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The Great Crowd – Who Are They?


Bible Student Elder, David Stein, discusses the doctrine of the Great Crowd (Great Company).  Who are they?  What does the Bible say about the Great Crowd?  Where are they mentioned in the Bible besides Revelation 7.  What do the other scriptures in the Bible have to say about this group and how does this help us to understand Revelation 7.

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37 comments to The Great Crowd – Who Are They?

  • Robert M

    Well if everybody’s going to Heaven and the Earth is never to be destriyed. What will come of the Earth?
    If survivors of the end go to Heaven, everybody else deamed bad gets destroyed, there is to be no marrying among the ressurected (remember that?) Then does that mean Mankind will die out?
    Dosnt make sense especially when the book of Isaiah tells of a time of peace between people and wild animals.
    How could this happen if everybody is up in Heaven?

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Robert,The Bible students do not belive,nor have never stated that ALL MANKINDis going to Heaven.Only the Bride of Christ(144,00)& the great Multitude,or great crowd are Called to a heavenly Hope(Revelation Chapter 7)The rest of Mankind ,Those living now,& those that are sleeping in the grave (they will be resurected during the 1000 year Reign of Christ.Then after the 1000 years have ended,we read in Rev 20:7-10 that Satan(who was bound during the thousand years)will be let Loose for a little while to mislead the People(Nations).Those that join him,will be destroyed along with Satan & his wicked Angels(The Second Death)The rest of mankind then will live on this earth for ever(Rev 21:1-8)There will be no more Children conceived.So as the Bible states the Earth will Abide for ever.I hope this clears up what the Bible teaches about mankind & his future.Richard.Tazzyman,Bible Student,Australia.

    • At present spirit being can visit Earth is many forms among the holy angels not barred from access, or limited, if that is the case with demons.

      Paul and John had visions so real, they may have been transported in spirit to heavenly views.

      Since the Bible actually has a tree of life for spirit immortality (Rev2:7) and one for human immortality (Rev22:14), we can expect both worlds, spirit and physical, shall have then complete access for either realms [visitors].

      That is, the “abode” a being calls home, will be according to the realm of being. Demons “forsook their own proper dwelling”. They did not just visit, the planned to stay and raise families in the human realm.

      Once Christ destroys death and the spirit and physical immortality process is completed by passing Satan’s final testing (Rev20:3b), then both realms can respect their origins, yet be seamless in true access and being.

      Human also have a whole physical universe to eventually interact fully with, as angels already have been doing from inception.

      It is time to read the obvious in Revelation 2 and 22, and think outside the fossil-box of religion. Had they been doing things approved by God they would be light years beyond the stall they are all still in. That stall, is a red flag.

      At this late stage, prior to the liquidation-warning of the JW apostasy soon, we need to think for ourselves, and let the spirit do the teaching. At this late stage, it is the only way to get past the religion detour now.

      Time to take the training wheels off, time to spread our own wings into the Bible itself, minus the coaches who still seem to be unable to summarize th whole thing by now.

      For example, Revelation 22:1-14 is OBVIOUS human immortality as the goal of the atonement sinless everlasting life, to then be tested by Satan IN HUMAN BEINGS.

      It started with a human fall from perfection, and it has to end for Satan in a human stand for perfection unto immortality.

      Christ did a lot, but he cannot stand for humans individually, he already stood the test as a human, to PROVE it can be done. Onward now, past the stall of the business of religion.

  • Anonymous

    • Great Crowd
    • In white robes
    • Serve in the Spiritual Temple, that is:
    In Sanctuary (Greek: naos) – not the whole temple – inner courtyard area with sanctuary. The other people there, not from 144.000 should be destroyed (Num 4:20:1, 1Sam6:19… for something like that, or irreverent act – serving in temple. But “Great Crowd” is declared righteous! Because, they are from priestly line (today remnant)
    Joh 2:19 – Spiritual Temple of his body. Rev 21:22.


  • Anonymous

    “Great Crowd” (part of the all 144.000 – today only)

    On Earth – in “heaven” (spiritually)
    Eph 2:6

    Rev 3:4
    Rev 3:18
    Rev 4:4
    Rev 6:11
    Rev 19:14

    Great Crowd
    Rev 19:1
    Rev 19:6

    Only priests are in the temple
    Rev 3:12
    Rev 7:15

    Other sheep
    Joh 10:16
    Kingdom anointed priests from
    Israel + nations
    Eph 2:11-22
    And not from uncircumcised people from all around.

    Yap, Darkness cover the Earth . . . Is 60:2


  • Gaza

    As one of JWs why is everyone so desperate to go to heaven is not a paradise earth good enough for you. Those government representatives of the 144000 act as priests in that they personally assist earthy ones including resserectioned ones on earth. They will need to find a suitable place to introduce these ones maybe to relatives. Baby’s aborted to willing surrogate mothers if the real parent is not available. They are servants in spirit form able to put on flesh when on assignment on earth. Being priests is not being somebody special Jesus proved that he lowered himself to save humanity. These one throw there crowns back to God. Those on earth who would already be on earth without being sinners if it had not be for Stupid Adam that is Gods purpose for us. The Great Crowd or Multitude survive as did Noah. We all stand before the judgement seat of God. But it is not some court Jesus said I did not come to judge the world ( Satans definition) but to save it. Peter James and John whilst on earth did see heaven during the transfiguration. Jesus did say what his followers needed to do to enter his kingdom but they were the ones who he had chosen to help him in heaven. He had to go on about the heavenly group it was a new ideas for a new group it was in addition to the exiting commonly held view of faithful Jews. Martha explained this view Jesus did not say all the messianic prophecies were replaced his was in addition.

    • Christopher Johns

      Thanks for your reply. Jesus only offered a heavenly hope to his followers. Jesus never spoke of an earthly hope for CHRISTIANS. Jesus at Matthew 5:5 in context is speaking of inheriting the earth to rule over. We can see this because the immediate following passages calls them “sons of God” “verse 3: The Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.” Verse 8 “They Will are God” . This is why Jehovah’s Witnesses have to use the Old Testament to show a paradise earth. The anointing to the heavenly hope didn’t exist before Jesus came therefore when we read passages from Isaiah and Psalms it’s about a paradise earth. Jesus came to call those who would rule with him. Never two classes. Jesus opened up a new a living way. Notice how all of his disciples were anointed at Pentecost. Never an unbegotten earthly class. Jesus always taught about the kingdom of the heavens. Not the earth. The great crowd in revelation is said to serve God day and night in his temple. The word here for temple is NAOS which if you look in the Kinhdom interlinear it means “Divine habitation.” Thats heaven. Not earth. If we read Psalms 45 we see the bride and HER COMPANIONS that follow her into the palace. Jesus never set out two hopes for his followers. The Bible says there is ONLY ONE CALLING not two.

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student & JW)

    One scripture that tells me the GC is indeed a heavenly group (albeit a secondary heavenly reward or not) is:

    John 3:3, 5 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot *see* the kingdom of God.”
    5 Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot *enter* into the kingdom of God.


    So Jesus himself clearly said that unless spirit begotten, no one can even see, nonetheless enter into the kingdom of God.

    In Rev 7:9 the GC are said to be “standing before the thrown”. Regardless if the interpretation of “standing before/in the mists of” meant to be IN the thrown or not, the GC could certainly SEE it, therefore the GC must be spirit begotten/born again as per John 3.

    And the GC are holding palm branches…Could this parallel to the Festival of Booths?

    • Anon

      Also Rev 19:1 says directly the great crowd is in heaven. These are not angels because the say they owe their salvation to God. Jesus dies me for mankind not humans

    • Chris Johns

      Cazanovi. How can you know the great crowd is heavenly while at the same time remaining in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and teaching people about the earthly hope that is not even available to them after dedication?

      • Rena Luecking

        Chris Johns…..I remember the big rumble about this question in the KH around 1950. The brothers got in a big debate about the difference between dedication and consecration. I was only 10 years old then and it went over by head, but I do remember it centered around “baptisim into Christ’s death” (consecration) verses “basic Christian walk” (dedication). Maybe, the WT’s from that period had something to say about this.

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