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Was Charles Taze Russell a Fraud and False Prophet?

The following article is taken from the book, “Pastor Russell: Messenger of Millennial Hope.”  Chapter 8, page 227.


The Pastor a Fraud and False Prophet?

Many of the allegations made against Pastor Russell under this category are sweeping and all inclusive in tone. Rev. Walter Martin and Rev. Norman Klann make no apologies in asserting:

“[There is] vast documentary evidence [that] definitely reveals beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt the faulty character of [Charles Taze Russell—] one of the greatest religious charlatans and frauds ever to masquerade as a minister of the gospel.”

However, upon examination, the “vast documentary evidence” turns out to be essentially the prejudicial views of one newspaper, the Brooklyn Eagle, and the malicious assaults of the Pastor’s arch enemy, the Rev. J. J. Ross of Hamilton, Ontario, as discussed in Chapter 7.  The attacks of the Brooklyn Eagle against Pastor Russell stood in sharp contrast to the overwhelming support given by hundreds of newspapers (and their readers) across the country, as demonstrated by carrying his weekly syndicated sermons, detailed accounts of his debates and world tours, and willingness in many areas to circulate his special sermons and tracts as supplements to the Sunday editions. The Rev. J. J. Ross indeed initiated many wild, slanderous charges, but none proved of any substance as we have already noted.

Thus, it is unconscionable for allegations of this magnitude to be made by responsible individuals and particularly by members of the clergy, whose actions and words seem unbefitting of their own calling. Sadly, this inevitably leads us to suspect ulterior motives and a general conspiracy on the part of such to continue in defaming an outstanding messenger of God and doing their utmost to detract from his minisitry.

In refreshing contrast to Martin and Klann’s distorted assessment of Pastor Russell’s character as “faulty” and his role as a gross “religious charlatan and fraud,” the historian M. James Penton provides an entirely different evaluation. He describes the Pastor as:

“Basically honest even when … misguided. In fact, his personal life was generally free from blemish. Furthermore, he was generally an attractive, kindly man, who was completely devoted to the steward ship which he believed to be his … He was sometimes guile less to the point of naiveté … In spite of [some] real shortcomings, in comparing him with [a number of other prominent] nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American religious leaders [who founded new churches and denominations] … Russell’s character fares rather well.”

Turning now to a more focused effort to criticize the Pastor, we note that many of his detractors label him as a false prophet. They base this on Pastor Russell’s interest in Bible prophecy and his pinpointing an actual date for the deliverance of the church and the establishment of God’s long promised Kingdom on earth. For some twenty-five years he had predicted the climax of these events to occur in the year 1914, and unquestionably there was great disappointment when it did not. But is this just cause for labeling him a false prophet? Josh McDowell, popular defender of orthodox Christianity, certainly thinks so:

“The prophecies made by Russell and the Watch tower concerning 1914 totally failed because the Kingdom of God was not established upon the earth … The Watchtower is guilty of false prophecy … [as well as] antibiblical theology, and misrepresentation of the truth.”

This accusation is very troubling, in that it unfairly selects merely the Pastor for such labeling and conveniently overlooks a host of other Godly expositors of the past who also attempted to predict end-time events but failed in their sincere efforts. Historian Leroy Froom points out that at the dawn of the nineteenth century, there was a remark able revival of interest in end-time prophecies of the Bible that spread across the spectrum of church denominations, both in this country and abroad. Many expositors shared the results of their studies and began to project dates for the fulfillment of specific time prophecies and the start of the Millennium and the return of Christ. Such men as Aaron Kinne, a Congregational clergy man; John G. Schmucker, an Evangelical Lutheran pastor; Alexander Campbell, founder of the Disciples Church; and A. L. Crandall, a minister from New York, incorrectly anticipated dates from 1847 to 1868 and beyond. Yet all were respected as scholars of the church and their various contributions lauded.

In our day, there are other examples of end-time prophetic date settings ending in disappointments that can also be cited. Hal Lindsey, author of The Late Great Planet Earth and other best-selling prophetic books, and Collin H. Deal, author of Will Christ Return by 1988?, both predicted the Second Advent would occur in 1988 (though for different reasons); and Harold Camping, director of the Family Radio network, pinpointed the year 1994. Yet despite the failure of their predictions, these were not widely condemned in ecclesiastical circles as being false prophets and generally continued to be held in high esteem.

Regarding the year 1914, there were actually two events that the Pastor expected to take place then—the ending of the “Times of the Gentiles” prophecy, as well as the glorification of the church.

Bible Students are convinced that the outbreak of an unprecedented world war in that year confirmed the first part of this expectation, and that the Gentile lease of power or Divine permission to rule the world had come to a close. A wide range of secular authorities have likewise pinpointed 1914 as a unique year in human history: The Scientific Monthly (July 1951) called it a “turning point” in our day; Barbara Tuchman (in The Guns of August), “one of the great convulsions of history”; the St. Louis Post-Dis patch (Jan. 27, 1980), the start of “a cruel and perhaps terminal illness”; Rowse (in Oxford Historian and Biographer), “the end of an era and the beginning of another”; and Edmond Taylor (in The Fall of Dynasties, quoting Arnold Toynbee), the start of “a twentieth-century ‘Time of Troubles’ … from which our civilization has by no means yet emerged.”

Pastor Russell must be given the credit for anticipating that year as the closing of an old order and the start of the birth pangs that would lead to a new world based on his study of Bible prophecies. From that time forward the Gentile nations were being evicted and would face collapse in the Armageddon struggle to follow. As noted in greater detail earlier, man’s extremity in this troublous period would but lead to God’s open intervention and the full establishment of His long promised Kingdom.

Regarding the second part of his expectation for the year 1914, the Pastor freely admitted his error. In 1916, in the same month in which he passed away, he commented in the Fore words to his Studies in the Scriptures as follows:

“The work of Harvest has progressed and is still progressing—even though at one time we supposed that the Harvest work would have been fully accomplished with the ending of the Times of the Gentiles. That was merely a supposition, which proved to be without warrant, for the thrusting in of the sickle of Truth and the gathering in of the ripe grain has been progressing since October, 1914, as never before.”

“Dealing with subjects so difficult that they are rarely touched by others, it is not to be considered strange if some of the suggestions made … have not been fulfilled with absolute accuracy to the very letter … The Lord over ruled [our mistake] for the blessing of His people. The thought that the Church would all be gathered to glory before October, 1914, certainly did have a very stimulating and sanctifying effect upon thousands, all of whom accordingly can praise the Lord —even for the mistake. Many … [are] thankful … that the culmination of the Church’s hopes was not reached at the time we expected; and that we, as the Lord’s people, have further opportunities of perfecting holiness and of being participators with our Master in the further presentation of His Message to His people.”

It is evident that Pastor Russell was content to let the matter rest in the hands of the Lord. He had given the subject his best judgment and erred in part of his expectation of prophetic fulfillments in 1914. Yet he could see the good that had resulted regard less and therefore could rejoice in the Lord’s providence in over ruling the error. We submit that such thoughtful reflection and the spirit of acquiescence to the will of God that it represents are most commend able and would seem to further demonstrate the inappropriateness of using this incident as the basis for condemning the Pastor as a false prophet.

41 comments to Was Charles Taze Russell a Fraud and False Prophet?

  • Lashell Lyles

    The bottom line Jehovah clearly says he is coming like a thief in the night his word never changes.. His son doesnt even know when he’s coming. And you want to say Jehovah gave Russell a pass on not one but several false prophecies when it’s in the bible? COME ON NOW REALLY

    • Peter K. (admin)


      Thanks for sharing. Are you sure you know what Russell taught on prophecy?

      Feel free to select ONE false prophecy of Russell and let’s discuss it.

      • Lashell

        Well didn’t he say in 1914 that would be the end of the world? isn’t that a prophecy? (no disrespect) This is just confusing the heck out of me. I read on this site were it was noted that Jehovah basically overruled that mistake.. does Jehovah do that?

        • Lashell

          I am a Jehovah Witness.. and I just want to know who predicted that the world would end on several occasion .. specifically in 1914 when tons of people sold there property etc. If it wasn’t Russell awesome. But I’m I losing my mind didn’t someone prophesize that the world will end the last time was in 1975? Which of course Russell was way passed away by then.. so was it Rutherford?

          • greg (Bible Student)

            Hello Lashell.

            I’m hearing your confusion, and your desperation, along with what I perceive to be great sincerity. I’m not hearing any disrespect in your comments, nor in your questions. For what it’s worth, I believe your questions are absolutely crucial to consider carefully, prayerfully.

            I’d like to try and respond to them one at a time.

            >”Well didn’t he say in 1914 that would be the end of the world?”

            Early on, Brother Russell did anticipate something to that effect, but as I understand it, even before 1914, he realized his expectation was in need of some adjustment. He still adhered to the date, but refined his ideation on just what would occur at that date.

            >”isn’t that a prophecy? (no disrespect)”

            I suppose that really depends on your definition of the word “prophecy”. Rather than debate what’s the “proper” definition of the term, let me try and answer it in words that I hope will mean the same thing to both you an me. Were Brother Russell’s sayings “Inspired of God?” I don’t believe so. In harmony with God’s word, to his best ability and understanding, yes. Inspired, no. Did Russell claim to be a prophet? Not that I’m aware. I only ever read his own words that denied any accusation or intimation of such.

            I’d also like to add this scripture, not to add to the confusion, but to help you make your own educated decision:
            Deuteronomy 18:20-22 (ISV) (20) Even then, if the prophet speaks presumptuously in my name, which I didn’t authorize him to speak, or if he speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die.’ (21) Now you may ask yourselves, ‘How will we be able to discern that the LORD has not spoken?’ (22) Whenever a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, and the oracle does not come about or the word is not fulfilled, then the LORD has not spoken it. The prophet will have spoken presumptuously, so you need not fear him.”

            Was it Russell, or was it the Bible that predicted that something momentous would happen in 1914? Did something noteworthy and momentous actually occur in 1914? Just what does the Bible say about the date 1914? Is the date in error? Or is it just the expectations that are/were in error?

            >”I read on this site were it was noted that Jehovah basically overruled that mistake.. does Jehovah do that?”

            I cannot know what that writer’s specific reference was, but I can guess the writer’s intent. I would say that Jehovah never allows any human being to alter his plan. Simply put, Jehovah was not going to change events just to lend Russell credibility. Does that match better with your understanding?

            >”I am a Jehovah Witness.”

            So was I, for most of the last 50 years. I, too, have experienced great inner turmoil, confusion, frustration, and panic over issues like these failed and changed predictions.

            >”and I just want to know who predicted that the world would end on several occasion .. specifically in 1914 when tons of people sold there property etc.”

            I’ve heard it said that many sold their homes and belongings in and around 1975. I’m not aware that anything like that occurred in 1914, but beyond that, I cannot really say. Numerous places on the internet can fill in more of the picture regarding the failed predictions over the years. Perhaps this link might give you more information: http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/1800s.php

            Speaking ONLY FOR MYSELF, I believe that Russell acknowledged his human presumptuousness, and attributed to Jehovah God praise for “correcting” his erroneous expectations. Though I cannot locate “proof” right this instant, it is my recollection that he also humbly acknowledged before God and his earthly brothers his error, and “repaired the damage” to the extent possible by his subsequent words and writings. To me, that stands in stark contrast to the 1975 debacle. I recall a talk at a District Convention in the 1980’s that shamed and condemned all JW followers for believing the 1975 error, as though it was the common individuals who dreamed up and put faith in the 1975 date. But one only needs look at these articles to see it was taught from the top down. See the following Awake! Magazines: October 8, 1966; January 8, 1968; October 8, 1968 and decide for yourself. The way I see it, it’s not the failed expectation that is the most worrisome, but how the “oopsie” was handled that tells a lot about the true nature of the problem. (Those Awake magazines can be found here: https://archive.org/details/1975PredictionsInAwakeMagazineByJehovahsWitnesses)

            >”If it wasn’t Russell awesome.”

            You will be able to make a better personal assessment of that now, I’m sure.

            >”But I’m I losing my mind…”

            Oh dear! This single expression is the one that pains me most deeply. I lived in that state for decades before I got answers I could trust. I hope and pray you quickly re-discover your waning ability to trust your own ears, eyes, thoughts, and feelings.

            >”didn’t someone prophesize that the world will end the last time was in 1975? Which of course Russell was way passed away by then.. so was it Rutherford?”

            Check the magazines and sites I listed above. I’m confident you’ll find what you need there. In any event, please be assured that your confusion is not peculiar to you. We welcome you here, and are very glad you found your way here.

            If it would please you to do so, it would please us greatly to hear more about you and your journey thus far. Many will benefit (sometimes even years later) from hearing the stories of others.


            • Peter K. (admin)

              Greg – Have we ever met? I am in the Chicago area.

              • greg (Bible Student)

                No, Peter, not that I’m aware of. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I’m curious as to why you ask. 🙂

                Someday, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you face to face.

                Meantime, since I’m speaking directly to you, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you and all the Bible Student’s for your love and the efforts you put forth. I hope and strive that in some small way I too can use my meager talents to contribute to Christ’s brothers and to all of humanity.

                • Peter K. (admin)

                  Greg – I enjoy your participation. Any chance of you attending the General Convention in Johnstown, Pennsylvania?

                  • greg (Bible Student)

                    Ah, Thanks! Sadly, no, I can’t attend it this year.

                    • Peter K. (admin)

                      Greg – Glad to have you here with us as part of the FJW family.

                    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                      Br. Peter, Greg helps Henry a lot. He has been a blessing to him by corresponding by email. So I need to let him know Henry medical procedures came out okay today. No cancer and now we wait on the bone marrow biopsy and then the last surgery. You have been a great help to him.

  • Hank

    For the record, I have never counted any time on the computer and have never been a pioneer.

    • Jacqueline

      Hank accepted. It is just you are an active witness on a non witness site. Yet you tell persons to follow the direction of your organization but you don’t. So That is why I have questions. You advocate the organization of JW and that”s okay, but you should be on jw.org and not taking this site in your direction. I feel you also have opened your eyes to the high control of the witnesses as the talk I posted demonstrates you are in defiance of them and that is okay Hank. It is the first step to coming to Christ.

  • Hank

    Hi Chuck;

    Here are a couple of questions from the 1905 July WT.

    First was, Who will be found worthy to be of the “little flock”? Is not this aspiring to high? Should we not, rather, hope to be of the great company, who will go through the fire of tribulation?

    The second, Will not first of all the martyrs of the past be of the little flock, and are they more than 144,000?

    • Jacqueline

      Hank are you a regular pioneer? The reason I ask is, Br. Chuck does not know what that is and you are just counting time on him. If it is a question that you don’t already have the answer to, that would be okay. You have an answer already for everything. To anointed1 you told her what to do, where to go and what the whole world believe and how God will judge them.
      You know all the answers, so why are you conversing so much when you are a witness and is satisfied as one. This site is different than most BS sites it is not for JW that are satified with the watchtower. It is a place for them to discuss their problems without having an active pioneer counting their time.
      We need to limit your commenting so others can talk. Most visiting this site are polite and won’t jump in if not addressed or an open forum. So let us give them a chance. There are other sites that could use your deep insight also or maybe you are on them but we need to give others a chance since you have stated and restated your thoughts.
      Have you dialogued on the jw.org site lately? Please, let’s be couteous and give others a chance to start their conversation. What do you say, huh?

  • Hank

    To Chuck;

    The Lord’s Evening Meal is where about million people met on the say day, Nisan 14, the Day Jesus was killed.


  • Hank

    Hi Chuck;

    Before I start on your question. I would like to tell you about me. I would probably save many people that maybe God would not. Does that mean I am more merciful than God? No, it simply means that the judging work is in his hands, and his Son. So to those here I would save you, but that is not my job. And like many other things, which I can not do, but other humans can, I can only observe them doing it.

    Will have to do a research for you on a 1905 question to Brother Russell in the 1905 WT on the great crowd of Rev. 7:9-17. One should keep an open mind to the fact that the last living apostle did not know who they were. So, it is not a bad thing that Pastor Russell had a hard time doing something with them. So he called them under achievers to the high calling and will go to have to serve the 144,000 in their heavenly assignments, without getting immortality, they will be like angels.

    But the verses their show it to be a great crowd that gets salvation. They washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. How many ways do you think of, of washing your robe in the blood of the Lamb?
    1. Baptizes as a baby.
    2. Take a white robe and wash it, and where in the name of Jesus.
    Sure, you will agree those won’t cut the mustard. But a good question to ask is as follows. We have not got to the tribulation yet, so would it have been wise for God to have brother Russell collecting them way back then. Was not brother Russell collecting those who would be called to the heavenly life. Heb. 3:1 Not that anyone who read his teaching could not gain even if not of the calling which many did. And that is why those questions came to him. Millions of readers yet only 144,000 would go to heaven.
    When 1914 came and went did he abandon the WT? No he did not. So a logical question comes to mind. If it was used to help the called ones, why stop when the Pastor died? Was it not like a stage coach being chased and took a sharp corner and some did not hang on and fell off and then had to go their own way?
    I think of how God had a few million I believe in the wilderness and can only conclude it was organized. Likewise I believe Brother Russell had things organized at Bethel. Oil the printing equipment, timely deliveries, etc. It was an organized Society. Today I heard the U.N. said there is a large area of slave trade workers going on. Don’t people question why? In this age? This is why the good news of the kingdom is being preached for a witness to the nations. Mt. 24:14

    And like I heard many produce Bibles and Bible literature. But as a Catholic raised and a 12 dollar Bible at age 13 I was taught less than 1 percent of the Bible. So there is much more to just having a Bethel to print literature. Jesus also told us to teach and baptize people at Mt 28:18-20

    That is where this great crowd has amassed, more than twice the size of the people that came out of Egypt. And as stated earlier, I am not the judge. With 12 more million at the Lord’s Evening Meal I hope God’s mercy extends there. And as said earlier I hope his saving grace can extend further.

    Example, a person reads this, and in the future the great tribulation comes they quick remember this and pray to God and he spares them. I hope you understand me a little better. But the Bible says in the end times he will have a mighty nation.

  • Hank

    Hi Jacqueline;

    Thank you for your comments. I believe I have read where everyone is welcome to express themselves. Like, a freedom of speech. Buy one of your comments though it sounds as though it is for ill people you want to help heal.

    My belief is that the Bible of all books stands alone.

    Now if one takes on the idea that the only thing they need is the Bible, they have that choice. Abel didn’t need a Bible. Abel didn’t need a house to meet in. Abel didn’t need someone to print literature for him. Or a temple, or synod. So any person can say that worship to God did not need the Bible Students or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    But in that Bible, when God brought out the nation of Israel did he organize them or keep them disorganized? Can you think of how when the cloud moved they packed up and moved with it. How about all the organization with eating and discharging. It was very organized. Then they had big gatherings or assemblies. They had to be organized, and men were put in charge of seeing that this was done. And to be given all these laws, 600 hundred plus. Why Korah and his crowd decided it is wrong. Why should those two men be the ones used by God.

    “You sir must be an elder or of the elite.” Almost 42 years and have never been an elder. As to being in the elite. We are all brothers. My personal feelings is, if I can be the least in Jehovah God’s arrangement, it is better than any position in Satan’s arrangement. You being a shrink can get this answer out of me. I am a nobody.

    The fact you felt that, along with being like an admin, wow, I don’t know what to say.

    But if you would rather say go away we don’t want your free speech, just say it. But I don’t think you are that way. But could be wrong. I will check later.

    Have a great day


  • Hank

    Hi Chuck;

    The place at Bethel when Pastor Russell was alive is where they printed all kinds of literature in making known Bible truths. And they lived there and had daily Bible discussions with all. Likewise today, Bethel’s main purpose is to produce literature with Bible Truths. They live there and also have daily Bible discussions.

    Yesterday out in the ministry, my partner placed a set of magazines with a young lady and then asked her who rules this world? She thought a while and then said, it can’t be God because he is in heaven, so it must be the son. 1 John 5:19 and 2 Cor. 4:3,4 were read. She looked a little in shock at what the Bible says. She was then directed to http://www.jw.org and told she can get many of her questions answered there. And we let her with the good news of the kingdom which will do away with Satan the god of this world and things will be much better.

    Thanks to Jehovah God’s organization, I have literature and Bibles and a web site I can use to help people. But show how the Devil tries to make it look bad.

    If you read the book of Numbers chapter 16 you will see that it is easy to get deluded and go down by listening to those who fight against God’s representatives. Verse two they went against Moses and Aaron.

    After you came through the Red Sea, would you go against Moses and Aaron? I don’t think you would.

    This past season how would you, assuming you are in charge handle this? Chuck, we are going to have about 20 million people meeting on this night. Here are the phone numbers of the 8 million in the home studies. Normally our small house holds 12 people for the ecclesia and your first call says we might be able to handle 4 more.

    You go, wow one problem solved but I will try another one. Listen to this answer. Sorry Chuck we are going to be gone for three weeks and our house will not be available. The point being made is, could you do it?

    The small group of men at Bethel have to see that this is done. And done it is.

    Enjoy talking to Bible thinkers, have a great day.


    • Jacqueline

      I know this is for Chuck but obviously you have never spent weeks at Bethel in New York. (BTW all properties are sold) I have spent many days at Patterson and Wallkill and no it is not open to the public for classes. Maybe in your country but normally all Bethels behave somewhat the same
      Also the watchtower society is lagging behind most in being on the internet and it is an information website only. you can’t dialogue back and forth. In fact most xjw bought the names they could have used as they lagged behind technology thus the generic jw.org that has to be advertised as it denotes nothing about who they are. Just a sidebar from insiders. Most religions have books bibles and etc so this is not an exceptional thing. Not all religions recruit however. Witnesses will not hold conversations with persons that know the bible well. As a witness for 61years we were taught to walk away. Mostly unsuspecting ones like the lady you met, who if she took the time to study the bible with help from Holy Spirit and others she could have stood her ground with you.
      It seems the society says the internet is dangerous and now it is not. Yet another flip flop. They also tell you not to be on sites commenting, I was sitting there when it was read. Or maybe they have changed so you should be in the clear. What happens when you try to dialogue on the witness website?

    • Chuck Maly

      I guess I still have questions about a few of your statements.
      “Thanks to Jehovah God’s organization” Really? I have not found it in scriptures that God HAS an organization. Please explain. The Bible Students have small groups that publish tracts and disperse them. They are not part of any organization but are individual ecclesias. There is no need for a small group a men to see that ALL have a place to meet. The Lord always takes care of His own and fellowship is always available.
      And,”we are going to have about 20 million people meeting on this night”. Again, what night are you talking about? Is this 20 million the “small flock”, the “great company”, or who? It seems like a lot of people to me. Who are they?
      Just trying to understand what you are talking about. Like I said, I have never held conversation with a JW to know their thoughts/beliefs. I find it interesting. My only experience has been when a Sr. knocks on my door to tell me the good news and for the most part, most of what they state I believe in already. Trinity, Hell, Immortal Soul. There has never been a sit down conversation.
      In Christ,
      Br. Chuck

  • Hank

    Principles! Jacqueline;

    For many years cig smoking was allowed. 1879to 1970,s I believe. Then it was not allowed.

    “let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” 2 Cor. 7:1

    Does one see Jehovah’s mercy here? Or does one see an excuse to say the Bible doesn’t say no cig smoking?

    I was at a house sale the other day, and saw a weegee board for sale. I know it is spelt different. With Bible trained thinking was their a doubt I new the Bible does not say don’t use those. I am sure you wouldn’t even by one. But you can get information on the dangers of them from Jehovah’s organization.

    Would someone share with me where C.T. Russell warned us of them. Just curious.

    • Jacqueline

      Hank cigarette smoking is not allowed in many restaurants or hardly anywhere here in my part of the US. I don’t think it was Jehovah. The (weegee) board was a no no in my community by most of the mothers when I was a little girl. One lady, a Baptist would tell fortunes and everyone knew it was wrong.
      Things that witnesses say are evidence that Jehovah said the organization is what he has approved doesn’t hold up when scrutinized. Perhaps all the people of the different religions in my community was getting their info from the bible. I do think so. So you have no scriptural proof that one must be a witness inside the JW organization to be saved thru armageddon. No scriptural proof that we should look for an organization set up like all good corporations with progress reports, schools training them to sell books and overcome objections of humble people caught off guard at their doors.
      You ask what Br. Russell warned against. I never met Br. Russell to talk to him. My grandfather knew him. If you want to know what he and other men wrote you have their books available to search.
      I did know Raymond Franz however and I have posted his link for his books yesterday.
      The organization GB are alive today and can be questioned. They also write now. I speak only to a person that can answer me face to face. Unless I have had some experience with that person I can not say anything about them personally. That seems to be the theme of some that come to this site.
      It is a site for those that want a place of peace to learn some truths from the bible but to also fellowship. Our goal also, especially mine is to listen to them emotionally, comfort them with hope until they can get on their feet and decide how they can worship Jehovah after such abuse from that organization or corporation.
      It is not a site for those that are comfortable inside of their organization but can serve as information on what the bible really says about “armageddon”, Heavenly calling, resurrection and most important of all the resurrection and the RANSOM FOR ALL OF MANKIND BORN OF ADAM.
      I have no problem with a person remaining in the JW organization but I will help anyone escape if they want also. The mind indoctrination process is wicked indeed. You sir must be an elder or of the elite within this organization and I don’t attempt to make it a problem for those that don’t have a provlem with the governingbody making decisions and rules of conduct for them to follow.
      In my field of work I have found some people like that form of religion. Most like a Catho-lic method of worship, where a head group tells them what to do and that releaves them of any responsibility of having a personal relationship with God.
      Now since the information age and the internet many that were stuck are finding out more about God and especially Jesus and we are here to help them with that.
      I responded to you in the manner I did because you were just making statements that held no weigh if pressurized and advising ones to come back to the organization.
      Many just coming on might have felt you were admin for this site and might have feed into your urgings.
      We are not Jehovah Witnesses and don’t advocate for it on this site. The address for them is http://www.jw.org. That is where your comments to submit to the organization will do the best good as that is where satified JW read. I just thought I would explain my asking you to do something that I knew you couldn’t do, find scriptural support for an ark like organization to survive armageddon. It is the takedown od society and not judgement on people but institutions. Hindus, protestant, JW, baptist and any not caught in the coflagation will survive to welcome the new King. Thank you Jacqueline

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