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The Egyptian Abydos Tablet contains the Genealogy from Adam to Noah to Ham

Listen to Ric Cunningham talk about The Abydos Tablet by clicking here

The Egyptian Abydos Tablet contains the genealogy from Adam to Noah to Ham.

You can find an electronic image of the Abydos Tablet with the genealogy by clicking here:

In ancient Egypt, the hieroglyph name of each Pharaoh was encircled with an oval ring shaped design that we now call a cartouche. The cartouche’s presence identifies the name it encloses as the king of Egypt.

Here is an Abydos Tablet website site: http://www.narmer.pl/abydos/tab_abydos_en.htm

The huge benefit of this site is that we are able to easily read the so called English name of each of the Cartouches.

We are most interested in the 1st. and then the 20th. and 21st.

Menes (aka Narmer) =  Adam.

Snefru (aka Nofru, Snofru, etc.)  =  Noah.

Khufu (aka Chamu Chufu, Cheops, etc.), =  Ham (son of Noah).

Also note Khefren, supposed son of Khufu (Ham), the builder of the second pyramid at Gizeh.

Snefru (Noah) began what is considered to be the IV Dynasty. If you go to this website: http://www.narmer.pl/indexen.htm

You will read that Snefru (Noah) is considered by many to be the first builder of pyramids. Most books credit him with three. If we think about Snefru as being Noah, then it is probable that Noah, Ham and maybe Shem, all experimented with the various building techniques that would be required to construct the great pyramid at Gizeh. (Isa.18:18) Further, if you ever look at some of the interior construction aspects of the Snefru (Noah) pyramids you will see some similar architectural designs that are in the great pyramid.  They would have wanted to train a large work force in order to construct the great pyramid, so the suggestion that these pyramids might have been “trial runs”. (Note GFG page 564 top).

In the book “Gleanings From Glasgow”, John Edgar relates how he was lowered down into the burial (actually he says it is the reburial) vault of Ham’s [Khufu’s] mother, Snefru’s [Noah’s] wife (hence Mrs. Noah), and that her viscera box was found. The reconstruction of her furniture can be seen in photographs in various books (GFG page 563).  As for this tomb of Kufu’s (Ham’s) mother (Mrs. Noah), on the upper walls are many family reliefs that do not display the traditional Egyptian style dress, and are certainly from a distinct era.

John Edgar relates that there are in fact two cartouches found in the Great Pyramid, that of Ham [Shufu, Khufu or Cheops], and Shem [Nu-Shufu or Khnumu-Khufu]. Shem [Nu-Shufu or Khnumu-Khufu] is said to have been a brother of Ham [Khufu or Cheops], and was co-regent with him in the fourth dynasty during which the Great Pyramid was built (Gleanings From Glasgow, page 364).  So it seems that Shem came to assist in the building of the Great Pyramid.

In the PhotoDrama book, page 21, the picture side, read the bottom: “Sphinx – supposed NEWER, tomb of Adam, Mena I” (Menes or Narmer). Did Noah and or Ham and Shem rebury Adam’s remains? They would have known where he was buried before the Flood. Remember that we mentioned above about John Edgar speaking about Khufu’s mom being reburied. When we consider what Morton Edgar has written about the background of Nimrod being killed and his body being cut up and distributed around. Then his mother gathering the body parts of Nimrod and starting a cultic Babylon following around this, it makes us wonder about these reburials. Also we think of Jude and the peculiar insight of Satan wanting Moses’ body. It makes us think that possibly Satan directed the building of the Sphinx over the tomb of Adam in order to forge a cultic following mystery religion here as well as the one of Nimrod.

Consider the implications of the mummified bodies of Adam or Mrs Noah being found and scientific genetic testing performed.  Analysis of mitochondrial DNA (which provides insight into the origin of the maternal lineage) already indicates that humanity traces back to a single woman.  Likewise, Y-chromosomal DNA indicates that all men trace their origin back to a man.


Imagine what today’s scientists would be forced to conclude if they could examine the DNA of these mummified bodies.

Sadly, modern Egyptologist and other authorities prevent excavation and investigation of various ancient sites in Egypt, thus preventing further investigation.



“Egyptologists have been astonished by their findings in the tombs of the Pharaohs. In some of these, historic tablets have been found, tracing the ancestry of the Pharaohs apparently back to Creation–the first Pharaoh–Adam. But these tablets show so many more generations than the Bible record that Egyptologists lose all faith in the Genesis account. They become Higher Critics, discount the Bible record and pin their faith to the Egyptian tablets. They confess, however, that these tablets vary, and more or less contradict each other. Concededly, the most accurate is THE ABYDOS TABLET, found in the sepulchre of Seti I.–probably the Pharaoh who made Joseph his Prime Minister and who is supposed to have died about 120 years before Moses was born.

“The chief fault found with this Tablet is that it is not so lengthy as some of the others. Nevertheless, Pharaoh, Seti I., preserved this Tablet for us with great care. He sank a shaft sixty feet deep through solid rock. At that level his masons cut out the stone staircase on which THE ABYDOS TABLET is portrayed. An exact copy of it is to be found in the British Museum. At considerable expense and with difficulty we have secured the photograph of it, which we here present. Our object is to show that this best of Egyptian records fully corroborates the Genesis account.

This list of Pharaohs is shorter than the others because it omits the names of gods and demigods. It is the complete Egyptian record of the purely human line of rulers back to Adam. Furthermore, these omissions occur at the appropriate place–at the time of the Deluge.”

THE ABYDOS TABLET fully agrees with Genesis and is often corroborated by the Greek and Egyptian historians, Herodotus and Manetho.  It shows Adam as the first Pharaoh, and Noah the twentieth, while the intermediate eighteen correspond with Genesis with remarkable accuracy. Mena’s wife was Shesh–Hebrew, Isha–woman. Her first son was Pharaoh II.–Greek, Teta-Khent–guilty one; Hebrew, Kanighi; Latin, Athos; English, Cain. The tablet for Abel represents him as the non-resistant one.

THE ABYDOS TABLET shows the same order as Moses (Genesis 4-6), giving first the line of Cain down to Jabal, who was Kakan. At that time, evidently, the gods and demigods began to fill the Earth with violence. Seti’s list omits the names of these. All demigods were destroyed in the Deluge. Noah is next in order with a regal title. But since he was not of Cain’s family, THE ABYDOS TABLET there goes back, mentions Abel and Seth, and Seth’s line just as given in Genesis (untitled), down to Noah. These all, as Pharaohs, have their royal ovals, but no supertitle. After Noah (Nofru), Pharaoh XX., the line runs through his son Ham (Chamu Chufu). Appropriately Noah’s other sons are ignored; for Shem and Japheth went to Asia and Europe, while only Ham went to Egypt.

Thus wonderfully is the Bible being vindicated by the very inscriptions once supposed to contradict it.

15 comments to The Egyptian Abydos Tablet contains the Genealogy from Adam to Noah to Ham

  • Hank

    The earth is flat unless you believe the earth is spinnings 1000 miles in a circle why the earths going around the sun 66,600 miles and hour and the sun is dragging the earth with it as it goes around the galaxy. But wait the universe is dragging everything at over a million miles an hour. Read Joshua 10:12,13, Ecclesiastes 1:5. What stopped moving? The sun and the moon. Now if the earth kept spinning darkness would have came.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Hank – I am no expert on flat earth, so I do not want to contradict you. How is it that Antarctica has six months of daylight in its summer and six months of darkness in its winter. If the earth is flat, shouldn’t there be daylight every day?

      Also, if the earth is flat, why did sailors need trigonometry to navigate the seas and not simple just simple geometry? Navigation by sea is based upon spherical trigonometry. The exact position of a ship can be determined by the angle the celestial body makes with the horizon, measured at a precise time. The angle and precise time measurements are compared with tables of known values.

  • Menes was not Adam, he was an Egyptian Pharaoh. Snefru (Sneferu)was not Noah. he was an Egyptian Pharaoh. Khufu was not Ham. He too what an Egyptian Pharaoh.

    Noah and Ham existed long before the arrival of Snefru and Khufu.

    What is called Egypt today was not called Egypt back in the days of the sons of Noah.

    It is a grandson of Noah that one should take note of his name was Cush (Son of Ham). (Cushites [Nubians]are African and they were pyramid builders.) See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nubian_pyramids

    Genesis 10:6-8 reveals that Cush fathered Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabteca and Nimrod. These are African peoples.

    There is mention of the FIRST KING (a kingdom) over men in the Bible and he is a son of Cush: Nimrod.

    Genesis 10:10-12 says of Nimrod:

    “And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. Out of that land he went forth into Assyria and set himself to building Nineveh and Rehoboth-Ir and Calah and Resen between Nineveh and Calah: this is the great city.”

    If Cush fathered the dark-skinned man (called Africans today), then Nimrod would be called “an African” by today’s labeling of the races within the human family.

    It is with Nimrod that we read about the first kingdom on the earth after the flood. It is with Nimrod that we read about the building of cities and great stone structures. City and tower building would involve organizational skills, a knowledge of math, geometry, etc. God forbid if the truth comes out that it was a dark-skinned people who did all of this!

    What is called “the tower of Babel” is misleading because that expression is not found in the Bible and it implies that there was only one tower. We are told that the people built a tower in one of the cities they were building. They most likely built many towers but none as great as the one “with its top in the heavens.” Nimrod had a vast kingdom and most likely built many towers. We call them Pyramids today. Someone has been working overtime to cover over the truth about this.

    Why would they build Pyramids? The answer is clear. They would have had a knowledge of the flood. The Pyramid served as a method of “getting to higher ground” should it happen again.

    Nimrod was not a hunter of men. Anglo-European prejudice gives Nimod a bad rap. Nimrod introduced the hunting of animals. Pre-flood people did not eat meat. They had no desire or thirst for meat. They at fruits and vegetables as God commanded at Genesis 2:16 and the product of sheep, cows and goats (Milk and Cheese). Man did not become meat-eaters until after the flood.

    What placed Nimrod in opposition to God was not because of the false claim that he hunted men, but because he ignored the command of his forefathers concerning eating only the product of the tree.

    It is Nimrod one should research. He is mentioned in Scriptures for a reason. Many focus on the “being a mighty hunter in opposition to God” rather than his great accomplishments of having a vast kingdom, building towers and organizing people.

    A real danger creeps in when persons of European descent (and I say this respectfully) tell the world about a history that is not theirs. When I watch the History Channel about Egypt, I see “White people” digging things up and deciphering what the ancient writings mean. I cannot help but wonder, “Don’t the people who live in the land know? Was it not their ancestors who did all of it? The truth of the matter is that the Arab-Egyptian we see today was not in the land the many thousands of years ago. They came down from the north (Arabia) and saw a great people already in the land. Those people were “African” by today’s labeling.

    That is why the Egyptians we see today don’t know because it was not their ancestors who built the pyramids, sphinx and who created the ancient script called hieroglyphs. There is a reason why many of the ancient structures are restricted by the Egyptian government. There is a reason why many ancient wall reliefs are being dismantled and destroyed. There is a reason why the Aswan Dam was built on the Nile (which created Lake Nassar). Buried in the watery deep of Lake Nassar is Cush. The people who lived in the land (The Kushites) were displaced and the evidence lies in a murky grave. An area of about the size of Rhode Island was covered with water.

    There is too much “thinking one has the truth” rather than vigorously seeking it out as Christ taught.

    Too many are “settled” and “comfortable” in what they have been fed by religious organization. Many are actually OK with the portrayals of Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Angels, Jesus, and others as persons European-like. But it is not the truth. This is what I find most curious: The unwillingness to question and challenge those false portrayals.

    If truth is to be told, then all of it should be.

    One of the most evil things that has come upon the world out of “Christianity” is to portray Adam, Eve, Angels and Jesus as “White people.” Why is it evil? Because it is a lie. No one has seen Adam and Eve. No one has seen and angel (they are spirit creatures). No one has seen Jesus. Besides, Christ is not a man at present, he is a spirit creature in heaven.

    Despite this, many will continue presenting publications to the masses with false portrayals and at the same time claim they are presenting the truth.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      R. Jerome – why is everything racist with you?

      So are you saying that the Abydos Tablet is not evidence that the Bible is the truth?

  • hank

    To Dupin;

    You may want to read these two articles by Nehemiah Gordon.
    1. The Pronunciation of the Divine Name.
    2. The Ban on the Divine Name.

    Here are a few scattered parts. Clearly YeHVaH does not have the vowels of Adonai.
    But are these the actual vowels of the Divine Name?
    were concerned about their readers pronouncing the word=Yeh?vah, but not concerned about their readers pronouncing the name Yehovih.
    This must be connected to the ban on the name which the Masoretic scribes clearly accepted.

    The ways scribes copied ancient writings was to read the words either out loud or under their breath. The scribes sometimes made a mistake and wrote what he heard from his own lips, even if this differed from what he read with his eyes. Common mistake done in English as well. know-no, or there-their.

    Masoretic scribes knew the name to be Yehovah and suppressed its pronunciation by omitting the “o” in a number of instances.

    Movement rose up to ensure the preservation of the old way. So it is not surprising that the Karaites of Persia preserved the correct pronunciation of the name from ancient times.

    There is other evidence that points to the missing vowel in Yeh?vah being “o”.

    Hope you get a chance to read both articles. On the second one he mentions Joel 2:32 and Zechariah 14:9

  • hank

    Actually I don’t have it right in from of me, but someone like you should be able to reason on it. When a the certain Jewish group was copying the Hebrew Scriptures this took place. Of the over 6,800 some times the name of God came they had Yehvah. 50 times they copied Yehovah. If interested I will try to find it.

    Why do things like that happen when we are copying? When you want to keep something the right way a secret you put something close to it. But if you check on the fact that great writers of today, will put there or maybe their when it should not.

    And did every temple have this salt or just some?

    • Domenic Pappalardo

      I is your second language English?

    • Dupin

      The differences are due to what the scribes were doing, Hank. In the majority of cases the vowel pointing used the vowels for Adonai to remind readers to use Adonai in place of the Divine Name in public reading. When placing the vowels in of Adopnai into the name they followed writing rules and changed them to conform to the consonant-vowel rules of Hebrew, so the qames in adonai is shortened to shewa because the Yh in Yhwh is a closed syllable. In the fifty or so cases where they wrote it differently. You’ll find the word is paired up with the word Adonai, so they used to vowel points for Elohim instead, so the reader would know to use the word Elohim instead of Adonai. That is how and why we find two vowel pointing variations.

  • Domenic Pappalardo

    Hank, you said;
    May 5, 2014 at 11:19 am · Reply
    “After the flood there was probably a lot of things that had ocean salt on them. And Jehovah made man in his image, not the ants.
    But I will set a good goal for you. Be like a ant and work hard studying the Bible, discard your beliefs which go against the Bible. Seek first the kingdom in your life.
    And pray very hard and in a right way. Jer. 33:3 and not Isaiah 1:15
    IF you do these things we all here will be able to tell by your comments. But if you try to fool us it will be as clear as day. I won’t explain how or why, but if it happens I will, just for you.”

    I see you understood I was saying the pyramids were pre-flood structures. That is good…that is very good. Perhaps if you keep thinking, the rest of my post may take on a different light.
    I spent many years trying to figure out the vastness of YHWH…I came to the conclusion it could take me One Billion Trillion years to learn just a tenth of who, and what he is…I am like the ant.

    • Consider that there was no “global” flood, but a localized flood that came upon “the world” of Noah’s day. Mankind had not yet spread out over the earth, so a global flood would make no sense.

      Additionally, the oceans were already there. In the beginning of the creation of the earth, the earth was ALL water. God had made “dry land” to appear OUT OF THE WATER.

      That the flood of Noah’s day created the oceans makes no sense.

      “Now the earth proved to be formless and waste and there was darkness upon the surface of [the] watery deep; and God’s active force was moving to and fro over the surface of the waters.” (Genesis 1:2)

      And God went on to say: “Let the waters under the heavens be brought together into one place and let the dry land appear.” And it came to be so. And God began calling the dry land Earth, but the bringing together of the waters he called Seas. (Genesis 1:9-10)

      • Ryan Vinter

        There really was a global flood that is pretty clear in the bible. There may of been a sea or 2 or 3 but most of the water that was in the earth is now our oceans. Gen 7-11 The fountains of the great deep broken up , and the windows of heaven were opened. There wouldn’t be much point in building a massive boat for a local flood.

  • hank

    After the flood there was probably a lot of things that had ocean salt on them. And Jehovah made man in his image, not the ants.

    But I will set a good goal for you. Be like a ant and work hard studying the Bible, discard your beliefs which go against the Bible. Seek first the kingdom in your life.

    And pray very hard and in a right way. Jer. 33:3 and not Isaiah 1:15

    IF you do these things we all here will be able to tell by your comments. But if you try to fool us it will be as clear as day. I won’t explain how or why, but if it happens I will, just for you.

  • hank

    What kind of child is best described by you, when they don’t do what their Father asks them to do?

  • Domenic Pappalardo

    Interesting post. Many men have developed theories about these great stone monuments. Yes, even about their aliment. Ahh, the wonders of the pyramids. Did you know the inside of these great, whatever they are, are lined with ocean salt? Brilliant men have concluded the salt came from the air. These same brilliant men do not even whisper that all the other stones made of the same material within Egypt have no ocean salt on them, or any other kind of salt.
    Late in the year 2013, I had the pleasure to be part of a group discussing their theory of how the universe came to be. I sat and listened for some time to their THEORY, which is based on the Big Bang. Interesting theory. Being of simple mind, I asked a simple question:
    “I have seen things go Bang…explosions. Everything is blown apart. Some pieces are big, some are small. None become round, nor do they form an orbit around each other. How did this Big Bang achieve that?” Their reply was, “It happened over billions of years.” Again I questioned, “Where did this thing that went Bang come from, and what made it go Bang?”
    I was put aside as unintelligent. The following day I was sitting in my back yard. I was watching an ant moving about on the ground. It first went this way, then that. I asked the ant, “Do you know what I am? Can you understand the workings of my body, and my brain?” The ant continued doing whatever it was doing? I looked into the sky, and asked…”Father, am I but an ant.”

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