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Sunday December 23 – Live Talk about “Jesus’ Birth and Why He Died”


On Sunday morning, December 23, the Chicago Bible Students would like to invite you to a live Internet PowerPoint Talk entitled “The Story and Purpose of Jesus Birth.”  This heartwarming story has touched all of our hearts like no other story.  On different occasions, angels had appeared to Mary, her cousin Elizabeth and her husband Joseph, Shepherds in their field and even Wise Men from the East.  They were told of the baby Savior and their hearts were filled with joy.  This remarkable story raises honest questions.

Why was Jesus, the King of Kings born in humble surroundings of an animal stable and not a palace?

What is so important about what the angels said to Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, the Shepherds and Wise Men from the East?

Why didn’t God just save the world without sending Jesus to suffer and die?

Did Jesus have a prehuman existence, mission and purpose?

Is Jesus really the Savior of the world or just of some Christians, a small fraction of mankind?

Why didn’t God prevent Satan from tempting Adam and Eve to sin and thereby plunge mankind into sin, death and human suffering?

If you live in the Chicago area you are invited to attend in person. Our service will begin at 9:00 AM (CST) at 325 S. Addison Rd. in Addison, IL 60101.


We hope to see you either at our service or on-line.

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3 comments to Sunday December 23 – Live Talk about “Jesus’ Birth and Why He Died”

  • Anonymous

    It is a common misconception that Jesus was born in a stable. The angels told the shepherds that they would find a baby wrapped in cloths lying in a manger (Luke 2:12). A manger is defined as “a box or trough in a stable or barn from which horses or cattle eat.” http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/manger?s=t. In modern times we would find this in a stable, however, in the time of Jesus few people who owned animals were able to afford a stable. Most animals, at that time, were kept inside the house to protect them from thieves and predators. Most houses had an entrance area with the floor covered with straw where the animal was kept and then a few steps led to the living quarters. Some houses were built with a cave behind it where the animal was kept. They would have a manger with food, most likely straw, and water for the animals. Each morning the area would be cleaned and new straw put down. Luke 2:7 says Mary placed him in a manger because there was no room in the inn. The word “inn” in this case is Strong’s #2646 which means “guest chamber”, http://biblehub.com/greek/2646.htm it is the same word used by Jesus when he told his disciples to arrange the last supper (Luke 22:11). In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus uses a different word to describe a public lodging place. In that case it’s Strong’s #3829 (Luke 10:34) http://biblehub.com/greek/3829.htm . Lodging places in those days were places of ill repute, not a place Joseph would take his young pregnant wife. So Mary placed Jesus in the manger because there was no room for him in the guest chamber of the house where she and Joseph were staying.
    We can also be certain that, after the shepherds witnessed the miraculous apparition of the angels, had they seen Jesus in a stable, they would have offered him their home. Hospitality to strangers was considered a duty in those days. The reason they did not, was because they saw that everything was proper and Mary and Joseph did not need any help.
    It is also a misconception that as soon as Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem Mary gave birth. Luke 2:6 states, “and so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.” From this scripture we see that Joseph and Mary had been in Bethlehem probably for several days. Joseph was of Davidic descent and probably had relatives living in Bethlehem, so most likely he and Mary were staying with relatives as was the custom for travelers at that time. This is speculative, but it seems plausible when we consider all the information. While Jesus’ birth was of humble origins, the tradition handed down through the years that he was born in a stable does not agree with the scriptures, the same as the date of his birth, Dec 25.

    I forgot to add that no matter where Jesus might have been born, the main thing is He died for us.
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas…

  • My dear brethren thank you for this service about Jesus birth. I really enjoyed in listening and seeing also. Lord bless your faithfull service to Him. Blessed Christmas to you all. Your brother Miroslav

    • Jacqueline

      Br. Miroslav, I enjoyed it also. The little fine points about the shepards going to see the great Shepherd. Being born in the Bullock’s abode.
      It was indeed a massive birthday party, imagine angels singing at his birth.
      I now understand their contempt for Jesus, some thought he was a child of fornication. JOSEPH was the right man to be responsible for Jesus.

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