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Would you like to experience a convention where hundreds of Bible Students from all around the USA and even the world meet together?  These Bible Students believe what was taught by the early Watchtower in 1916 and prior, in the days of Brother Russell.  Envision the feeling of freedom to be able to fellowship openly with other students of the Bible.
Video Replays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLViz7kRuY-_yoc9PcEysPk_5S2NeL41u or go to the “2018 General Convention” playlist in the “Bible Students Channel”

53 comments to LISTEN TO THE 2018 BIBLE STUDENTS GENERAL CONVENTION 2018 JULY 14-19 (Saturday to Thursday)

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Bro. Richard Tazzyman, I spoke briefly with Br. Charlton at the convention about what happened when Australia advertised it’s convention. Also he talked about the br from the Phillipines that I spoke with on facebook to let him know that baptism with the witnesses is different than what Christ had. I thinkhe mentioned our website and that plus what was going on at your convention triggered the incidences over here between me and the society.

    So could you share with us why the society sent a representative over there to speak against your convention and went from door to door against your convention.
    Thank you,Jacqueline

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Sister Jackie,So good to hear from you.We are in England(London)at present for the UK Bible Students Convention from the 15Th August.We will be Joined by other Bretheren from USA,as well as Bro Ray & Sue Charlton.About the Attention we are getting from the JWs due to our renewed preaching work.We have ex JWs getting in touch with us all the time.We had a convention in NSW & advertised it heavily in the surrounding area,.The well informed(Just a pun)JWs do not even know we existed(They do now)That put the cat among the Pidgons.They panicked as we had poached one of their unbaptised publishers from them as well as interest shown by some of their return visits.This promted a visit from the headquaters staff both In Australia & America.They then Visited all of their Return visits/persons of Interest to warn them about us,as well as announcing from the Platform at the KH,That apostates were active in the area.We have & continue to advertise heavily in that area & it is paying.We now have a small class in the area,& bretheren from Sydney Visit the newly Interested ones.We will have another Baptisim service at our next Sydney Convention as well.So the work continues with The lords Blessing.Bro Richard

  • Jacqueline (Bible student)

    I gave a testimony today about our little site and group. We have four more days.
    It is great fellowship and spiritual encouragement. We live in the college dorm rooms because school is out. 3 full hot meals each day and ice cream social in evenings. The children and young people are having their classes according to age. Young adults have different concerns and four year olds or 12 shouldn’t be in those classes.
    At the witness meetings and convention the children are desensitized by adult language and terrorized by the videos shown. Sweden government is reacting to the video not being rated as adult that is shown at the end of the convention. It would get an R rating in the USA.
    So it is sobering for me to see young people be children and not exposed to adult sexual language in a religious setting that they trust.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    F you go to you tube the channel is live as they are setting up. I drove 9 hrs so I am in bed already. See everyone tomorrow.

  • Zionsherald

    I am here at the convention enjoying the fellowship of the scriptures with old friends and new friends from this site.

    The fellowship has been both deep and meaningful. The talks have been good but the fellowship is outstanding. One can only wish the rest of you on this site were here.

    The talk on armageddon was full of hope for those who are still yet unbelievers. Gods plan is the most optimistic plan of salvation that there is.

    • Just stay sweet and good

      I’m so gald these talks are recorded so I can redigest them. So refresing after my 60 years in JW’s.
      And also the two brothers talking about how the kingdom teaching will be accomplished. I never had
      anyone present it in such vivid pictures for me. It always sounded so mysterious and unobtainable but
      now I’m begining to see some of the reasonable posibilitys. Especially the council of the Faithful Men of
      Old aka Ancient Worthies. They will really be in demand for advise. Such a future. The Best Is Yet To Come.

  • Jacqueline (Bible student)

    The convention talks are uploaded when they are over here under audio sermons, NEW:http://bibleresources.info/

  • Peter K. (admin)

    Everyone – I suggest that you put the name of the person you are responding to at the beginning of your comment so that it is easier for visitors to follow the discussion.

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