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Facebook – Meet Bible Students, Former JWs and maybe even Freedom Seeking JWs

Meet and get to know other Former Bible Students, JWs and others who are seeking an outlet for freedom of expression

Facebook – Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Facebook – Christian Questions Radio

Facebook – Chicago Bible Students

Facebook – Charles Taze Russell for Truth – administered by Ronald Day

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JW was Disfellowshipped for Going Back to Early Watchtower Roots

In 1984, Harrison Reed wrote a letter to the Dawn Bible Students explaining how he was disfellowshipped for going back to our Early Watchtower roots. Read this amazing letter and follow Brother Reed on his journey beginning as a faithful follower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Brother Harrison’s conscience is awakened as he considers how the Read more…

Watch the Faith’s Foundations Video Series – by Bible Student Productions

Click here to watch the videos:

Watch these amazing videos that present the Truths of the Bible in a very simple and easy to understand way:

* What is Truth?

* The Soul that Sinneth (an examination of the Immortality of the Soul doctrine)

* The Power of Hell (does the Bible teach a Read more…

Listen to “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Ideas on dealing with grief and comforting the berieved.


Bible Student elder Brad Bach leads a round table discussion on this topic. Joining him is Bible Student Elders Tom Ruggirello and Peter Karavas (the Beyond the Watchtower website administrator). After the main discussion, audience questions and comments are answered. Here are some of the questions we will discuss:

How are those who Read more…


Enticing stories of powerful god-men performing superhuman feats are not new. This has been the stuff of myths and legends from ancient civilizations and has been at the very root of idol worship, false gods and false religion. Understandably, today, entertainment seekers are equally fascinated with the subject of god-like super- heroes. Movies, television programs Read more…

Bible Study tools available for Mobile Devises – Includes writings of Charles Russell

The Harvest Truth DataBase (HTDB) for Mobile Devices is for those who may wish to selectively download individual files the following website is available:

http://www.HTDB.mobi Volumes, Tabernacle, Manna, Original Towers (Reprints), Expanded Biblical Comments, and KJV Bible. A number of titles are hyperlinked to the KJV Bible. Files are offered in Kindle (MOBI) format, Nook Read more…