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Voices From the Past Online Convention – Elders from Brother Russell’s Day Speak


A recording of this recent Online Convention is now available.  It is a celebration of powerful life lessons of a generation that have gone before us.  You can enjoy a day of music, devotions and Talks at the links below.

Session 1 – Music, Devotions and Russell Pollock speaks on – God’s Promised Blessings to All Nations

Session 2 – Music, Devotions and N Woodworth speaks on – This Thing is From Me – 1 Kings 12:24

Session 3 – Music and Steven Suraci speaks on – Submitting to God’s Will

Session 4 – Music, Devotions and Edward Fay speaks on – What is that in Your Hand?  Exodus 4:2 (about Moses)

Session 5 – Music and Raymond Krupa speaks on – the Witness of the Holy Spirit

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