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Listen to “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Ideas on dealing with grief and comforting the berieved.


On Saturday evening, August 11, Bible Student elder Brad Bach will lead a round table discussion on this topic. Joining him will be Bible Student Elders Tom Ruggirello and Peter Karavas (the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses website administrator). You can call into this conference call Saturday evening. After the main discussion, you will be invited to participate with questions and comments.Here are some of the questions we will discuss:

  • How are those who mourn comforted?
  • Can we be comforted now and provide real comfort for others now or must that wait until the Paradise Earthly Kingdom?
  • Jesus was surrounded by sickness and death, how do you think this affected him?
  • When death strikes many ask, “Where were you God? Why did you let this happen?” How do you answer?
  • What commonalities are there between, experiencing “disfellowship”, and losing a loved one in death?
  • Do disfellowshipped Jehovah’s Witnesses feel like they have died to their family and their family to them?
  • What kind of comfort can we provide to them?
  • We want to give comfort, and we want to give truth. In what measure do we give each, what is the right balance?


Read a message of comfort and encouragement here   Comfort them that mourn 4


Click here for ideas how to bear the grief of others


Listen to Christian Questions radio program:  Good Grief

Please tell your friends to come join us. If you would like, mention us on your Facebook page. Get the word out so more can participate.We hope you can make it!TELEPHONE CONFERENCE CALL INSTRUCTIONS:Conference Call Phone #: 213-226-0400 After connecting dial: 991337 Date: August 11, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Central and 4:00 pm West CoastHow to participate:
4 * – Self-Mute Line (toggle)
5 * – Raise Hand for Q&A

5 comments to Listen to “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Ideas on dealing with grief and comforting the berieved.

  • Ted R.

    Brother Peter
    Excellent information! After being a JW for almost 50 years I have witnessed first hand the heartache when a loved one is disfellowshipped. As I have said before, my son is disfellowshipped. The good thing is that this has opened my eyes to the true nature of the organization. I have seen friends and young people that I watched grow up commit suicide because they could not deal with the loss of association with family. I have seen parents totally disowned their children because of being disfellowshipped. Rather than encouraging and trying to help the family member they are thrown to the wolves and like the sister pointed out, most only return because they want their family back, not because they love God. It is a shame and blasphemy on Gods love that this happens. I am trapped, for although I have consecrated my life and in my heart have left the organization, my wife is a born and raised JW. She has a history of major depression. For me to openly disassociate could cause her irreparable harm. In addition I have now found out that I have Parkinson’s. This in itself has caused a strain. All I can do is place the matter in our Lords hands and ask for his guidance. I found this presentation to be very encouraging. Thank you for this!
    Christian Love and Blessings to you and everyone on this website.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Ted – You really do understand the pain many witnesses have felt, but with compassion and understanding rather than anger. I hope we will all keep you and you family in prayer.

      I am hoping that as scientists do more studies on Carbon 60, they can determine to what degree it can help reverse diseases like Parkinson’s or not.

  • Robert heath

    Would like a copy of the book —————.

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