe every word these men have said. You keep on hanging on to Jehovah. To have overcome and kept free for 22 years in by the grace of Jehovah and the Lord Jesus. Many have never had to overcome an addiction so ingrained so until I have walked a mile in your shoes I just say congratulations on being free.
      Now if we had your city we could see if there is a Bible Student group near you so you can have some association. I think I know your city but if you give it to admin. on Contact Tab and your email we could see if one of the brothers can call on you . Would that be okay. Either way you are welcome to come on tomorrow, Wednesday at I believe 8pm your time by pnone or if you have an app for skype on your phone. Do you read any of the material on this site? I saw your thoughts about the blood issue. I have never thought early Christians or the Jewish perasons would interprete no blood to be associated with humans at all for none believed in eating humans but animal blood and disrespect for a human life and the life of an animal. Jesus blood saves, the doorpost splashing saved in Egypt. The JW drink the wine in symbol of the blood of Christ.I don’t think he was talking about blood transfusions or medical matters at all. Br. Rutherford always had to have something new at every convention or he thought the brothers would lose interest. Blood has always been shed to save a life. And no one dies to give blood, it is their choice.Also why do JW allow blood to be drawn for test. ITSHOULD BE POURED OUT ON THE GROUND! If we are to be truly dogmatic. Most medical decisions for me is between me and my doctor as God allows them to find cures. Not to say free for all but it is not a matter for legislation unless the JW hierarchy is dying and not someones’s child or themselves. Just my view on reading the scriptures on blood prohibition. Take Care arimatthewdavies. It is getting late here.

  • ari matthew davies

    thanks for writeing back. I hope Im not writeing to much or bothering some one and if I am please tell me. its quite true that I have written on about 4 diferant sites, somehow my writeings came to be posted on google.I didnt do that it sure wasent me that got 48 pages of my little paragraphs out their. I told ya Im a goon and a half when it comes to telling the things that happened after the kingdom hall. some of my stories are a little scary like vampires and werewolves are they real..but growing up with 2 abusive stepfathers both baptised and an abusive mother and a n abusive babysiter and seeing what I saw was like liveing in hell and being constantly beaten and told this was jehovah way of bringing up a child. beleive me I can not help ascociate the kingdom hall with bad memorys. And I have a heck of a lot of what the hall calls acurate knowledge I studied and owned every book I did plenty of chores( called sacred services) but for all the physical and mental pain I did not know god or jesus, I was instructed to beleive that the elders got their orders from the society and they were the onley ones close enough to god to get any real answers other than bible quotes etc..so when I fell to drugs The hall did little beside tell me how much god hates druggery which was worse than no help..I wasted about 20 years and everything I ever owned over cocain belive me I wanted to stop but coke anesthetises your frontal lobe (will center) you know its wrong to drug,or cheat lie steal, to get money for drugs but you can not stop ! after 20 years of coacain I did not have much of a brain left I was permanantly brain damaged my liver, kidneys lungs and pancreas were pretty much damaged to the point that even if I quit that I could expect to die from the damages. So I was 114 pounds of walking death ! and I did not care anymore I was 34 with a totaly ruined life I had wasted the hundred thousand my grand parents left sold the houses and cars and everything in them.when the money was gone all my freinds that I had given thousands to in dope vanashed! finaly one day I got arrested and I still remember that the cop dope dealer said hey try my rocket its the best it will really benefeit you. and I did not evan think it strange at the time. well I spent 40 days in jail before a pastor helped me get into the best christian program their was..well 23 years have past since I was healed body and mind I should be quite dead but jehovah sent his spirit to me in the regeneration camp to restore damaged organs as well as my brain,thats not all for the last 23 years I can pray and get real answers about as fast as a few min to a week and sometime I get what I ask for just to teach me to watch my tounge !now thats my whole story condensed,through the years Ive had hundreds of people try to explain with the bible that miricles dont happen and to them I say miricles dont happen to you because you do not serve a god of miricles,they get mad,what can I say im not going to make it up its too much trouble to do all this writeing for fun ! I wish I could tell my full story with details but Not here. I will close by saying that jehovah jesus and holy spirit are the best familey to become a part off,now what familey dosent talk to each other ? throw away any rules about what kind of miricles god does and acept yourself as proof to the world that god still does them !

    • Jacqueline

      ari thanks for giving us insight into your life. I have long suspected you came from an abusive childhood. 2 witness abusive fathers and abusive mother, wow. I understand your clinging and love for God.
      Rom 8:22 says ” for we know that all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now.” Some of us in more pain than others. Often an abused child will do exactly what you did turn to drugs, to kill the pain. You have raged a courageous battle, I commend you ari. You never stop writing telling persons of your love for God and his spirit you cling to. Ec.4:12 says “And if somebody could overpower one alone, two together could make a stand against him. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.” Ari, you, the organization that helprd you overcome your addiction and the Spirit Of God proved to be your cords. I am glad you made it. I don’t judge you for your life choices. So many that have endured your hardships have taken a different path. Like I have said I have often read your writings on other websites and wondered what compelled you, now I see. There is a recording here that I think you might find interesting. It concerns the role Jesus plays in out life as a ranson. If you can listen to it please tell us what you think about it. Until then ari matthew. Sincerely and May God Bless the Spirit you Show and thanks for your testimony.

      PS. No ari matthews you are not bothering anyone have your say. Sometimes you have to talk it out. We judge no one, this is a platform to talk. Remember the phrase “You should walk a mile in another’s shoe first and do not reply before we listen.” And that is what we have done for I believe you are on a journey and that the Spirit of Jehovah sent you here.

  • ari matthew davies

    yes I was baptised and I allways belived what they taught I was a good non trouble makeing j.w never reproved or disfellowshiped ,years latter I became a drug addict, at the christian based program I was in their church the pastor said their are some of you here that are here because you were taught religious beleifs that ruin your relations with god one example is some beleive that the gifts of gods spirit passed away with the apostles,and THE ONLEY WAY you will find out if this is true or false is to say an honest prayer to god tell him you were taught this and that you dont want to dishoner him if I am beleiveing wrongly ask him in jesus name right now. everybody prayed silently by their chairs. and for no special reason the elders of the church came up to me and prayed that god would show me his truth in jesus name..well I know that satan does not have the authority to impersonate god in prayer, I went home after church with nothing special happening.. next week I went to church and people kept geting up from setting by me before the service And I honestly thought perhaps my clothes or me stunk or I smelled funny ! well the service started, we went to doing praise songs and suddenly I became aware of gods presance very close to me.I poked the man in front of me and said sir I thing gods spirt is sitting right by me, do you sense anything ? well this being a drug recovery church the man must have thought me on drugs ! I started feeling some great and most awesome presence was standing right their looking me over ! I just knew without doubts that it was gods spirit.after the singing was over the pastor said I think we shall have prayor for anyone needing something from god and a long line formed their was 300 or more, about then I simply could not sit quietly a second more ! I got up and went ahead of everybody excuseing my way straight up to the pastor I said pastor,I dont know whats up, but I was ordered to come up,the pastor looked and said wow whats that all over you? I thought oh no I really do stink and the pastor smells me ! but he actully laughed and said son do you know what that is ? and I said its gods spirt isnt it ? he said son I wish you could see your self its all over you !and oh what a wild ride of a life you are in for ! I said what am I supposed to do ? he said just go and let him tell you ! I turned to go set down but For some reason I felt like I had to pray for the big hugh fat lady at the head of the line I touched her shoulder to get her attention and All heck broke lose she fell backwards and the whole line fell like dominoes ! I said oh shi- out loud and now my very large counselor is heading my way looking mad ! I kind of stamered Sorry and he said for what ? he haddent evan heard me cuss in church thank god ! I asked why are you up here ? he gave me a glare and said I want god to enlarge my heart meaning kindness he was kinda scary mean type. he asked how about you what do you need I said I need power to say no forever to drug lets pray I took both his hands and holy cow ! I cant explain what happened other than it sounded like a very fast tape recorder in my ears I got some of his meanness and suddenly was healed no more desire in the least for coke he got some of my soft heart and was a nice compassionate man thereafter he was latter chosen as the head of the trainers.. that day I PRAYED for many people that received instant answers of healing !the elders placed olive oil on my head and I was physically anointed to gods service! after church I was called to the camera room and shown close up video of me geting anointed all over the film is a clear video of sparky looking blobs all over me I still have the little church magazine with a sparky looking picture ! to this day 22 years have passed and if you tried to pay me a billion $ to say that the gifts of the holy spirit are dead I would not take it ! I am by no means a holy pious man with many sins and shortcomeings I feel so unworthy at times to have the litteral indwelling of gods spirit,I have no idea why he would use me their must be millions far more holy than I am ! to this day I get little jobs here and their and none of the outcomes are less than gods divine power given to some other person..I can onley speculate that gods spirit makes use of me because Im so absoulutly crazy, sure, nuts, that god actully does miricles here now today, I never raised a deadman physically but boy howdy have I ever woke up some spirtully dead folks ! I evan got threatened by the j.w.elders to be disfellowshiped for such claims ! well jehovshs spirit came on me with such power I told them dont ever dare to speak the lies about gods spirit ! you are warned ! remember ananinias and saphira. the actully shut their mouths and left in obvious terror ! I cant convince the j.ws Im not an apostate so I just quit going. I am not ashamed or afraid to state openly and authoritativly.that gods spirt is not departed,or onley does the written word thingy ,he and I say he because although not a embodyied being he has feeling and any personality that god wants to convey to me. he is not some electric force like they compare him to, he speaks directly to the heart and their is just no argueing I know its gods spirit ! and what is the messege he wants folks to know ? this jehovah god wants to relate with you just like a real father but he wont comunicate with you until you stop praying like you expect no real answer ! if you come to jehovah in jesus name like jesus said you can, and expect a real answer like your talking to him on a video phone than he will talk back to you ! but it must start with you now and today to believe he is willing and wants you to be a home for his holy spirit. thats all I can say,, if you dont beleive ask him for real thats the onley way to know..

    • Anonymous

      From Jacqueline to Ari matthews davies Hello. I am about to finish reading your story but I wanted to let you know we see it. I have seen you for so many years on different sites so I wanted to hear your story.
      I know Br. Peter and some of the other brothers are reading and assimilating it, so I will defer to them to comment. I just knew we needed to hear it as you constantly come on, you see I believe the power of Jehovah the Holy Spirit directs and angels the preaching and declaring of the Good news. I know you will get some comments, questions or suggestions from others, I will just read and listen as I am sure thousands of others on this site will also as the BS chime in. Thank you so much for your story others of us will be helped and educated as the dialogue begins. Have a Blessed Day

  • ari matthew davies

    hmm I can onley say the truth the holy spirit miraculously
    healed me from drug adiction,healed me from a blood disorder called lipoimeia in wich fats build up in your blood you either take medicine forever or die of cloged arterys,I have had the gift of temorary foreghn language,gift to heal a brain damaged man, to miraculously acelerate a broken leg to overnight, the gift of delivering a man from demons( scary) as well as many gifts to evangelise to people in adictions, all these realy cool things like this happened to me and I have been used by the holy spirit for others benefeit.what is convinceing to me is that The holy spirit never has me make a show out of it, it usely something like hi my name is matt and the holy spirit wanted me to deliver a word At wich time I shake the mans hand in introduceing himself I hear your haveing a challange with that gout that wont go away so if you want it gone jesus wants you to ask outloud now. were upon the person who being quite surprise asks in total disbelief that person is uselly goony as j bird by the next day telling all creation how his disease was healed by the holy spirit,I dont go around administering healings or gifts except once in a while when out of the blue the holy spirit sends me without ceremony and once I actully got thrown in jail on a child support thing that had already been suspended ! while in jail a poor man with his brain fried by dope kept their for his own protection sat in a corner mumbleing a prayer while trying to read his upside down bible ! He said oh lord Im so sorry for the bad things Ive done if onley I could read your bible I would and never be bad again. this is what he was praying and the voice of the holy spirit said go right now and help him !so I walked over and asked sir do you mean what your saying ? the man with tears said I am so messed up I cant take care of my self and if god would forgive me and give me help I wont be bad no more ! I turned his bible right side up and opened it to ephesians 2/ -8-9 and pointed to the words as I read them to him. I told him jesus wanted him sane and healthy and jesus was willing to forgive right now ! the man asked right their and then and wow total reverse freak out ! the mans sanity cordination and reading ability instantly came upon him he started screaming jesus just healed me guards jesus healed me well the guards took him out straight to the pshycho ward he was back in 30 min and so was the guard We were called before the judge imediatly the judge said davies I ordered you to be in the treatment center why are you here ? what did you do ? your honor the substitute judge issued a warrant for my support, the judge said well I suspended it and you suposed to be in west palm beach and they say this man got healed what happened ? your honor this guy prayed and god fixed him ! the judge said yesterday this guy was a basket case so I know something happened does the center have any room for him, perhaps you can call ? I said i can get the boss on the phone now the judge allowed me to call right then both of us were released to the christian regeneration program tyrone is now a teacher and addiction expert 22 years latter, since the holy spirt did his thing oh what a ride it has been I aint never raised up no dead people but Yup miricles happen today and thats all folks!

    • Jacqueline

      Thanks for your testimony ari matthew Davies. Were you ever a JW? We would love to hear your testimony about your experiences. How did you find this Bible Student site? Are you able to come on on wednesday night studies, we’d love to talk to you. Sincerely Jacqueline

  • ari matthew davies

    I am sorry if this ends up in the wrong thread, but I feel that god spirt wants me to take about him tonight,and it is gifts of the holy spirt are they dead? the jehovahs wittnesses will quote to you that the gifts of the holy spirit died off with the apostles, and to that I must counter with jesus words you are in error because you dont disern the power of the resurection I am the god of abaham isac, jacob is what jehovah said.. the scripture about the gifts passing away with the apostles was a wake up guys the gifts of the holy spirt never will pass away ! the apostles were told they would not die but were to be changed in the bink of an eye therefore the gifts of the holy spirt never passed away because neither did the apostles ! acept it or regect it. but its true ! and I arimatthewdavies testify to the fact that the gifts of the holy spirit are alive and well. how do I know it to be fact ? Im writeing to you because I am alive today because of the holy spirits gifts, therefore I know that they did not die but are as alive as the apostles and jesus.

    • Jacqueline

      ari matthew davies, How are you? I read with interest your sincere expressions of your love and joy in the Lord Jesus having made it possible to get to Our Father Jehovah. I agree that the Holy Spirit is still at work in us and with us sent from the father. Take Care and may God Bless you in your sincere efforts to declare what he has done for you. Jacqueline

    • Ken

      Hello amd,regarding the gifts of the spirit, please read pages 179-180 of volume 5(The Atonement Between God and Man)of SITS, it’ll explain why certain gifts of the spirit have ceased.

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