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Will Israel Survive the End Times?


Table of Contents
Will Israel Survive the End Times?
Replacement Theology vs. God’s Promises
Will Only 1/3 of Living Jews be Saved?
Anti-Semitism–and the New Anti-Semitism
Is there any Hope for Israel?
Living in Messianic Times
Promise to Abraham to Bless All
A Chosen People–with Responsibility
A New Covenant with Judah and Israel
Living in the Promised Land for Millennia
After the Scattering–the Regathering
Restoring the Kingdom to Israel
Re-establishment of Israel in the End Times
Gathering by “Fishers” and “Hunters”
The Regathering in “Travail”
Chastised and Exalted
Israel Provoked to Jealousy
A Light to the Gentiles
Jerusalem Triumphant
At the End of the Millennium
Praying for God’s Kingdom on Earth
APPENDIX A Contributions of Israel and Jewish People to the World
APPENDIX B Institutionalized Bias Against Israel
APPENDIX C Diaspora: Expulsions, Forced Conversions, Assimlations and Exterminations

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1 comment to Will Israel Survive the End Times?

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This was sent to me by Br. Dave from our Wednesday night study group.

    ” In view of our recent discussion about Masada, this 2-1/2 minute video (Israel Museum’s “Herod the Great” Show) might be interesting to share.”


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