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Does God Forgive Suicide?

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Psalms 38:4: (NASB) For my iniquities are gone over my head; As a heavy burden they weigh too much for me.
Life is difficult – it is full of trials, tragedies and trauma.  Sometimes it overflows with grief and pain. For most of us, there is an ebb and flow to all of this and we work at coping with and learning from these difficulties. For others however, the pressure of the pain and grief never seems to relent, and they begin to despair of life itself. Sadly, some bring that despair to its fruition and end their own lives. Suicide – it is a serious issue that plagues humanity. What drives people to this final decision?  How can we better understand it to help those in need? Does God forgive suicide?

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21 comments to Does God Forgive Suicide?

  • j

    hi i seem to have been isolated by my congregation because i watch nudist stuff on the internet,some is young teen,who some think is child porn.i conffesed 5 years ago and two elders visited at my home and spent two hours with me.i was told i was porn addict and would have good weeks and bad.j

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      J.hello and thanks for having the courage to comment. The elders are often inundated with sexual addictions among the congregations of Jehovah witnesses. Does it attract or does it create an environment? I don’t know.
      I would like to suggest you physically see a therapist. I will trust your elders judgement as to what the problem is on this. Perhaps there are things in your past from early childhood that needs to be dealt with. It is impossible to meaningful help you with your sexual addiction on this site. It has to be face to face. There are some internet sites out there also with doctors visually seeing you and your expressions. Look to the left column and see if there is an article you might want to discuss which might also help you get closer to God in prayer. Feel free to answer back and start a discussion and update on progress with a therapist. Take Care and pray to Jehovah in Jesus name and ask him to help you.

  • Theresa

    I know that when my brother in law did a sister
    talk because she committed killed herself
    he said it was in Jehovah hands but he never
    mentioned the resurrection. So it is in Jehovah

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Theresa, nice to see you on the site. Yes I always felt that for a person to commit suicide they would have to be desperate and think that it would solve their problem or end the pain. It always seemed to me that the desperate ones is exactly who Jesus died for and the resurrection would especially be a blessing. I think the Catholic believe it is an unforgivable sin but we know that is not true.
      Everyone dying now whether at their own hand or another’s or just from disease goes to Sheol because it is Adamic death. Isn’t it strange that we can think a murderer of many would benefit from Jesus Ransom yet a poor despondent one that takes their life won’t. Doesn’t make sense.
      Hope the article helped clear that up scripturally. Sincerely jacqueline

  • reggie

    I’ve been praying and asking for decades for Jesus to take the crackcocaine addiction. Out of my life so I can live a Christ like life, and it just hasn’t happen, so now I’m going to commit
    Suicide some time today I hope the trinity will forgive me. I can’t take it more.

    • Jacqueline

      Reggie, tomorrow a lot of people look at the site from their job, so can you also come on tomorrow and Tuesday is also a great day. Some of them have overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. They can give you some very practical advice. I will call some and tell them you are on the site. give me a quick response so I know you see this, okay? Jacqueline

  • reggie

    I,ve been praying for a very long time ,many many yrs.to have crackcocaine dimiss out of my life. And it just has not happen, so now I,m going to commit suicide some time today.my behavior is getting worst I just can,t take no more. I hope jesus forgives me. I,ve been asking him for decades take that addiction away. Ican,t take it.

    • Jacqueline

      Reggie, we see your post. Could you please come on and let’s talk. I will watch and we can go back and forth. Or call a friend or crisis center or or your local hospital for help now. I will pray for you now.

    • Anonymous

      Addictions feel hopeless. No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. Please go to a hospital. An ER will admit you and hospitalization will keep you safe from cocaine. You need safety and help. Sometimes God answers our prayers through professional, caring, compassionate people.

    • Anonymous

      Crack is very powerful and addictive. If a person were able to quit without professional help, he would not be addicted. An addiction means you can’t quit. So of course you feel despair. Have you heard of Teen Challenge? It’s FREE! You can stay for a year or even for the rest of your life. Some people become counselors there. The people who have lived there were safe and transformed by God’s love. Just call them. They will help you.

    • Anonymous

      Teen Challenge Adult Males in Chicago: 773.772.2211

      • Jacqueline

        Belgravia England is the source of this email in the UK. Do you have any info to help with this area Anonymous? Are you affliated with Addiction groups? If so could you give reggie info for that area. Thank you so much for responding. Reggie we hope will respond back to us if not today tomorrow or Tuesday. Reggie we will wait.

    • Jacqueline

      http://www.staplefordcentre.com/ Call 02078236840 This is a private clinic but maybe they can give you a referral or can help you in England.
      A shout out to our England readers to give us help with centres for addiction in your country. Please.

  • Thank you Peter K, for drawing attention to Ahithophel’s suicide and his agony that precipitated it.

    Like to share an article by -Bill Simmonds a pastor at Mars Hill Church West Seattle- I found in the Resurgence site (another trinitarian unfortunately) while looking for a litle more info about Ahithophel, to understand the reason for his suicide. It’s a gem of biblical detective work.

    Though Ahithophel began as David’s top counselor, he eventually became a part of the conspiracy to overthrow him, a conspiracy that was lead by David’s son Absalom. Samuel writes that his wisdom and counsel were highly regarded (2 Sam. 16:23).
    Even so, there is no indication that he was overly ambitious. He was a niche player, who seemed content to serve quietly in the background. Given his talents, he was highly recruited by Absalom, whose political machine was growing daily (2 Sam. 15:12).
    For reasons not disclosed, Ahithophel took Absalom’s offer (2 Sam. 15:31).
    As the conspiracy progressed, Ahithophel’s initial counsel was accepted. But while formulating a plan to pursue David, Absalom favored the advice of a different counselor (2 Sam. 17:14).
    Following the rejection of his counsel, Ahithophel quietly and inconspicuously committed suicide:
    “When Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not followed, he saddled his donkey and went off home to his own city. He set his house in order and hanged himself, and he died and was buried in the tomb of his father” (2 Sam. 17:23).

    To simply answer the original question, it was Ahithophel who killed Ahithophel. But why did he do it? One might conclude that he felt marginalized by Absalom, and couldn’t handle the rejection of his counsel. Maybe it was losing access to the power he enjoyed under David, especially if he felt that by joining Absalom he could retain that power. Maybe he was humiliated by his loss of stature, and unable to cope with it.
    But two subtle references offer a better explanation. The first shows that Bathsheba was not an ordinary or random woman, and David knew it before he took her as his own. “And David sent and inquired about the woman. And one said, ‘Is not this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?’” (2 Sam. 11:3).

    The second reference is found in chapter 23, which lists David’s 37 “mighty men,” his fiercest warriors and most loyal supporters: “. . . Eliam the son of Ahithophel of Gilo . . . [and] Uriah the Hittite: thirty-seven in all” (2 Sam. 23:34, 39).
    There it is. Bathsheba was the daughter of Eliam, and Eliam was Ahithophel’s son. Uriah the Hittite, who appears last on the list, was Bathsheba’s husband. In light of these relationships, David’s adultery with Bathsheba becomes more grievous in light of this betrayal of his former counselor. By the power of the throne, he stole from the very man who had put him there, essentially kidnapping and defiling Ahithophel’s beautiful granddaughter and murdering her husband. In all of this, David stole Ahithophel’s life by stealing his family.

    No one who reads the story needs a commentary to understand Ahithophel’s contempt for the king. His hatred is palpable in the initial counsel he gives Absalom in 2 Samuel 16:20–22:
    Then Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Give your counsel. What shall we do?” Ahithophel said to Absalom, “Go in to your father’s concubines, whom he has left to keep the house, and all Israel will hear that you have made yourself a stench to your father, and the hands of all who are with you will be strengthened.” So they pitched a tent for Absalom on the roof. And Absalom went in to his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel.
    By making Absalom a stench to his father, Ahithophel could exact his revenge by tearing apart David’s family. But that wasn’t enough to quench his bitterness. He wanted David’s blood, and may have gotten it had Absalom taken his advice. By listening to Hushai’s counsel instead of Ahithophel’s, Absalom allowed David to escape, and eventually regain the throne. For Ahithophel it was a double defeat, one he couldn’t live with. So he died consumed by his hatred of David, and unwillingness to forgive him. END OF QUOTE—–

    Needless to say, it was Jehovah who ultimately made sure David survived.
    Though many users and those directly associated with this site may know these details, I did not and I imagine neither do many others.

    • Jacqueline

      Thanks Dieter, I enjoyed that. Didn’t know all the points you brought out about the relationship to Bathsheba. Interesting indeed.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Thanks Dieter for sharing some of these sad details. It is a reminder of the tragic consequences of being consumed by revenge. Leviticus 19:18 ESV says, “You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.”

  • On the Question: -Does God Forgive Suicide?-

    There is nothing to forgive, but you may want to forgive yourself afterwards or even before in anticipation, for the pain you cause to your loved ones, if there were any left in your life at that time.
    BUT there was NEVER a law or directive from our Creator Jehovah stated or implied in the entire Bible.

    All that Jehovah’s magnificent word states in Romans 6:7 ASV is:
    ‘for he that hath died is justified (absolved, acquitted) from sin’

    All that awaits the suicide is a new-start resurrection along with all the other dead from Eve to whoever yet to cuccumb to death.
    Islamist suicide bombers will likewise get that opportunity from Jehovah who will only refuse tenancy AFTER defining sin/transgression.

    Anyway what would be the punishment? Death?
    So the power hungry leaders of Christianity invented all manner of afterlife horrors to keep the flocks submissive. Not on!

    King Saul and Judas suicided. Both were doing God’s will. Saul in battle with the Philistines and Judas because it was Jehovah’s purpose for the Christ to die on time, as arranged and prophesied.

    Since betrayal and assassinations were frequent occurrences in Israel, what destiny for the perpetrators? Same return for all to be judged by what they do therefter in their acquitted state.

    So what about it? Will God forgive suicides?
    No, because there is nothing for God to forgive. There was no specific law from Jehovah for suicides to be judged by. All else are invented religious constructs. IS THAT OK WITH EVERYONE?

    • Jacqueline

      Dieter, yes that is alright with me. I am going to use that when I have clients that have dealt with that issue. I might even go back on 2 cases and use your line of reasoning. Thanks. Jacqueline
      PS: Sometimes when you use a lot of links it dumps into spam.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dieter – Ahithophel and Judas are two wicked Bible people who committed suicide. However, I agree with you that there is nothing in the Bible that prohibits a resurrection from the dead to Paradise Earth for people who have committed suicide.

    • ohnj

      thats very interesting,i would think judas death seemed a sign of faith and repentance.? john

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