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Is the Great Pyramid the Bible in Stone or part of Satanic Worship?

The pyramids of Giza - at night

On Saturday evening, February 9, former JW and Bethelite, and now a Bible Student Elder, David Stein will lead a round table discussion on this topic.  Joining him will be Bible Student Elders Russ Shallieu and Todd Alexander.  Todd was part of a research group that spent weeks working in the Great Pyramid.

After “New Age Pyramidology” took off in the 1960s, critics have used this to attack Pastor Russell as connected with the occult. Is this true?  If the Great Pyramid connected with the Occult or the Bible?

You can call into this conference call Saturday evening.  After the main discussion, you will be invited to participate with questions and comments.

Please tell your friends to come join us.  If you would like, mention us on your Facebook page.  Get the word out so more can participate.  We hope you can make it.

To find out if the Bible talks about the Great Pyramid, CLICK HERE: isa_19 

To learn more about the Great Pyramid CLICK HERE:

To find out whether Charles Taze Russell was associated with the Occult and Pyramidology, CLICK HERE:

To find Great Pyramid Passages by John Edgar and more detailed information, CLICK HERE:


Call Phone #: 213-226-0400 After connecting dial: 991337
Date: February 9, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Central and 4:00 pm West Coast

How to participate:
4 * – Self-Mute Line (toggle)
5 * – Raise Hand for Q&A

10 comments to Is the Great Pyramid the Bible in Stone or part of Satanic Worship?

  • Jacqueline

    Sometimes an outside source is what is needed to understand something that seems unlikely. Please go to you tube:

    Chariots of the Gods http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtBfBGCaABU This is historical not demonic, just gives a perspective . For those that are emailing me.

  • doug

    i have a problem, the new word order uses the pyramid to further their own gains 666 (sinester sites)all over the world, the corner stone with a eye and the Free masons as well. please explain,

    • Peter K. (admin)

      One reason why we tend to have a natural aversion to pyramids is because in the 1960s, Satan brought in this New Age movement, which ties to the occult. Pyramid Power was one of the strange ideas promoted. So, in our culture today, some of us associate pyramids with the idea of the occult. There are also the ancient connections of the pyramids with their corrupted religion.

      Psalms 147:4 (NASV) says of God that, “He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.” So God named the stars and some believe that the constellations tell the Gospel story. However, Satan corrupted the stars with Astrology.There is some evidence suggesting that originally Noah, Shem and Ham had a part in the origins of these Egyptian building projects. Yet later generations corrupted this information and built false religious concepts promoted by Nimrod and his mother in connection with the Tower of Babel and experiences after that. (see book “Two Babylons”and Edgar article on “Mythology and the Bible”).

      Luke 20:17 (Young s Literal Translation) “A stone that the builders rejected–this became head of a corner?” The word “head” seems to be the accurate translation of the Greek, as in the head of a person’s body, which is the top. So this and the earlier evidence suggested make me think Jesus was talking about a pyramid structure. Hence, the body members as a whole are in the same likeness (shape) as their head. However, if I am wrong and these scriptures are talking about a normal building structure, either way, we can get the same lesson.

        • Jacqueline

          Anonymous, to me the thoughts on the great pyramid is not a salvation issue. There is too much in the bible for me to be deeply concerned. If this was about whether Jesus is a ransom for a few or a ransom for all, I would be in this feet first. I slot issues as to importance in gaining the approval of Jehovah and Jesus. I leave others to debate this issue. It does not affect the love and kindness that I see among the brothers and Jesus said that would be the identifying mark that we should look for.
          I have never seen Br. Peter feathers get ruffled. He is a serious elder when it comes to the flock. He works tirelessly for this site and his duties within his congregation.
          But I also can appreciate that both of you are males and there is more passion when dealing with a point. And that is what makes this site work, I believe in addition to the different levels of Christian walks all being respected here. (blood sugar dropping need to eat. lol )Take Care Jacqueline

          • Anonymous

            Jacqueline you really put it in its place, you’re right belief in pyramids or not isn’t a salvation issue! Boy, see how easy it is to get side tracked on less relavent issues!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read all of the SITS and a biography of Pastor Russell, from my understanding, the idea that the great pyramid may corresespond to Bible chronology came from a non-christian man who merely suggested the idea to the pastor, that in turn, spiked Russell’s interest eventually leading to a fascination with the subject. If you read all the information printed by Russell over the years you’ll see a pattern of “tweeking” the measurements to match Biblical events and prophecy. I personally believe the scripture in Isaiah 19:19,20 has a spiritual application,if,any aplication at all for our day.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – I appreciate your honest sharing of your view.  I will be blunt in my rely, however please do not take offense.  I respect and defend your right to express a different view.

      You spoke of, “a pattern of “tweeking” the measurements.”  What are you talking about?  I know that John Edgar went to the pyramid and got more precise measurements.  Based on this, Brother Russell made a correction in order to keep honest.  I hardly would call that a pattern of tweeking. 

      A pyramid inch is a pyramid inch.  That doesn’t change.  Beginning with Adam’s crearion at the entrance, then  both counting up the ascending passage to the top or counting down the descending passageway to the Pit in both cases arrives at 1914.  So in the Great  Pyramid 1914 is marked by two witnesses.  Also, the start of the Jewiish age with the Law Covenant and Jesus birth are all marked.  This cannot be faked.  You have to keep counting one pyramid  inch at a time as you move forward through the passage system.   It is too remarkable to be a cooincidence.

      If you symbolize Isaiah 19:19-20, then you have to admit it is another lucky coincidence that it so well describes the exact location of the Great Pyramid.

      Again, please do not take offense.  If you disagree, feel free to explain why.  Thanks.

  • CJ

    This came in thru our contact form and I thought it might be of interest to many. Here is the conversation.
    CJ asked:
    I have a question about the Great Pyramid. I do believe that it is the ʺBible in Stoneʺ. I have been reading the Pyramidology books and it says that the Great Pyramid was not made for a burial tomb but was made for a divine witness. However, I watched a documentary about the Great Pyramid they found another tomb in it and I watched as they pried it open and there was a body. Does this change anything regarding the Great Pyramid and what it means?

    CJ, this is Jacqueline. I discussed this with Br. Peter. He said it was not the Gezer pyramid where the tomb was discovered to his knowledge.
    If you will post this directly on the site others can get in on the conversation also. Also on the site would you tell us the documentary’s name so I can look it up and maybe post it.

    CJ Replied: Rewatched it. It was the overseers tombs. Not the pyramid. It was called the “Into the Great Pyramid”. I’m a JW who believes in the Great Pyramid. Rutherford had no real reason to get rid of it.

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