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Bible Student Kids Website



Your kids can enjoy Bible lesson books, puzzles, videos, music, coloring and more.





5 comments to Bible Student Kids Website

  • Innocent O

    I appreciate your concern for me. I promise to share any issue that gives me trouble with you. Thank you also, Bro. Peter for the contact you gave me. Meanwhile, I am just 19. I love you all!

    • Jacqueline

      Innocent 19, wow! welcome. Can you tell us your experience please. So young, to recognize the call of Christ to him. We will wait to hear if you will share why you left. Sincerely Jacqueline.

  • jacqueline

    Nice to have you on Innocent and welcome.
    I also love the way the Bible is presented and it makes sense the way the Bible Students explain it.
    I love Jehovah and understand his plan now instead of fearing him, afraid to cross him or I die at armageddon and small children for being sinners now.
    This site is written so a former or still JW can understand it.
    In Christ, Jacqueline

  • Innocent O

    Hi, My name is Innocent Okoye from Anambra State in Nigeria. I am a former JW, my last meeting with them being about 4 months ago. I got interest with Bible Students owing to the way they represent the truth. I like the way BS presents matters with regards to salvation, Jesus Christ etc. Although since then i had not met any BS personally or eye-ball to eye-ball. But i have been visiting many Bible Students websites. I am so much longing to meet some as there is no BS or their ecclesia around my place.I am happy to meet you all!

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