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GB evil slave2In the late 1920s, The Watchtower Organization began to identify the Bible Students who had left the organization as the evil slaves (documentation below). Yet in 2013, the Governing Body eliminated the “evil slaves” as a class, instead applying it as a hypothetical danger to the composite Faithful Slave, which they say has never become a reality.

Why did the Governing Body make this change in doctrine?

I can only speculate since I cannot read minds. However, let me share my view on this and then let us know your view. We want to know what you think too. We are all trying to figure this out together.

Here is what I think happened. To consolidate complete power and control, the Governing Body now identifies only themselves as the “Faithful and Discreet Slave.” This move has marginalized the “other anointed” brethren, making them now insignificant. These “other anointed” brethren cannot use the claim of “special insight” to disagree with the Governing Body with any credibility or influence.

In explaining the Faithful Slave, the Governing Body had to address the Evil Slave as well. The Evil Slave is too tightly connected to the discussion of the Faithful Salve and they could not ignore it. They could no longer apply the Evil Slave Class to the Bible Students who had left the organization, mostly in the 1920s. To do so would draw everyone’s attention to the International Bible Students Association, or the Bible Student Movement, which has existed continuously, in an unbroken chain, since the days of Brother Russell. This would contradict the old claim that these apostate Bible Students had died out and no longer exist. Part of the Governing Body’s strategy has been to ignore the Bible Students and pretend that we have not existed for about 75 years. This is a smart strategy. They don’t want JWs discovering a viable alternative. The Internet age makes this strategy much more difficult now.

In changing how they apply the “Evil Slave,” have they created an even bigger problem for themselves? They say that the “Evil Slave” is a hypothetical possibility without addressing how to apply any test to discern if the Faithful Slave ever turns into an Evil Slave. If the Faithful Slave were to change into an Evil Slave, would the Evil Slave admit to it? Of course not. The Evil Slave would continue to claim to be the Faithful Slave. Right? So what is the test? Why would Jesus mention such a possibility if it were totally irrelevant and would create unnecessary doubts? Why would not Jesus leave the impression that the Faithful Slave would always remain faithful? Has the JW Organization “beaten its men and maid servants” when they had questions or an honest difference of opinion? Can we put them to a test? [Personally, I think the Faithful Slave and Evil Slave are both different; not two possibilities for one group.]

For your personal reference and research, below we have applicable quotes from the 2013 Watchtower and also from Watchtowers in the 1920s applying the “Evil Slave” to us Bible Students who left the organization. Ouch! I am not sure whether my feelings should be hurt for having been called an Evil Slave or for now just simply being ignored? LOL

Notice when you read the quotes below from the late 1920s about the Evil Slave, that Rutherford’s Watchtower makes many criticisms against Bible Students of pride, laziness, slander, libel, etc. However no citations or evidence is provided to support the claims. Rutherford does not identify the person, people, group, publication, etc. He does not provide quotes from publications.

Here are the quotes.


July 15, 2013 Watchtower Study Edition, page 24, top shaded section says, “Jesus warned about an evil slave who conclude in his heart that the master is delaying and who starts to beat his fellow slaves. When the master arrives, said Jesus, he will punish that evil slave “with the greatest severity.” – Read Matthew 24:48-51.

“Was Jesus foretelling that there would be an evil slave class in the last days? No. Granted, some individuals have manifested a spirit similar to that of the evil slave described by Jesus. We would call them apostates, whether they were of the anointed or of the “great crowd.” (Rev. 7:9) But such ones do not make up the evil slave class. Jesus did not say that he would appoint an evil slave. His words here are actually a warning directed to the faithful and discreet slave.

“Notice that Jesus introduces the warning with the words, “if ever.” One scholar says that in the Greek text, this passage “for all practical purposes is a hypothetical condition.” In effect, Jesus was saying; ‘if the faithful and discreet slave were ever to mistreat his fellow slaves in these ways, this is what the master will do when he arrives.’ (See also Luke 12:45.) However, the composite faithful and discreet slave has continued to keep on the watch and to provide nourishing spiritual food.

“The anointed brothers who together serve as the faithful slave recognize that they are accountable to the Master for the way they care for his domestics. The heartfelt desire of these anointed brothers is to fulfill their responsibility loyally so that they might hear a “well done” from the Master when he finally arrives.”


Watchtower: February 15, 1929, page 55

“faithfulness of the remnant.


“29 There is a third division of the Psalm and it is addressed to the wicked. That does not mean that God is here speaking to those who have never known him. The wicked ones are those who have received a measure of enlightenment upon the Word and plan of God, and who have used it selfishly and wrongfully and who have despised its instruction. The term -“wicked” includes many who are in the denominational church systems, and also those who have been instructed in the truth after making a consecration to do the will of God. These afterwards cast away his words or cast them behind them. These go to make up the “evil servant” class.–Matt. 24:48, 49.

“Some who made a consecration or covenant with the Lord, and who thereby agreed to do his will, received not the truth in the love of the truth. They expected some personal selfish profit therefrom. They looked forward to the time when they might enjoy great honor and dignity, aiding Jesus to conduct the judgment of the world. Their selfish expectations were not realized at the time set by them, and they said in substance: ’The Lord has delayed his coming.’ They began to smite their brethren because their brethren insisted that the Lord was giving his people more light. The evil ones said in substance: ’If there is any more light to be received, the Lord will not send it through anyone except us, but our conclusion is that there is no more light to receive.’

“They further claim that all the light that God gave to his church was given prior to 1917. They still claim to be in God’s covenant, but they entirely disregard his commandments. They claim to be mouthpieces for the Lord, even though they speak words contrary to what he has instructed. With this let us now note the opening of the third division of the Psalm, in which the Lord, addressing the wicked, says : 32 “But unto the wicked, God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth? Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest my words behind thee.” (Verses 16 and 17) The ones here addressed are impressed with their own importance. If anyone attempts to bring to their attention some further light which God has caused to he shed upon the temple class, they push it. aside. They hate instruction and hate the ones who bring it to their attention. They declare that they do not want any more light because ’there is none to be given’. They have no joy in the Lord, they do not understand what the joy of the Lord is, and of course they have not entered into that joy.”


Watchtower: February 15, 1929, page 56

“Those forming the evil servant class indulge in slanderous speech against those whom they once called their brethren and who are still striving to serve the Lord. They speak bitter words against them and hate them without a cause. (1 John 3 :15) They busy themselves to concoct all manner of evil schemes against those who are active in the Lord’s service. To this end they magnify small matters, and publish vile and libelous reports of and concerning those who are diligently striving to serve the Lord. Some of this evil class have even gone to the extent of stealing the Watch Tower mailing list and have thereby procured a list of names and addresses to which they regularly mail their vile accusations. Of course the Lord foreknew the development of such evil class and caused his prophet to write down what would come to pass. 38 Then the Lord graciously permits those who are faithful to him to understand why he foretold the workers of iniquity and how the faithful would be the targets for their evil darts. Why did he do that? The answer is that whatsoever he has caused to be written was written that the faithful might have comfort and hope. (Rom. 15 :4) Mention is here made of the fact concerning the evil ones because the Scriptures point it out, and in order that those who are striving to be faithful to the Lord might not be in the least disturbed or discouraged by vile and slanderous accusations that are laid against their brethren.

“The fact that the Lord foretold these things, and that one is the object of such persecution, should cause him to rejoice rather than to be discouraged. It was Paul who declared: ’Through much tribulation ye shall enter the kingdom.’ 39 The people composing the class that indulges in such wicked and lawless course of action deceive themselves into believing that they are ’doing god service’ by slandering their brethren. They even think that God is as they are. God foreknew this, of course, and therefore caused his prophet to write these words: “These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself; but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes. “–Verse 21. 40 This prophecy shows that God has been longsuffering with those opposers of the truth and has kept silence. But the time comes for him to speak. “But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men.” (2 Tim. 3: 9) Those who have devoted themselves to the Lord’s service are not to be discouraged by reason of the activities of the evil class against them: “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity …. Rest [be silent to, margin] in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.”–Ps. 37 : 1, 7, 8.”


Watchtower: October 15, 1928, page 318

“The year 1914 marked the end of the world and the time when Jehovah placed Christ Jesus upon his throne as the rightful King of the world. Three and one-half years thereafter, to wit, in 1918, Jesus came to the true temple of God, first for judgment upon the house of God, and then for judgment upon the professed house of God, which judgment includes the complete destruction of Satan’s organization, including that professed temple.–Ps. 11:4-6; 1 Pet. 4:17. Prior to 1914 there was no evidence of the fulfilment of our Lord’s prophecy as set forth in Matthew 24. The evidence of his presence from 1874 until 1914 must be found and is found in other portions of the Scriptures.

From 1914 to 1918 the Bridegroom seemed to tarry and the “evil servant” class became manifest and therefore unfaithful. The motive of the evil servant class was selfish, because they had been looking to the time when they might receive a reward for themselves. Those unselfishly devoted to the Lord’ remained faithful and were faithfully representing the Lord the best they could when he came to his temple, and of these faithful and approved ones is made up “that faithful and wise servant”. To the “faithful and wise servant” the Lord committed all of his goods, to wit, his kingdom interests. He brought these faithful ones into the temple condition, gave to them the garments of salvation, and covered them with the robe of righteousness.”


Watchtower: February 15, 1927   page 56

“declaring his message of the kingdom.


“9 All who were begotten and anointed of the holy spirit and thereby in Christ constituted a part of The Servant class. The parable of the talents shows that some of That Servant class, when the Lord came to his temple, were found to be unfaithful; and to such the Lord said: “Thou wicked and slothful servant, . . . Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents …. And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”–Matt. 25:26, 28, 30.

“Undoubtedly then the evil servant is made up of that part of the Servant class who were found unfaithful when the Lord came to his temple. “But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming ; and shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken: the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”–Matthew 24 : 48-51.

“Call to mind now the facts, how that in the latter part of 1917, which was the beginning of 1918, there began to be a division amongst the Lord’s people who claimed to be consecrated and in present truth. Some said, in substance if not in terms, “There is no more work to be done”; and they refused to do any more. They were not content with this, but went about saying all manner of evil against their fellow servants and smiting them; that is to say, those who had been fellow servants with them, and who still remained faithful to the Lord, were the objects of the assaults of the others, who had taken a different course. 52 The “drunken” mentioned in the above text of necessity must be that class mentioned by the Apostle: Paul as drunken on the false doctrines of this world. This evil servant class, many of them at least, began to sleep so far as the work was concerned; and a dark time was on the church. “:For they that sleep, sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.”–1 Thessalonians 5: 7-8

“The facts show that the controversy and trouble and smiting began in 1917, before the Lord came to his temple. The words of the Master are: “The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of.” Those who turned away from present truth in 1917, and since, do not believe that the Lord has come to his temple; and they oppose those who have called attention to the fact of the Lord’s coming to his temple. The evil servant clearly does not refer to an individual human being, but does refer collectively to those who were found unfaithful when the Lord arrived at his temple.


Watchtower: February 15, 1927   page 57

“…Servant class, and who, since 1918, have refused to participate in announcing the kingdom, and who engage in smiting their fellow servants, and fellowship with the world, constitute the evil servant class. Therefore it now more clearly than ever appears to us that the obligation laid upon each one of the Servant class, from this time forward, is faithfulness in performing his or her part of the covenant with the Lord. To those who continue faithful he has promised to grant an abundant entrance into his everlasting kingdom.”


  • byronofcalgary

    EASY – go to JW.org for 2 VITAL articles in July 2013 WT tract – “Tell Us, Who Really Is the F&D Slave ?” demotes ALL Anointed to “Domestics” except the 7 GB’s – Rank + File Anointed can no longer question the GB or the changing doctrines inc their own demotion or that the F&D S is “Really” just 7 guys NOT ALL Anointed as the 7 guys prev said => SAME article has “Tell Us, When Will These Things Be ?” inc a Chart + Review #19 that openly admits to 3 unbiblical or HERETICAL doctrines => this was prob pointed out by the Anointed F&D Slave prior to Demotion Big Q is WHO is False Religion ? ? A = obv WT – chart shows WT should fear the UN and not Armageddon

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Byron welcome, thank you for your infomation. I agree it is the fox guarding the henhouse and they made themselves accountable to NO ONE. Could you tell us about your journey? How did your brain wake up and how did you get the courage to leave?

  • Jon

    For argument sake, if as some seem to be thinking that the GB turned out to be the evil slave; where would that leave the domestics? Because of the slaves actions the master does not abandon the millions of others who are working their socks off to do his work. Read the text, the domestics are still in there.

    • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

      A separate thought: the servant or slaves could be each individual christian as the following two parables Jesus gives right after this one would fit the context and the lesson Jesus was imparting as well. A simple lesson that if taken as is would make the GB simply a group of religious leaders in our day who claim to be christian leaders. So what will be their end as individuals ? Will they be rewarded and set over many things or punished and have their portion with the hypocrites? As for the fellow servants, each will give account and each will be found faithful or not.

    • just stay sweet and good


      The July 15 2013 WT study article pointed to only “a class” of people not any individual group that can be named.
      This “class” of people are sloppy and not faithful and discreet in all things.They are like the sleeping virgins and when they get caught sleeping they want to discreet virgins to bail them out. The domestics are all of those that the father is having dealings with AT THIS TIME. Yes, judgement does start at the house of God. We wouldn’t be having a very good time in the millennium if the rulers were lazy and corrupt! That type or “class” would never receive their final sealing. These corrupt ones (aka wannabees) wouldn’t get along very well with the faithful Apostles that Jesus appointed as the faithful and discrete slave in the first century. Remember we do not believe in the dogma of the Catholic Church of Apostolic succession.

    • LittleMouse

      Hi Jon
      Ezekiel chapter 34 tells us what happens to the domestics when the slave proves evil verse 10 says the shepherd [evil slave] is dismissed from feeding them. Verses 11-13 the master searches for them and gathers them back together from all the places they have been scattered to. Other verses in this chapter identify when the regathering happens: at an as yet future date. And the blessings awaiting those regathered.

      • Peter K. (admin)

        Hi Little Mouse,

        In context of the evil slave and domestics (Matthew 24 and Luke 12), the “faithful and discreet slave” Matthew 24:25 is present. Help me understand why Ezekiel 34:5 (NWT) “So they were scattered because there was no shepherd…” If the faithful and discreet slave is present, would he be the shepherd?

        Ezekiel 34:13 “I will bring them out from the peoples and collect them together from the lands and bring them into their land and feed them on the mountains of Israel..” Isn’t this chapter referring to natural Israel?

        • LittleMouse

          Hi Peter
          You questions are complex to answer with explanation, I will attempt to keep brief what my current understanding is. I am open to being shown where my understanding is either misguided or otherwise lacking, as I am very much still a learner on bible topics. And I am sure you are very familiar with the scriptures I mention.
          “Isn’t this chapter refering to natural Israel??”
          I am of the understanding that Ezekiel 34:23,24 and Ezekiel 37:24 are speaking about the Christ in his role as king.Ezekiel 34:25 and Ezekiel 37:26 both indicate a covenant of peace in connection with the Davidic shepherd king. Hebrews 13:20 describes Jesus as the Great Shepherd and speaks of the everlasting covenant Jesus ransom formed.
          Hebrews chapters 8-10 goes into much detail about the covenant connected to Christ Jesus and quotes from Jeremiah 31:31-34 regarding it. The passage in Jeremiah is a prophesy about Israel and Judah. However when the new covenant was made, it was not exclusively made with natural Israel compare Hebrews 9:15 1Timothy 2:3-6 John 3:16-18. This leads me to believe that the first century writer of the book of Hebrews understood Christians themselves to be the ‘Israel’ in Jeremiah 31. Some of them were natural born Israelites also, granted. On the understanding that it is Christ being prophesied about in Ezekiel 34:23, then it seems reasonable to me that the rest of Ezekiel 34 relates to those who belong to him – and not to anyone who has not accepted his ransom and become party to the ‘new’ covenant. Correct me if I am wrong but natural Israel as a nation, hasn’t accepted Jesus as the Messiah yet.

          “If the faithful and discreet slave is present would he be the shepherd?”
          There was prophesied a time period when the shepherd would not take care of the sheep suggesting that perhaps the faithful and discreet slave and the evil might not have both co-existed all the time since the first century?? I cannot judge this. [Zech 11]
          At John 21:15-17 we read that after Jesus resurrection the apostle Peter is assigned the very task that the faithful and discreet slave is given. Scriptures tell us Peter did not carry out this task alone, but others helped him,in particular the other apostles, while they were alive hence a group not a single person, the face of whom changes over time. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 1 Timothy 4:1-3 2 Peter 2:1-3 and Acts 20:29 all describe a group of ‘fellow slaves’ that very much fit the description of the evil slave. This latter apostacy group comes into being many years after Peter is directed to “feed my sheep” and it co-exists with the faithful and discreet group until the last of the apostles die. After the apostles died, the wolf-like group became widespread and the definition of Christian becomes very blurry.
          Zechariah 11:12-17 prophesies about a shepherd that doesn’t do their job, one who turns up after Christ’s betrayal [details prophesied match Matthew 27:5,6] An evil slave indeed!. Either slave, faithful or evil are recognizable by their fruits. I see no reason to suppose that it would be only one or the other, rather than both present when the master returns. Jesus also warned that the evil slave might not be easy to tell apart from the faithful and discreet slave Matthew 7:15-23. The passage in Ezekiel 34:2,5 condemns Israel’s shepherds as being not real shepherds at all hence – the sheep “were scattered because there was no shepherd” After all one can’t actually be a shepherd by having the assignment only, action is required.
          On a personal level I believe both named slaves mentioned in Matthew 24 and Luke 12 are the Christian religious leaders collectively. Which one they are, can only be identified by the Master who can read hearts. I feel it is presumptuous for mankind to assign the label: faithful and discreet. Some are perhaps easier for us to identify as evil.
          I have endured much spiritual abuse throughout my short lifetime and see much comparison between the Pharisees of Jesus day and many ‘Christian’ leaders today, “they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders”[KJV] It is a blessing to know that God himself is not responsible and that the food from his table is good. Overturning unscriptural interpretations that I have been fed has become a major task that I fear will take me many years yet to unravel. Hopefully I have not rambled so much that you can’t follow my line of reasoning in replying to your questions.

          • Peter K. (admin)

            Hi LittleMounse,

            Thanks for your good response. I agree with you that the New Testament describes the baptized and holy spirit anointed Christians as spiritual Israel. However, where we differ is that God will not renege on his promises to natural Israel. The promise to Abraham is that his seed would be blessed as the stars of heaven (spiritual seed – Christ with body members) and the sands of the seashore (earthly seed). See Paul’s discussion in Romans 11. https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2012/12/01/did-the-apostle-paul-believe-that-the-jews-natural-israel-were-rejected-by-jehovah-forever/

            God promised that he would ultimately return the Jews to natural Israel permanently.

            What prophecies regarding Israel’s regathering have already been or are being fulfilled?

            A. The fact that they would be regathered to the land (Isa. 43:5-6 & Jer 30:3), never again to be removed (Amos 9:14) on the (millennial) day (Isa 11:11)
            B. First Jewish settlement called Petiteekvah (meaning, “door of hope” – Hosea 2:15) established in 1878 A.D. following permission from Berlin Congress of Nations.
            C. Fishers (Zionism) & Hunters (Nazi Persecution). (Jer 16:15,16). We suggest that God permitted Nazi persecution to drive the Jews back to their land, but that Satan attempted to thwart God’s plan by using this same persecution to exterminate the Jews (the earthly seed). Although God permitted this evil for a time, he finally intervened to prevent the Jewish extermination from continuing, by turning the war against Germany; thereby demonstrating that God’s intervention and care were necessary for the protection and preservation of the Jewish people. Every Jew who died in the Holocaust will come back to joy and happiness in the resurrection and with the realization of their need for a kingdom ruled by God, where all mankind can be happy and safe.
            D. Remnant return weeping & crying after Holocaust (Jer 31:7-9).
            E. No longer servants in other lands in that (millennial) day (Jer 30:8)
            F. Land reclamation (Amos 9:14; Isa 35:1,2; Isa. 61:4). Rebuilding of cities, clearing swamps, irrigating deserts & farming the land. In the past centuries, Israel was a barren wasteland and filled with swamps and deserts. Now God has transformed Israel into a thriving farming country which exports much of its crops and is one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet.
            G. The city of Jerusalem restored to the Jewish people (Zech 12:6) in that (Millennial) day.
            H. Other nations (trees) springing to life along with Israel (fig tree) (Luke 21:29-30) points to nearness of the kingdom. (figs=Israel Jer 24 & Matt 21:19)

            This is quite a lot so I will leave out discussion on the shepherd for another time.

  • Just stay sweet and good

    comment on: “Why the change about the evil slave”?

    I really think it is to ward off any litigation that would prove “Hate Speech” It also constitutes undo influence and misuse of the printed press to label someone evil.
    In this day and age ALL HATE SPEECH has to be avoided by all people. Bullying is actively condemened in all parts of society and if indulged in can bring on legal consequences. Discrimination for age, race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, etc .already has laws in place to protect the innocent.


  • We believe as Bible Students that in the “end day’s” Job 34 : 13 come out. Only for the Christians who has a Earth Hope. The WTC ( Government Body ) claim themselves as Anointed Brothers with a Heaven hope, we are not sure, however we are sure we stay at or in earth forever……
    See http://www.condit-energy.org

  • I still believe Jesus arrived at the end of the Gentile Times in 1914, or thereabout; received the crown as king of the world and went about the business of subduing his enemies.Historical catastrophes prove the event occurred in heaven around WWI, and the riders of the following horses have never slowed till now. (Ebola?)

    The first order of business was to fight the interstellar war of the heavens, to clean out Satan’s seed up there. When that is finished, he comes back to earth, where Satan has rebounded for the final assault on the kingdom seed. We have no way of knowing how long it will take for Satan’s forces universally to be defeated, or how vast the realm of intelligent sentient life is in the cosmos.

    The ‘generation’ (Matt. 24:34) foretold is obviously Jerusalem’s as this did occur 37 years after Christ uttered the prophecy in Mat. 24. Not upon our ‘last days’ necessarily.

    So, since Satan has not destroyed religion (B.the G.)…or attacked Christianity wholesale yet, we can safely assume the heavenly wars are still being fought. He is still engaged by Michael’s ( Jesus? not in my opinion was Jesus ever an angel, but an only-begotten god….God’s only created son) angel’s. Archangel being like a general to a President.

    As for the Balfour proclamation; the Jews, who have no definite lineage as Jews, are not the ones being mentioned as the ones that will be put on high when Jesus returns to eliminate all opposition from Satan and his armies who are attacking Christians…not Jews. (see Rev. 12:17) The Jews are of this world, not part of Jesus’ kingdom, composed of born-again brothers of Christ.(John 1:11-13)

    The Jerusalem temple Christians await comes down out of heaven from God, not the old Jerusalem / Jewish temple that will never be rebuilt with earthly priests(Levites). That was done away with in 70 c.e. This new temple is built upon Christ as the cornerstone, and the Apostles as the foundation; no Levitical Jewish priests anymore; only spirit-begotten ‘brothers of Christ’ make up this ‘city of our God’.Rev. 21,22

    We must start looking to Revelation prophecies, and begin to ween ourselves from the old Testament /Jewish fulfillment. That is old business. I fear many have left the Book of Revelation and picked up the Hebrew scriptures…and looking in the direction the world wants us to; Jewish fables and traditions; the synagogue of Satan…those who concur with those who murdered the true Messiah, and are even now heralding their own choices of Messiah; imperfect men! (Luke 9:62,,,Matt. 13:52) They are rejected as a nation just as they were in the first century. They cannot progress until they accept Jehovah’s means of salvation. Some, a few are doing this, but others slaughter thousands in carnal war to hold onto territory in the old earthly kingdom. … and will justify rocket attacks,(even upon schools, and hospitals) and tank shelling even though Jesus says, “Love thy enemies!”

    Hello Peter, and Jacqueline! Peace and prosperity in Jehovah’s spirit be with you and yours here….to all who worship Father and love the Son.

    This, I feel is Christian teaching… the ‘new’ things we need to accept. Returning to Jewish fables of the old Levitical priesthood/temple is not the truth Jesus or the Apostles taught.

  • Stanley L.

    Hello again, Brethren and others:

    I didn’t make this comment earlier, but I was with the Witnesses back in the 90s and early 2000s and something became pretty clear to me as I read the publications and listened to talks at their conventions. What I realized was that the Governing Body already thought of themselves alone as making up the “Faithful and Discrete slave class” alone and not the “anointed” class as a whole, as they were still saying.

    I already knew that they didn’t consult any others of the supposed class and if any anointed brother wrote in suggesting something they didn’t like he or she would get a message to keep their mouths shut or risk disfellowshipping. So the whole thing was a scam of sorts from the beginning.

    But it was pretty clear to me by that time just from the way they worded things that they really thought the prophecy applied to them alone, they just didn’t have the stones at the time to openly admit it. It was for that reason I wasn’t the least surprised that they made that change in their teachings, it was just a matter of time. Of course, when one narrows the field that way as to the membership of the “slave,” and claims that slave was always faithful, then one has to do away with the “Evil Slave” since the other was faithful. I know, it sounds kind of circular because it is.

    What did surprise me was their starting the slave with Rutherford and his lot and de-emphasizing Russell. I don’t know if they really thought that through because by detaching Russell from the fulfillment of that prophecy as a member of that class they are backhandedly admitting that Rutherford, instead of Russell, was their true founder.

  • Dear friends and fellow seekers of Wisdom and Truth,

    On my way down to this communication interface, I chanced
    on the matter of the Archangel (chief messenger) dying
    for ‘us’ or not etc. Well briefly: he did not, albeit
    offered by God as per John 3:16 for the kosmos of Israel
    (Strong’s 2889), but saved just in the nick of time by
    the substituting Sheep Jesus in whom Israel then died.

    Now the real reason for accessing this interface:

    Contrary to all claims to the contrary ;-), God’s Kingdom WAS NOT established in 1914. The time of exclusive Gentile domination in the face of complete absence of any representative rule by God on earth, however, did end that year as the Christ ascended his throne to rule amid his enemies, NOT HIS FRIENDS, while paying much closer attention to the kingdom of the son of Jehovah’s Love

    (Colossians 1:13-14) He delivered us from the authority of the darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of his love, 14 by means of whom we have our release by ransom, the forgiveness of our sins.)

    a kingdom not in heaven but only over the anointed Israel of God still in the flesh, which right and authority was bequeathed to the heavenly only begotten son of God by the son of man upon his death as the sheep Jesus, who was the only one with that right as a descendent of David, remembering the words of God to the last king that ‘the kingdom of God will become no one’s, until he comes who has the legal right’ to rule the Israel of God.

    God’s kingdom of the 1000 years has nothing whatever to do with that, because that is in heaven where earthly descent is as irrelevant as are previous marriage ties.

    On the basis of their claim that the Kingdom of God has been born in 1914, Jehovah’s Witnesses’ slave has commandeered to themselves the right to rule the whole earthly domain of that alleged Kingdom as represented by their entire flock of willing, conditioned subjects who are encouraged to obey that slave come what may, or else.

    For an insight into the possible implications, real or alleged, here is a paragraph from one of my final attempts at communication with JW HQ in the US, where I quote from a Watchtower:

    I can do no more but to implore YOU to listen to what the spirit
    says to the congregation.  It will prevail.  YOU may not, nor
    gain entry into the heavenly realm of YOUR yearning, because YOU
    have and still are failing to teach the truth about Sin, Ransom,
    Israel, Jesus’ role in all of that and the pattern of Jehovah’s
    exquisite purpose.  There is yet time for YOU to remedy that
    situation, but not by insisting that YOU are Elijah and that one
    of the 24 Elders of Rev 4, 5 and 11 got in touch with YOU in the
    1930’s. See WT January 1 2007 – Pages 25-30  -First Resurrection
    now under Way- with a special focus on Paragraph 11.

    This title alone -First Resurrection now under Way-is a lie, blatantly deliberate or not, for the Scriptures clearly indicate that the little flock of the Bride of Christ, the heaven-bound Israel of God are gathered or resurrected as a whole, at once or at the same time from the grave and the small remnant still alive on earth, for the birth of the 1000-year kingdom to proceed and validate its power.

    More detail, while not all that well written, on my website


    • Peter K. (admin)

      Dieter – I am still confused. Who are you saying that Jesus died for???

      As you continue, you may be stating that the Gentile times ended when Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection??? At any rate, to paraphrase, you are in essence saying that God’s Kingdom began with the spiritual Israel, starting at Pentecost. I agree with you that the Anointed (The New Creation baptized into Christ with the Holy Spirit indwelling) are God’s (embryo) kingdom on earth since Pentecost. Since we are somewhat in agreement here, I won’t start quoting scriptures to support the idea.

      Can we agree that God’s kingdom is much bigger than this? At the time of Jesus second presence, the resurrection of the sleeping Saints (1 Thess 4:16-17) constitutes the beginning of the heavenly phase of God’ kingdom (Daniel 2:44 “the stone”). Next, the earthly phase of the kingdom is established with Natural Israel repenting and accepting Jesus as Messiah (Zech 12:10), then the kingdom growing and filling the whole earth (Dan 2:35). Are we in agreement here?

      You state that “God’s Kingdom WAS NOT established in 1914.” I agree with you in the sense that I don’t think God’s kingdom on earth was set up in 1914 through the Watchtower Society. Even so, I don’t think we should discount the significance of 1914. Here, Brother Russell taught that based on the Times of the Gentiles prophecy various things would happen. Brother Russell over-expected the results of that date, just as with the Apostles who over-expected thinking that Jesus would defeat the Romans and set up the kingdom then. However, much of what Brother Russell taught began to take place from 1914 as follows:

      1) Church / State rule ended
      2) Kings lost their crowns (Divine right of kings)
      3) WWI and WWI broke up the European empires – they lost all their colonies
      4) WWI led to the 1917 Balfour Declaration setting aside Palestine (Israel) as a homeland for the Jesus.

      Now would you say that this was all just a coincidence and a lucky guess on the part of Brother Russell?

  • A point concerning the expression often used concerning the Bible Students as “leaving the organization” in the 1920s:

    Back in the 1960s, when I first attended one of the conventions in Bloomington, Indiana, I was talking to an elderly brother about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I mentioned something to the effect that he must have been one of those who left the organization in the 1920s. His reply was: “No one actually left the organization”. I understood by “no one”, he meant those Bible Students of the 1920s who rejected Rutherford’s new teachings. However, I did not fully understand what he meant by his statement that no one actually left the organization, and the rest of his remarks until many years later. His thought was that there “was no organization” to leave. I did not fully appreciate this until I had actually studied Brother Russell’s statements regarding organization. One of them he made in 1915:

    There would be nothing to come out of, as an organization, if one is an International Bible Student. You cannot get out of anything you have not gone into. — The Watch Tower, July 15, 1915, page 218.

    In other words, from the standpoint of the Bible Students, there was no “organization” to leave in 1920s, but rather their rejecting Rutherford’s new dogma concerning “Jehovah’s visible organization” was actually a refusal to join such an organization. Never having joined such an organization, they never “left” such an organization.

    See my research:
    What Did C. T. Russell Teach About “Organization” As Related to the Watch Tower?

  • Daz

    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. My view is that it is possible that the evil slave IS the governing body or even Rutherford, the reason I say this is because both have introduced false doctrines, false predictions which could be also be taken as false prophecy such as the 1914 return of Christ Jesus & then handing over his belonging over to the FDS in 1918 which after doing alot of bible reading & research seems in my opinion unlikely to have happened. Also their rules & regulations many I have found to be unsciptual. I was reading about Michael the Arc-Angel which they believe is Jesus, I used to believe this also but after researching it does’nt add up. They say that Michael became Jesus when he came down to earth in the form of a perfect human, Jehovah changed his name from Michael to Jesus? When he was ressurected & assended back to heaven he once again became Michael the Arc-Angel? But if that is the case how could it once again be Jesus that had returned again in 1914? Doesn’t make logical sense to me. Michael is referred to in Daniel 10:13 as “one of the foremost princes” yet Revelation 19:16 Jesus is referred to as the “King of Kings” so with this in mind then would it not make sense to say that a King is of a higher rank than a Prince? Jesus has authority over all the angels does he not? Also taking away one’s freedom of having a different opinion or being an individual does not sit right with me either as I have had this practice enforced upon me whilst I was studying with Jw’s & attending meetings. I t made me very confused & I felt that my Father in heaven wouldn’t accept me unless I became like a clone so this lead me down the raod of feeling worthless & unworthy. I had to to take a step back & analyze what was happening to me, I prayed hard & finally realized that I had to break free from the orgainization because I knew I should not be feeling the way I was, I knew that Jesus does not endorse such treatment of a fellow christian. All these rules/treatments are endorsed by MEN. I am no expert or do I claim to have a plethora of knowledge but all I can point out is what I read & what I have reserched that I feel makes sense to me.

    Warm & Loving regards,

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Daz- Thanks. You brought out some good points to consider about Michael the Archangel. You might find this interesting: https://www.friendsofjehovahswitnesses.com/2013/07/03/who-is-michael-the-archangel/

      There are some advantages to the view that Jesus is Michael [meaning “who is like God”] the Arch [chief] Angel [messenger / Word / Logos]. This view

      1) Can not be harmonized with Trinity
      2) Supports view that Jesus pre-existed before born of Mary

      • Daz

        Hi Peter, thankyou for your reply & the link you kindly provided, I will certainly go & check it out. Here are some other references regarding Jesus & Michael the Arc-Angel I found interesting:

        Hebrews 1:5–8 did God ever say to any other angels,“You are my Son,today I have begotten you”
        “I will be to him a father and he shall be to me a son”
        Aso what about when he brings the firstborn into the world & says,
        “Let all God’s angels worship him”.
        The angel named Gabriel, his name means “mighty like God” so would this be one & the same & make him Jesus aswell? Where is Michael now if he is Jesus? Daniel 12, Yet he is Jesus, whose name is above all names forever! So did Michael the Arc-Angel incarnate so as to die for all our sins? We know it was Jesus that did that.
        What about the name Micah? The name Miccah actually means “who is like Jehovah/God”.

        Warm & loving regards,

        • Peter K. (admin)

          Daz – Thanks. You have brought out some excellent arguments against the view that Jesus is Michael the Archangel. You may not agree with my point of view, which is fine, however I will try to explain why. When you go to the link I provided, click on the more complete article by opening up the PDF for more detail. It’s is difficult to answer your points since it takes sixteen page to lay our the case and answer your points. Let me try to do this in brief now and you can get a much more in depth answer from the article.


          Here is the main problem and confusion. The word angle is simply a job description meaning “messenger” which can apply to any of Jehovah’s created beings who are serving Him. If you and I delivered the mail, we would be referred to as mailmen, just as spirits who perform the job of delivering messages are called messengers (usually translated angels). The same Greek and Hebrew words can apply on occasions to certain human beings. Jesus is called a messenger (usually translated angel) several times in the Bible. Since the angels mentioned in the Bible interacting with men are performing messenger duties, we commonly call them angels, rather then spirits. This is good, since spirits can be either good or evil. When we say angels, we know we are speaking about good spirits. See the article for details.


          I believe that Jesus is referred to as an angel three times in Revelation, once in Malachi 3:1 and also in 1 Thess 4:16.


          The article elaborates on this so I won’t say much except that simply, yes, the Chief Messenger is superior to all the messengers.


          When God assigns names, the meaning is significant. The angels did not have parents to name them. God was their father and I think we can reasonably presume that he provided each of them with names when they were created. So can we say that the angel Gabriel was “mighty like God?” I believe so. (Notice: not more mighty or as mighty as God) Gabriel was so mighty that he was able to battle Satan for 21 days straight (Dan 10:13). Only Michael was powerful enough to subdue Satan so that Gabriel could continue with his mission.


          I am not sure I understand your point Daz. Do you think that Jesus did not have a pre-human existence? If you agree he did, then the point is simply that Jesus name in His pre-human existence was “Michael.” God placed Jesus’ spirit (life) in Marry’s womb. Whether we call him Jesus or Michael or Emanuel, does it matter?

          Daz – Perhaps I will not convince you, but perhaps you have a better idea of why we draw these conclusions.

          • Daz

            Hi Peter, thankyou so much for your in-depth reply. Yes I have read the info via the link you provided & I can certainly understand your reasoning & conclusions. As you could probably tell I was trying to etablish where the connections were made up from but now I can see. It makes sense o me now but I still find it strange that Jesus would have 2 names?? I think this can be what misleads people maybe.

            Warm & loving regards,

            • Peter K. (admin)

              Daz – I can understand that it seems strange that someone would have two names. We do find some interesting examples in the Bible of name changes.

              Abram’s name given by his father Terah means “Exalted Father”
              God gives him the name “Abraham”, which means “father of many” [nations]

              Sarai means “princess”
              God changed her name to Sarah meaning “princess of many” [nations]

              Jesus had many titles and I think about four names.
              Michael means “who is as God”
              Jesus means “Yahweh saves” (or “Yahweh is salvation”)
              Emmanuel means “God with us”
              Logos meaning “Word of God”

    • Daz:

      Michael is referred to in Daniel 10:13 as “one of the foremost princes” yet Revelation 19:16 Jesus is referred to as the “King of Kings” so with this in mind then would it not make sense to say that a King is of a higher rank than a Prince?

      The word prince in English most often refers to a son of a King. Of course, Jesus (also Michael) is indeed the son fo the Most High King, Jehovah God. (Genesis 14:22; Psalms 7:17; 10:16; Luke 1:32,35) The Hebrew word often transliterated as SAR, however, has various shades of meaning, one of which is simply “ruler”.

      See my studies related to “Michael the Archangel”

  • Brettstone

    I found the Article arroused many questions back when I first read it online before it was ever studied in the congregations. First thing I noticed was that the whole idea of this slave not being literal was predicated on the idea that “Jesus would not appoint an evil slave would he” to me this was trickery, because your common witness would reason ” Jesus would not appoint appoint an evil slave” and accept this reasoning completely distracted from what Christ was actually saying. So I reasoned why would they impose this absurd reasoning, it would be like saying Judas was not real because Jehovah would not appoint this wicked traitor would he?
    But if the Slave has not yet received his appointment then could this evil slave still be among the governing body? Or slave class?? This creates a dilemma so then, it would be wise to dismiss this evil slave as simply a warning and do so through the false premise or reasoning that this slave could only exist if Jesus appointed them and certainly he would never do that!
    This is an old tricky way to reason. Look at my right hand so you can’t see what I’m doing with left hand…

    • Daz

      Hi Brett, hope you are well.
      Very good reasoning, I always appreciated reading your views/opinions as you always have indepth answers. It seems to be a fact that they invent one lie to cover over another so as to carry on misleading & decieving the flock BUT this is why the apostasy has to come first & judgement starts with the house of Jehovah God, I think the judgement has begun & if not then it is so very close!

      Warm & loving regards,

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