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Bible Prophecies being Fulfilled Today through Armageddon and the Kingdom

Dozens of Bible Prophecies are yet to be fulfilled between now – Armageddon and the setting up of the earthly Kingdom.  What are these prophecies?  What will happen.  Listen by clicking here:

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26 comments to Bible Prophecies being Fulfilled Today through Armageddon and the Kingdom

  • Hello,
    I recommend a study of the “Song of Moses” to see how this key prophecy influences the understanding of all the other prophecies concerning the “Israel of God” during the “last days” … :

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Marjo, Rev 16:3 says:”The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became like the blood of a corpse, and every living thing died that was in the sea.” Sea is people. Blood of a corpse could mean the breakdown of society like the molecules separates from the blood into components then totally breakdown the society.

      The book of revelation is in figurative language or signs. Blood stands for something else for instance. Apocalyptic language uses a system of figurative language. This type of language uses symbols to get across to its readers specific messages. We use figurative language everyday. Suppose a person said that his boss “flew off the handle” one day at work. The mental picture of that phrase might be of a person attached to a teapot handle flying off using a pair of wings, or it might be of a hammerhead in the shape of a person coming dislodged from its handle. But the true meaning of the phrase is that the boss became very angry. To illustrate further, suppose someone said that his dog “kicked the bucket.” Literally, we would be watching for a Kung Fu dog that could abuse a container with his feet, but the figurative meaning simply is that the person’s dog died. Now, suppose that we write down a long list of these figurative statements and bury them in a time capsule. In 2,000 years, a civilization not familiar with such statements uncovers our list and reads the figurative language. Our kicking dog would be just as confusing to them as the seven-headed beast of Revelation is to us today. Therefore, we must read Revelation with figurative language at the forefront of our mind, remembering that apocalyptic literature had an elaborate system of such language that was used to convey social and political happenings of the time and down through the centuries as it is also prophectic.
      So I would say this one instance might be an ecological problem but we wouldn’t be able to link it to the Bible. Just my take on this. Take Care

      • Richard Tazzyman

        Hello Sister Jackie,& All My Bro& Sisters on Line.I know a lot of you are in different time zones,But if any of you are avaiable to Join us tonight(Australian Summer Time)at 7,30 Melbourne Aust Time we would love to have you Join our Testimony Meeting.God Bless you all,Bro Richard Melbourne Australia.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Br. Richard, it will be 2am in my area and I have visitors arriving in the morning. I wish I could stop in. How was your travels? Give my love to Sis. Kay.

  • Marjo

    What do you think about this…..Bilderberg a meeting where world leaders gather together. I never thought it would mean anything. Bilderberg is Germany. Bild in English is a symbol and berg is mountain. Symbol of mountain. Armageddon means Mount Megiddo. Could that be the possible place where the war of Jehovah is taking place?

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Hello Marjo.

      I was intrigued by your expression here. Sadly, I was also at a complete loss for words. So instead of speaking when I knew not what to say, I just listened. With all my heart I listened. I listened to you, and to myself. I listened and this is what I heard:

      I heard you expressing an idea that was fresh, new, tentative, and yet meaningful to you. I heard you taking a risk to express it for others to consider. I heard you requesting feedback for either confirmation or clarity.

      And I also heard silence in response.

      And then I heard my own internal pain at recalling the times I’ve dared to express something publicly, risking possible censure, reprimand, argument, while hoping for some small possible acknowledgment that I was even heard and understood. And I well know how painful silence can be at a time when I’m feeling most fragile and vulnerable.

      So I’m breaking the silence to say loud and clear, “I heard you!”

      I don’t know enough about that which you speak to be able to say further on that subject. But I did hear you. And I understood you. I see the possibilities and potentialities you describe. And so I at least wanted to thank you, my dear sister, for daring to express yourself most vulnerably.

      Warmly and sincerely,

      • Marjo

        Hello Greg

        Its all confusing. But since it cant be 100% sure I wont say anything more about that. I leave all that to Jehovah. He will show us how it really is. I was also confused and angry how terribly wrong GB has translated in finnish new world translation. I had to pray Jehovah to show me much more reliable Bible and it seems to be King James version. Its more reliable to read the word in english because it can give so different meaning when its been translated in other language. I have compared the words to King James version so NWT words are translated way too different. How can they even say that its most reliable translation because it isnt. This has been bothered me these few weeks. This all has been very eye opening.

        • greg (Bible Student)


          I remember how confusing and painful it was for me. I use to get SO ANGRY!! I hope you have a safe place to vent if you need it. I also hope you have some support if and when you need it. It takes time for our eyes of understanding to get adjusted to being able to see clearly for ourselves instead of through the Governing Body’s perverted filter.

          At least you are here. I trust that God and Christ are nurturing you along just as fast as you are able to make the journey. We’re all here for you, too.

          Warmly and sincerely,

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Hi Marjo, I forgot to post this comment to you also,sorry about that.
      The word Armageddon is of Hebrew origin, and is associated geographically and historically with the hill of Megiddo. Megiddo occupied a strategic position in the ancient Holy Land, commanding as it did an important pass into the hill country. The general locality of Megiddo was the great battleground of Israel. Here Gideon and his three hundred men routed and defeated the Midianites. Here also, King Saul was defeated by the Philistines.

      Here is a link to that article and there are more article here on the site about the Battle and where it will take place.


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    We often wonder what the people thought of the prophecies or great events taking place in their vicinity. Well I think we are seeing prophecies in our day and breezing by like people did when say the walls of Jericho fell. What do you think about this in our day.
    There were no weapons of mass destruction/ an illusion overtook the US government.


  • Marjo

    I think something is happening there in heavens, because so many happenings in the world happen in a short time.

    -> Banning of Jehovah Witnesses
    -> USA, Russia and Korea showing up their fire power
    -> Diseases spreading
    -> More earthquakes….almost daily
    -> Diseases in fish are spreading
    -> People gone crazy

    When we look close of these, we can be sure that earthly kingdom isn’t far.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Marjo I agree something appears to be imminent. There is a great revealing of key figures over here as not as dependable as people thought. There will not be any mountains left for people to run to. A mass exposing of our systems of things will show the world a new system and a one world rulership is needed to cure it. Btw other religions were banned also. Only the witnesses sends out the press releases to all news outlets. It creates a persecution complex. In fact some of the other religious individuals have been treated worse than the witnesses in Russia. Part of the issues is 2 young persons died because of no blood transfusion. I posted a letter a few years ago that says to teach teenagers to convince the judge that they are an informed adult. So now they will do as America does and take the young one and treat them then return them. This whole game they have been playing is blowing up in their face now.
      The only issue is they need to stop breaking up families and work on their organization structure and disband it and go to Christ.

      • Marjo

        Somehow I think that Donald Trump has some sort of part with this. If you see the history of USA presidents most of them were wise. But this Trump seems more like a trouble maker. I was just reading news articles and something came up. An earthquaqe I should say. Trump made Jerusalem the capital city of Israel. He really is winding things up.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          We were discussing during our study tonight. By God’s permission only can things heat up against Israel.
          One day we will wake up and Christ will have to save Israel. This president is a moron but morons are easily manipulated. Maybe now I see why he was allowed to be elected. Time will tell. He is gunning for some excitement for sure. Hope nobody dies.

          • Marjo

            Maybe every president of USA has had some sort of meaning to full fill Jehovah’s meanings. Maybe Trump is the last one? These are the deepest thoughts that only Jehovah knows, but He asked us to follow the signs of last days. These certainly are looking the one. Maybe this Trump act is bringing closer to destroy of Babylon?

  • Daz

    I found this little news article that I thought was interesting . . . .

    Catholics, Jews and Muslims sign peace statement in Colombia:
    Jul 11, 2014:
    Catholic, Jewish and Muslim representatives in Colombia have signed a historic joint statement for peace in a July 1 ceremony at the residence of the Archbishop of Bogota.

    Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez, Rabbi Alfredo Goldschmidt, and Sheik Ahmad Tayel led the ceremony which included prayer, song and the presentation of commemorative plaques. The three representatives concluded the event with the signing of an inter-religious declaration for peace.

    Lamenting the “rivalries” that have existed between different faith groups throughout history, Cardinal Salazar noted that Pope Francis “wanted to make a gesture of reconciliation from Rome between two enemies who today seem to be irreconcilable: Israel and Palestine.”

    “In imitation of this gesture, the community has come together for a time of prayer to pray for peace in the whole world, but especially for peace in Colombia,” he said.

    For his part, Rabbi Alfredo Goldschmidt said the prayer for peace is an opportunity to close the door to the hatred and violence that has fueled Colombia’s decades-long conflict.

    “It pains us that a group of people disrupt the entire country from living in peace as a society. What happens in Colombia is happening in the Middle East and in many countries of the world,” he said.

    Colombia’s vice president Argelino Garzon also attended the ceremony and said it was a sign that should motivate all Colombians to work for greater unity.

    The adjunct secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of Colombia, Father Pedro Mercado Cepeda, said representatives of the three religious communities worked for several months on the statement that calls for a greater commitment to foster peace and reconciliation.

    “We are on a path of diversity, each one with his different beliefs, which we recognize and respect, but with common goals such as that of peace,” Fr. Mercado said.

  • Daz

    Just seen this article, very interesting . . . .

    Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff talk during a meeting at Planalto Palace in Brasilia on July 14, 2014. Putin is in Brazil to attend the BRICS summit.
    WASHINGTON (AP) – Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers this week will launch their own versions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

    Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -the so-called BRICS countries – are seeking “alternatives to the existing world order,” said Harold Trinkunas, director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution.

    At a summit Tuesday through Thursday in Brazil, the five countries will unveil a $100 billion fund to fight financial crises, their version of the IMF. They will also launch a World Bank alternative, a new bank that will make loans for infrastructure projects across the developing world.

    The five countries will invest equally in the lender, tentatively called the New Development Bank. Other countries may join later.

    The BRICS powers are still jousting over the location of the bank’s headquarters – Shanghai, Moscow, New Delhi or Johannesburg. The headquarters skirmish is part of a larger struggle to keep China, the world’s second-biggest economy, from dominating the new bank the way the United States has dominated the World Bank.

    The bloc comprises countries with vastly different economies, foreign policy aims and political systems – from India’s raucous democracy to China’s one-party state.

    Whatever their differences, the BRICS countries have a shared desire for a bigger voice in global economic policy. Each has had painful experiences with Western financial dominance: They’ve contended with economic sanctions imposed by Western powers. Or they’ve been forced to make painful budget cuts and meet other strict conditions to qualify for emergency IMF loans.

    Now, says Thomas Wright, a fellow at Brookings’ Project on International Order and Strategy, “they want a safety net if they fall out with the West.”

    Developing countries have also been frustrated because the U.S. Congress has refused to approve legislation providing extra money to help the IMF make more loans to countries in trouble. The money is part of a broader reform program that would give China and other developing countries more voting power at the IMF.

    Uri Dadush, an economist with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, sees no problem with the BRICS countries’ development bank and financial crisis fund. But he worries that the five countries’ decision to go outside of existing institutions provides more evidence of the “fracturing of the postwar (economic) system that gave us so much peace and prosperity. The system has not been able to adapt to the new reality, the rise of the new powers.”

    The IMF and the World Bank seem to be taking the new challengers in stride.

    “All initiatives that seek to strengthen the network of multilateral lending institutions and increase the available financing for development and infrastructure are welcome,” said IMF spokeswoman Conny Lotze. “What is important is that any new institutions complement the existing ones.”

    Answering a question about the BRICS development bank earlier this month, World Bank President Jim Kim said: “We welcome any new organizations … We think that the need for new investments in infrastructure is massive, and we think that we can work very well and cooperatively with any of these new banks once they become a reality.”

    • Jacqueline

      Daz thanks so much for posting this. It is interesting. Also I am watching as many are the developments in Israel.

      • Daz

        My pleasure Jacqueline, yes it is all happening in Israel right now, there is no doubt what timelime we are in regarding prophecy in the last days . . . .

        • Jacqueline

          Yes and saw where someone mentioned the Man of Lawlessness has to be revealed first. As you see the Bible is moving, that Man was the Holy Roman Church system with PAPACY and check it out. It fulfilled the prophecy well as you couldn’t buy sell do nothing during that Dark Age of mankind. Vol 2 toward the end discusses this.https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/category/prophecy/antichrist/ go to the last one in particular.
          Knowing that this happened already helps us to move with the prophecy. The GB says we have only three more prophecies to be fulfilled. How wrong they are, most of what they apply today is Millenium fulfillment scriptures. Ps 37:10,11 is one example and many concerning Israel. I watch Israel.
          I need to step out, cut grass because I will be gone longer after the convention and get ready to leave early tomorrow morning as I want to attend one business meeting on Friday so I will arrive early. Take Care and hope you can view the convention this weekend. In Christ Jacqueline

          • Daz

            Very interesting Jacqueline, thankyou for your replies. I came across a site called e-watchman & read a few of his aricles which are very interesting too. The guy that runs it is a Jw or ex Jw, Robert King his name is I believe. He writes alot about prophecy & makes alot of sense. Do you know of him & his site?

            Warm & loving regards,

            • Daz

              just carrying on from my last post toy Jacqueline, you mentioned the Man of Lawlessness has to be revealed, that that man was the Holy Roman Church system with PAPACY. It fulfilled the prophecy well as you couldn’t buy sell do nothing during that dark age of mankind. Does not the unable to “Buy & Sell” scrpiture go hand in hand with the sripture regarding the second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
              This has not taken place to my knowledge, if I am wrong I sincerely apologise but as far as I know this has yet to come going by my understanding. Please feel free to reply with your view on this as it will be more than welcomed.

              Warm & loving regards,

            • Jacqueline

              I know of him very well. I have his book and have read it. He is one of the first sites and so was my husband’s site and they were great sparing partners.
              Barbara Anderson and I was talking one day when I was traveling and we discussed and concluded each of the different sites are doing what they can to help people that want to come out from under the control of the CA-tho-lic way, and hierarchy (high control)type of quote unquote religions. His book was my second one to purchase and read before In Search of Christian Freedom.” Robert’s physical location is not very far from me, geographically.
              PS: One of the biggest atheist sites of xjw provide most of the source material on quotes and letters leaked out of Bethel. In fact I am going to ask them to get the talk on Friday about the history of the Bible Students and Jehovah witnesses from the 2014 conventions. It is an atheist site but have KH going elders on it and they can get anything. They are the man on the street so to speak and their copy will be crisp and clear. They save me a lot of time.
              Barbara”s site have lawyers and scholars on it for info as it is a powerful site as she was secretary to one of the highest in the JW newyork Bethel. So all of us help. We provide mostly straightening out of doctrine and moral stick with you support until you steady yourself. http://www.jwstruggle.com and he has a whole youtube sie by the same name. He has his actual 6hours DF trial up. We all watched as he made his way out after waking up a little while ago.

              • Daz

                Thankyou dear Jacqueline for both your informative & always helpful replies. I will certainly check the links out that you so kindly provided. Have a wovderful time at the covention, wish I could be there! Take care & God bless.

                Warm & loving Regards,

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