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Is Christmas Pagan? Does it’s celebration anger Jehovah?

What attitude should those who want to please Jehovah have during the Christmas season?  Should this celebration be totally rejected because it is considered to have pagan connections?  Can we be condemned for wanting to study and meditate upon our Lord Jesus and his birth?  Many experience the joy of giving gifts to others as well as celebrating the greatest gift of all, our Savior Jesus Christ and the gift he gave for mankind.  Yet more sobering is the commercialism of holiday and consumerism, i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.  Our dilemma is the resulting conflict.  We don’t want to be caught up in the way the world deals with Christ’s birth.  There is also the question of resolving the true date of Jesus’ birth.

Here what Chicago Bible Students Elder, Russ Marten, had to say about this by clicking here:    Christian Perspective On Christ And Christmas_Marten-Russ_2011-12-04_D_24k

Also note the following:

In The Time is at Hand, Vol. 2 of the Studies in the Scriptures on page 61 it discusses the date of the birth of Christ. It says “…we could not be certain that the exact day might not be in September about the 27th, but October 1st, B.C. 2, is about correct. Nine months back of that date would bring us to about Christmas time, B.C. 3, as the date at which our Lord laid aside the glory which he had with the Father before the world was [made] and the taking of or changing to human nature began. It seems probable that this was the origin of the celebration of December 25th as Christmas Day. Some writers on Church history claim, even, that Christmas Day was originally celebrated as the date of the annunciation by Gabriel ”

In the December 15, 1903 Watchtower, Brother Russell wrote concerning Christmas:  “…we remember that all of these glories and blessings and privileges are ours because of the great redemptive work accomplished by him whose entrance upon the work is celebrated by Christmas day. Although we cannot agree that this is the proper day for celebrating the birth of our dear Redeemer, but must insist that it was about October first, nevertheless since he did not intimate his desire that we should celebrate his birthday it is quite immaterial upon what day that event, of so great importance to all, is celebrated. Upon this day, so generally celebrated, we may properly enough join with all whose hearts are in the attitude of love and appreciation toward God and toward the Savior.”

64 comments to Is Christmas Pagan? Does it’s celebration anger Jehovah?

  • Ted R.

    I would like to wish all of my Brothers and Sisters a Merry Christmas. It is a wonderful time to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus and reflect on all he has done for us. I wish you all or Lords blessing in the coming year. This is the first time in 48 years that I have written those words and I actually sent my Mom and Dad a Christmas card. It feels wonderful to have true freedom in Christ.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Merry Christmas to you Ted and a happy New Year. I said it to my friends on facebook when they greeted me. I know my family that still have me as a friend almost had a stroke but I am free and as long as I don’t push it on them, I don’t worry about what they think.
      Christmas has been a catalyst for more people learning and asking about the saviour. Our Lord’s name (description) was mentioned more yesterday than any day this year as people said Merry Christmas and more choir’s sang as the Angels did on his unknown birthdate. I would say it was and is a great season. I love it.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Tis the season again!
    Everyone within the Christian community knows the pagan origin of aspects of the Christmas tree etc. No one pays homage to those origins any more than they do to the origin of the wedding ring.

    This season and tree has been the biggest evangelizer for Christ in the modern world! (Quote from Jewish minister) Humans finally feel the Peace, hope and learn of the expected joys and promises at this time.
    It turns men toward the Saviour that Jehovah sent to give us hope.
    No, I don’t think he is angry. He has turned another occasion into learning what his purpose is. Enjoy the season! I for one will bask in all the love exhibited during this season and extend it back.

    • greg (Bible Student)


      As I look at the picture at the top of this page, it reminds me that sometimes some persons also get impatient, angry, hostile, and otherwise difficult to love at this time of year. But I suggest we look past those moments, and love them anyways. It is my experience that a great many people experience this time of year as painful–especially those who have experienced trauma of any kind, and those who have become separated from their families for whatever reason. They especially need the love and kindness of us who care to help them get through their difficult time. And even those who don’t have to contend with past-trauma or isolation, still have to deal with stresses, pressures, and other challenges that seem to heighten during the season.

      Love and hugs to all who need them,

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Greg do you remember the song, Love the one you are with? I expressed to a young lady this weekend that family isnt always blood, it can be anyone that God has put in your path to show love. So I look for people to smile at and wave or say hello. Since being alienated from family can bring people down at this time, they should embrace the ones that are around them with love. This season is always a good time to make someone else happy and get happiness in return from giving. We do what we can to weather the storm.
        For those on this site we are committed to being there for every testimony meeting the three times they are held each week so they can have friends to talk too. Take care

    • Marjo

      I didn’t teach my children to believe in Santa Claus. It annoys me every year when people are asking, is Santa coming over to your house? Then I reply to them, no I don’t teach my children to believe in Santa. I hate it when some parents tell their children, elves are looking from windows how you behave. If you don’t behave well you wont get any presents. I think that is horrible. Then this innocent child is thinking all days am I behaving well. Or to tell them to write gift list to Santa Claus. Here it is a crime if you tell a child that Santa isn’t real. One teacher lose her job for telling that to her class. I guess for some people believing in Santa is like a religion.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        My parents nor I taught the santa thing but for some families it is fun. The children are nice for a week and aware so I guess it is just a thing for young ones. Now 3 year olds know there is not santa becsuse of tv and just a game. Tee hee

        • Marjo

          I guess I am going to make a map of the house and hide their presens. So they can try to find them.

          • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

            They will love it. Although witnesses everyone in our congregations celebrated Christmas in my day. Some had trees including an anointed prominent brother. No one got in your nusiness then. Also no one determined who you courted or married but your parents. This control thing came in with the creation of the governing body around 1970 and got totally out of hand by 1985-95. From there a monster has developed.
            I took my children shopping the day after Christmas and bought them whatever they wanted at a reduced price and sometimes bought before Christmas.
            The organization sucks all the joy out of life. Jesus brought Joy and hope to the world. The governing body on the other hand have lavish vacations on their private jets and properties owned all over. So glad thete is a great revealing going on.
            Nothing that is hidden is remaining that wau. All levels of systems, institutions and men are being shown up as nowhere to hide and trust. Hallelujah, the Kingdom is nearer than imagined i believe.

            • Marjo

              I always thought that Governing body was always exist. No one really teach me those things because mostly I was alone and learning by myself. I always thought that New world translation was the only bible Jehovah’s Witnesses were allowed to use. But now I am going to get different bible versions. Flea market is a perfect place to find older ones. I heard that Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t go to flea market, because the fear of items might be demonic. Is that true? I think this thing came long ago when I left JW’s. I also believe that Kingdom is close, because all happenings in the world. People have gone crazy in a short time.

              • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                Marjo, no, the concept of a governing body was introduced by Raymond Franz. It was a fight and a shakeup. Many in power, the old guys, didn’t want it. But those that did, won. Then this powerful group turned on Raymond Franz and ousted him from Bethel, along with others. He landed in my old Circuit in Alabama. He and some others had a change of mind about there being a governing body in scripture, in Jerusalem, and he wanted doctrine and the whole org to be revamped. He suffered greatly for introducing this monster, the governing body, and it turned on him. He realized his mistake, repented and went on to be a valiant man that led many millions out of CAPTIVITY to an organization that existed before the governing body. He was a good man. His tribute is here:
                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0axx-av7ZRc We were all saddened by his passing but he wrote two of the most powerfullest books ever printed. Time magazine interviewed him and called his books the most burned books in America. Please go here to see if you can download his books or order them. https://www.google.com/search?q=raymond+franz+crisis+of+conscience+pdf&rlz=1C1GGGE_en___US491&oq=raymond+Franz&aqs=chrome.2.69i59j69i57j0l4.13765j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
                I didn’t grow up under a governing body and was not aware it existed as a force until about 2000 when I met them in court and afterwards. The reason young people are shunning their parents and New converts since 1970 is because they grew up under this system called the governing body.
                My children grew up in a different religion than me and it has really affected the minds of the young people. Raymond Franz’s book will completely throw you for a loop when you see from a member of the governing body how and what it really is.
                I think of the governing body as Hitler and most (not all) of their elders, Circuit overseer, district etc as the SS guards that push and enforce their policies. They wouldn’t be able to stand without the Gestapo like elders in the congregations. Just my experiences with them.

                • Marjo

                  I did read the link. It was interesting. I think too that Governing body is too controlling. I remember one convention when they told in one Watchtower how you should dress up in convention town. Jeans were illegal list. I think that comes too close of that what YOU can decide what you wear. Of course it can not be too disturbing. I think most of Witnesses wont see it because they have been brainwashed to the thought that governing body is the slave who is giving the food right time.

                  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                    Marjo yes, it is the governing body that has put in place over the last forty years a fear of independent thinking. They want to do the thinking for their adherents. In fact in answer to the question presented in a kingdom ministry leaflet, should witnesses read outside information and books? They said no that the society have assembled all they need to know in their huge library. Some may remember that meeting with questions on going on the internet and such.
                    I immediately rejected this and went on the internet to see what could they not want me to see? I agree brainwashing can occur with those brought up in the environ but I often wonder how people that were not brought in as teenagers or children could accept the governing body and their control. Some of the doctrines have truth, I admit so I catch the appeal.
                    But how they bowed before this body is beyond me and how they answer the questions presented at baptism from 1985 onward puzzles me. Adults do have a responsibility to use common sense and not listen to celebrities and take their advise seriously.
                    These are billionaires and prudent people know that money is a corrupter and you can’t listen to the very rich if they tell you not to think that they will think for you. I was reared in this but as early as 1970 I fought with my mother over the 1975 thing and was put on probation as it was called then for refusing to teach it on Bible studies (sisters told on me). The circuit overseer went on my studies and reprimanded me for not mentioning 1975. When I a very young woman said I can’t explain it so I can’t teach it, he demanded I turn over all my Bible studies to the congregation. I was studying every week with 8-12 students.
                    They are far worse now and I don’t buy how grown adults not reared in it take their level of control.
                    Any suggestions on why?

                    • TedR

                      When you place a frog in a pan of cold water and turn on the heat, the water slowly gets hotter. The frog will slowly scald to death. He doesn’t realize the change of temperature until it’s too late. That is what is happening in the organization. The changes are slow and subtle. I became a JW at 16 back in 1970. I kept putting things on the back burner to wait on Jehovah to correct matters but it kept getting worse until I could no longer justify the unscriptural twisting of scripture. The last straw was the emphasis on shunning family and the constant requests for money. Then I read Crisis of Concience and my eyes were finally opened. My heart aches for those still trapped in that organization. Like Jesus I feel pity for those who are being mislead by these Pharisees.

                • Anon CJ

                  I have the PDF of the books if anyone wants it.

                • Ellis Green

                  Sis Jacqueline,

                  I grew up in JW when Bro. Knorr was in charge and the whole thing was like an oasis in a desert, but since Gov Body was introduced its all become like North Korea and now a concentration camp. So glad the BS community is still here to support each other!

                  I did read Crisis of Conscience and it was quite an eye-opener! Did Franz become a BS after leaving WT or a Born Again Christian? Whatever, he seemed a genuine guy who just wanted to do the right thing.

                  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                    Ellis I grew up under Nathan Knorr also and in the South. We never had any problems until the governing body came into existence. See what it is now here at the summer convention. (link below you might have to type in address) The governing body is worshipped and they pose for pictures with you like celebrities. But most of the witnesses love it!. I don’t care what they do but my family is going overboard with trying to force me back into that. Take a look at this.
                    Br Franz had a house church where any, even in the community could come and worship. They used the Bible as their material and looked up source info on the scriptures. He met with the brothers in Romania, The Free Bible students and it is on youtube under his name. He actually proposed the governing body then decided it was not a good idea. It is this body that turned on him with the great power of that body and put him out. Google times magazine under the most burned book in America to see him exact revenge.(Witness under Persecution) His photo made the cover and his two books sealed their demise in the mind of millions within the org.
                    I am at the convention in Chicago now enjoying fellowship from many states.

                    • Ellis Green

                      Jacqueline, I saw the video and I was wondering who were they cheering at on the screen? This was like being at a pop concert! They weren’t cheering at the GB were they? If so, when was the last time they cheered at Jesus like that?

  • Just say sweet and good

    The whole world of mankind turned PAGAN when sin was introduced. Jehovah only dealt with individuals until he took the tribes of Jacob out of Egypt and OFFERED THEM an agreement that he would protect them IF they obeyed the 613 laws that Moses received from God “face to face”. This advantage was not offered to anybody else. Ex.19:5, Amos 3:2
    In that law he condemned the OCCULT which was an proactive act to commune with the Devil. The whole world of the PAGANS is still in existence today they are called THE GENTILES. Jesus spoke “face to face” with his heavenly father and made an agreement with a very select few to rule with him because they “stuck with him in his trails” Matt..19:28 this advantage was not offered to anybody else but the bride of Christ.
    The rest of mankind are still under Adamic sin, which means they are still PAGAN GENTILES.

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