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More help with anxiety, depression, addictions, spiritual concerns, grief, loss, and other life struggles.

A cup of cold water is a series of articles written by Sister Suzanne to support Bible Students and our friends. It is also a work in progress. New articles and revisions will be added monthly. If you would like a specific topic addressed, please contact me.

Sr. Suzanne is a licensed psychological counselor.  She  has earned a specialized certification in addictions counseling and has been trained to treat PTSD.  Currently working as a full time counselor, Sr. Suzanne works with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, spiritual concerns, grief, loss, and other life struggles. She also provides family/marriage counseling and career guidance.  Click Here for this remarkable website.

10 comments to More help with anxiety, depression, addictions, spiritual concerns, grief, loss, and other life struggles.

  • Anonymous

    Not familiad with that link but would be interested if any one finds info that cup of cold water for david created is the gb mail basis for no blood Istead of focjsing on Jesus shed blood. Have a great day

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Anonymous, I actually heard a talk on that once. They risked their life to get him this water and gave him undo importance. To drink that water meant he agreed he was that important but he wasn’t. He needed to depend on God who was keeping him alive, even birds brought him food. It has nothing to do with blood transfusion to save a life. He wasn’t going to die. He had water to drink just not ARTISAN water so to speak. Nobody dies to give blood transfusion, they only use live donors.
      Someone generally dies to give an organ transplant which some higher ups at bethel are alleged to have had. It has blood on it especially a liver. So manmade laws just aren’t consistent. They once said it was cannibalism to get a transplant until one of them needed one. Only women and children basically are sacrificed to this god that they honor by telling them not to take blood.
      Jeremiah 25: says Jehovah does not have it in his heart to want child and young women sacrificed for him. Baal and the demons however would glory in these women dying as a way of showing God that if they can’t have children with the women anymore and he killed their offspring, they will make people carrying his name kill or say he requires sacrifice of children.
      That is how I reason on this. David’s incidence has nothing to do with blood transfusion but rather undo honor.
      If a person decides against taking blood or chemotherapy it is their personal decision between them and their doctor and family.
      The governing body projects undue influence on them and chant for death over life. Some that have been in the room while the liason committee is there are horrified as they stand guard until they die then will say they are dead now and that is all we can do. They left 2 brothers crying with their father curled in a ball in death as soon as he breathed his last breath. Because one elder was in the hospital and heard about this and came running, the two brothers decided to let him give the funeral talk. The other elders put the word out that they would not be attending the funeral at the bigger kingdom hall and the congregation boycotted the funeral.
      MOST!!! Witness ELDERS ARE PURE EVIL! Out of 100 I don’t think I am wrong in saying 80 of them are evil and the other 16 are cowards and afraid to stand up for right, and maybe 4 are trying to hold the congregation together.
      That is my personal experience with elders in many states and from the UTUBE and witness of others as they tell their story.

  • Ted R.

    It looks like the link to A Cup of Cold Water has changed. Does Sr Suzanne still operate that site???? It says it is under construction and there is a link to a newly set up Facebook page.

  • ari matthew davies

    I found this section about life controlling things and,I want to breifly talk about drug adictions, I can because I smoked my weight in crack cocaine in my addictive days and I learned after many years that no amount of chemicals made by a plant or laboratory will permanantly stop the mental pains that makes people resort to them in the first place! we have heard jesus is the answer to all qustions and while this is true,just try offering a day in church to a crack addict in place of a $20 rock its truely a terrible thing to fall into chemical addiction!but take heart in these words! you would not need drugs to cope with mental pain if you were an evil person with a godless mind! the fact that you are in mental pain tells you that you are strongly convicted of something by gods holy spirit and gods holy spirit does not convict those with evil reprobate minds!! therefore realize the truth addicts and alcoholics that you are being told repeatedly by almighty god to get medical help because he needs your services!you are an addict because something is bothering you and you fell into a unhealthy way to cope with that pain! so get yourself to a christian recovery center quick, god wants you healthy for his service and the good of other people! it is a known fact that people that get christian recovery go on to become mighty men and women of god! no one that recovers from drugs goes off to lead a mundane average boreing life! no !one their are great things ahead for recovered addicts! when you meet the master healer jesus, you will become a person that you yourself could not evan imagine! you will become a deliveryman of miricles and spend the rest of eternity with the joy of being a true angel! yes addicts you are gods pick to serve and become empowered with holy spirit! so take the first step right now pray to god to show you a good regeneration program and get into it!please dont let that disease of addiction progress to the point that you are so sick and dangerous to yourself and others that god has to send the police to arrest you and lock you in a metal cage! their are onley two sure ends to addiction and they are death,and that metal cage! people dont belong in cages,so dont make god lock you in one to save your life! get in a program, They are not bad places!you will get plenty to eat,clothes,shelter,a job,and plenty of healing! you will be surprised beyond words when in just a few months you get involved in a real meaningfull life, you wont be sorry! you have nothing at all to lose! drugs and alcohol will still be their waiting for you if you find that jesus is not the answer! but here is evan more great news very very few people that get into christian recovery program could be paid to go back to drugs and alcohol,and what is more their are many programs that offer free programs just you try to get 6 months of free drugs from your local dope man!ok happy recovery enjoy your new life,the one that dose not end!

  • damien auksorius

    a sevent day adventistn called on my door last week and was talking about the type of bodies we will have in paradise he feels it will be very similar to jesus body when he was ressurected he was still able to eat but could just appear as a ghost is this true or will we have bodies like adams

    • Jacqueline

      damien ausksorius, welcome. Br. Peter Jeff or other BS will see your question when they awaken tomorrow and some that are up now will perhaps say what they think. Good questiuon, should be a lively discussion indeed. Take Care. I need to get my scriptures togetrher to chime in.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Damien – As you recall, Angels are spirit beings (Hebrews 1:7, 14). Even so, these angels were able to materialize and appear as men and eat a meal with Abraham (Gen 18). Angels appeared as men to help Lot escape from Sodom (Gen 19). Now Jesus himself is spirit, not flesh, even if he has the ability to materialize like the angels and appear in the flesh. The Bible confirms that Jesus is spirit. 1 Pet 3:18 “being put to death in deed in flesh, But made alive in spirit” -Rotherham. 2 Cor 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit;” (NKJ) (2 Cor 1:3 – “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” KJV)

      The faithful holy spirit anointed members of the body of Christ will ultimately get spirit bodies like Jesus, actually the highest order of spirit body, the divine nature.

      I Jn 3:2 “Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” (NKJ) [This promise is made to the Christians, not the world.]
      1 Pet 1:4 “to obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you,”
      2 Pet 1:4 “ye might be partakers of the divine nature,”

      We have a more in depth study on this topic which you can review by clicking here:

      The unbelieving world of mankind will be resurrected on Paradise earth, having the opportunity to repent, become righteous and have perfect human bodies like Adam. Let me know if you want more information on this. Hope this helps.

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