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Ex-JWs Challenge Bible Students: Prove Jesus Returned in 1874!

This was in interview that took place on site at last years Bible Student General Convention in Johnstown Pennsylvania.  A round table of Bible Students sat around a table together.  These were Rick Suraci, Peter Karavas, Jeff Mezera and Jim Parkinson.  Also at our side was Jaqueline.  Rick Suraci is a famous talk radio personality from the popular radio program Christian Questions which now can be heard in several radio stations around the USA.

The Bible Student team started out by presenting their case and a team of Ex-JWs challengee us with questions and rebuttals.  Find out what happened!

Click below to listen to the Six Screens of the WatchTower dialogue with Richard Rawe from June 25, 2011 on the topic of Jesus’ Parousia.

— Participants —

Richard Rawe, Rick Suraci, Peter Karavas, Jeff Mezera, Jim Parkinson

To listen to the Audio click here:  Jesus Return 1874 Conference Call

9 comments to Ex-JWs Challenge Bible Students: Prove Jesus Returned in 1874!

  • When Charles Taze Russel lived today , where he should go ? He did in his time a great work but many issues he not have the fully knowledge. So even Rutherford did a great work but again have not the fully understanding. Bible Students and never Bible Professors , so we are never finishing. Jehovah Witnesses make even mistakes but that not means that they need to celebrate “Christmas” , “cross” , USA celebration(There is no God bless US)and other pagan issues.Russel did that in his time but he could not oversee everything and in his time it was to much to change it in once we know. The taught that Russel was not a Jehovah Witness is only because it was not his invention the name JW . All people who have understanding about the True God can make JW……that is not depend of the 1931 issue for me.

  • ari matthew davies

    glad you enjoyed the story Im sure jesus did not actully materilize in my room but I do think its possible he sent a working angel to portray him and learn me the scrips way back then,,jesus and god just dont go around makeing personal visits… or do they?

  • ari matthew davies

    a little more on jesus return,a lot of people stand around looking for jesus to come out of the sky, someday… well how many of you read the book the shack? well back in 1994 I had a rather supernauteral encounter with a young construction worker dressed in contemporary carpenters gear, I will keep it short but I was in recovery class at the time and one of the disaplines was to memorize certain scriptures. if you failed a scripture test, you had to write each one you missed 25 times well romans 1/18/24 is pretty long and so was the other 24 of them I just could not remember I will say it like this at 3 am a man woke me up he was dressed like he had been working and had a toolbelt on he said I hear your haveing trouble with your scriptures and Im hear to help, come with me, well here I am in my night clothes following this dude to the classroom across the camp at 3 am I did not think much about it because I was sure I was just dreaming anyway we both walked like ghosts through the chained doors, he pulls out a laser pointer thinghy and says repeat after me and begins to write on the board with the device wich wrote auidibly ! I repeated all of the scrips as the man said, but by now I was in the realization that I was not dreaming this ! about that time it dawned on me hey wait a miniute your jesus ! he just smiled and made the hush sighn with a finger over his lips. we than walked back to my barracks and he left me back at my room.. I noticed that the darned clock read 3 am still and shook my head, wow what a halucintion ! well I tried going back to sleep I think I lasted 5 minutes before I switched on the main lights and woke everybody up and told them what just happened,,well because it was a drug camp everbody thought I was just haveing some kind of flashback trip and they just urged me to sleep it off… ok, ok, finally its 7 am longest 4 hours I ever felt ,we eat breakfast a few snickers and whispers,about me, then we go to class, doors get unchained,teacher walks in says scripture test ! well everyone gets a perfect %100 the teacher looks up as everyone is whispering and snickering, he says ok how did everbody get %100 ? about that time he notices that the blackboard has been laser etched with all 25 scriptures .now thats my jesus story,the blackboard is still at the camp, they dont mess with it to much,because of my crazy story at 3″oclock in the morning,so you all must excuse me if I dont buy in to those dates that jesus was supposed to return on ! you see I kinda have my own march 5th 1994 3 am in the morning !l.o.l. well storys true I dont have any earthly explaination, neither does the police that caught the ladybug murderer
    from the book the shack !

  • eis algo que se deve investigar e muito pois, em meados de 1918, dizem, a STV estava as voltas em comemorar festas pagãs tais como pirâmidalogia, datas natalinas e nataícias, e será que Jesus e Jeová deram esse aval a esse servo [ a STV ] nessa inspeção?? será??

  • humbleman

    Hi bro peter. i think Thursday would be the best time for me to call during the day. would that work for you ?

  • humbleman

    I really enjoyed this peter i just had chance to listen to all of it very very good. I’m hoping to get chance to speak with you through the week 🙂

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