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Do you and I have a covenant relationship with Jehovah? 

Does Jesus make a New Covenant with His followers? 

What other covenants did Jehovah make with people? 

How do they all interrelate? 

The answers to these questions may surprise you.  The early Watchtower had this all figured out in the days of Brother Russell.  J.F. Rutherford changed the view back to something closer to what the Denominational Churches teach.  A major obstacle in understanding Jehovah’s covenants is that the translators do not.  They were confused as they  translated a number of Bible passages, attempting to harmonize their translation with their theology.  Now you can learn in summary what the early Watchtower thought as we examine that point of view strictly in light of the scriptural testimony.  Fasten your seat belts and be prepared to focus your concentration.  This exciting and enlightening study will blow your mind!



  • Gasa

    Chris the above explanation of the covenants is very good. Some claim “founding of the world” means before creation but Jehovah’s Witness aid book says ” since Eve was the last of Jehovah’s earthly creative works the worlds founding could not precede her”i Jn17:5,24 “founding means conceiving of seed in human conception” this started with The birth of Cain. In Gen 3:15 Jehovah states his plan concerning the two seeds. This is before the founding of the world. If you insist on not accepting this fact read 2pet3:2-7 Peter cites the 2nd coming of Christ with his kingdom uses a New World because the old world will have been dissolved. Some madly claim the physical earth is burned up. He uses the example of Noah saying the old heavens and earth Russell says governments both human and satanic over a misled Satan controlled earthly society of men. This ‘ flood water the world was… Perished” then judgement open the “world” is fiery judgement upon sinners . From NT Wycliffe bible commentary.

    So God did decide after Adam ate the fruit to issue his first prophesy to counteract Satans challenge of Gods sovernity with his heavenly seed starting with Able, Seth to JC contrasting with Satans seed starting with Cain. The means he will not save Adam and he chose not to have foreknowledge or plan the evil event of Sin.

    The Muslims believe in veneration of prophet Adam and that Allah planned the fall in the garden of Eden.

    Jesus gave his life for ALL most certainly does not mean “all” or do you chose the all to include judas Iscariot those who have sinned against the Holy Spirit and Satan himself.
    Biblical context explains who the all are.
    Thank you

    • just Stay Sweet and Good aka Rena Luecking (Cifra)

      The word ALL in the Greek is ALL not “all sorts a different word). Jesus Christ tasted death for every man. Before that the Jews believed only in the resurrection of the righteous, not the unrighteous. The Apostle Paul pointed, that because of the death of the redeemer of ALL of Adams brats, that the unrighteous wil lnow have the benefit of Jesus’ ransom applied to them ALSO. Those who died before that redemption was paid for them had no knowledge of this. Judas was never offered the kingdom, to be a priest and a judge and a king. He died the night before his redeemer did.

    • Chris Johns

      How are you? So let’s say that the founding of the world means after Eve. It says Jesus was slain BEFORE the founding of the world. So even before. Jesus was not an after thought or a Plan B because he some how messed up. I understand the First words meaning the flood. God knows the end from the beginning.

      As Bible Students we do types and anti types quite a bit. Jesus’ death was foreshadowed before the fall of Adam. Adam was put to sleep and his bride was formed and presented to him to be married before the 7th day. Jesus was put to death and his bride is being formed to be presented to him before the millennium. So we can see even before the fall of Adam the sacrifice of Christ was seen. The sacrifice of an animal to cover Adam and Eve picture Jesus covering our shame and sin after the fall. Cain and Abel also foreshadow that Israel would kill Jesus and be cast off just as Cain was rejected and they killed the messiah and they have been cast off. The world that perished before the flood was what we call “The World that Was.”

      God knows the end from the beginning. He knew when he created men/women that he was to make a bride for Christ. We see this with Adam and Eve in that she was created out of him to be his bride before the fall. Jesus was put to death and his bride is being formed and they will be married to inherit the earth to reign over in the millennium (7th day). The world was given to Adam and Eve to rule over and have dominion just as Christ and his bride will have dominion over the earth.

      I encourage you to read the whole book “The Divine Plan of the Ages”. Changed my life.

  • My Goodness, what an incredibly deep spiritual subject.
    I distinctly remember one of my principal disagreements with the ‘Society’ in the matter of covenants.
    The trigger verse hails from Daniel 9:27 “And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one week; and at the half of the week he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease.. ‘
    The QUESTION that should suggests itself to the seeking mind must be: Which Covenant is ‘the’ covenant? That’s like the other sheep ‘not of this fold’ of John 10:16, where ‘which fold?’ must be the question, which obviously was the one Jesus had come for, was in and a part of.
    The first covenant is of course the one Jehovah made with His firstborn son Israel (Ex.4:22) in Exodus 19:3-8. It was a completed mutually agreed upon covenant. That was in fact a testament where someone had to die for another to inherit. Firstborn sons do.
    Wives don’t; they are just divorced.
    Now on the basis of that already mutually agreed upon (pardon my laboured repetition here) covenant, Jehovah now introduced another entirely separate covenant of household rules Israel the wife needed to know and comply with. This was also mutually agreed upon in chapter 24 and is generally known as ‘The Law Covenant’. The nature of this agreement is demonstrated by the festive nature of the celebration which actually was the wedding feast where sacrifices were eaten to seal the union between Jehovah and His wife Israel.
    My be good to read Ezekiel chapter 16 in its entirety for the whole sorry tale of Israel, but here one verse to indicate that union where: 8“‘When I was passing by and saw you, I noticed that you were old enough for expressions of love. So I spread my garment over you and covered your nakedness and made an oath and entered into a covenant with you,’ declares the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘and you became mine.’ 2013 NWT – YES, That’s the covenant of Exodus 24!
    Exodus 19:3-8 is an entirely separate and a Testament with God’s firstborn son Israel and certainly NOT part of that marriage agreement of Ex. 24.
    Although that marriage ended when the last of the Judean kings was removed from off the Throne and ceased to rule in the Kingdom of God Israel, Israel was still kept under that home-rule covenant, tutored until John commenced his ministry, with the final nails of termination those that fastened the Christ to the tree.
    It is God’s covenant with His firstborn son Israel that continued to give them exclusive access to Jehovah’s promises to the fathers for the final half of the seventieth week to the end of the seventy weeks of Daniel’s prophecy when the first Gentile Cornelius became a Christian, or anointed one, as a potential son of God.
    The new testament – (please note the Apostle’s use of the Greek word for last will and testament even when referring to the Law covenant) – was with the God’s firstborn son Israel who came out of Egypt again for a second time, but this time IN their final atonement and second Passover lamb Jesus: Hebrews 1:6: ‘But when he again brings his Firstborn into the inhabited earth, he says: “And let all God’s angels do obeisance to him.. . .’
    YES, this is when Jehovah presented Israel to the world of Mankind a second and final time – the inhabited earth here the same as in Revelation 9:12 (3625) meaning all of earth’s inhabitants who are deceived in their entirety by Satan, which is NOT the more focused world of the transgressor Israel (2889) needing redemption and for whom Jehovah gave His only begotten -John 3:16.
    Finally there are three covenants of relevance in Jehovah’s purpose: 1. The first Testament/Covenant with Jehovah’s firstborn son, the Seed of Abraham Israel, to become that Kingdom of Priests and a Holy nation of Exodus 19: 3-8 a . – 2. Marriage contract with Israel as His wife (Jeremiah 31:31) – 3. New Covenant/Testament covenant with those out of redeemed Israel plus Gentiles making up the continuing Seed of Abraham as the Bride of Christ Jehovah purchases with the blood of Jesus – Galatians 3:28-29.
    What more can there be said?

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