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Find the Latest Episode here: Ep.1234: Why Does God Let the Innocent Suffer? June 20, 2022

Uncovering God’s perspective regarding recent tragic mass shootings

Tragedy hurts. But a tragedy that involves the utterly senseless taking of the lives of innocent children is a blow to the heart that can send us reeling. Such a blow is hard to recover from and the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, is a most recent and horrifying example of this profound pain. Heated debates typically spring up after such a tragedy as everyone wants answers as to how to stop such things. One resounding question that comes from believers and unbelievers alike is, how can an all-knowing, all-powerful God see such things happen and just, well, just do nothing? If God is love as the Bible says He is, how do we even begin to understand what so many consider to be His utter lack of attention and intervention in such tragedies?

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Our Mission: In accordance with God’s grace and providence: make the gospel available to all ages and to as many areas of the world as possible, reach out through podcasting, multimedia offerings, Bible study tools and technology, plant seeds of hope for the burdened and for those searching for answers in their lives, lead people to truth and an understanding of God and His plan for us.

Christian Questions began airing on terrestrial radio June 12th, 1998, as a result of an idea to produce a Christian radio talk show that was Bible-based, where discussion and opinions would be welcome. We welcome listener participation, encouraging a nurturing, politically-free environment of expression on biblical topics. We aim to provide a comprehensive perspective on a wide range of studies and delve into the deep layers of Scripture.

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