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  • greg (Bible Student)

    I just finished listening to “A Matter of Conscience,” a discourse given by Br. Stephen Suraci at the 1993 General Convention. In it, he spoke about how the Governing Body and local Bodies of Elders have developed, justified, and accepted an authoritarian control over the consciences of it’s members just like the Catholi Church. He spoke about some of the different ways the JW’s have been compelled to ignore and violate their own consciences by Watchtower teachings (read: demands) and to give unquestioning loyalty to Men–rather than God.

    I really enjoyed his discourse. He also spoke about the JW blood policy, quoted Ray Franz, and discussed how the Malawi JW’s were not being allowed to get an identity card, while the Mexican JW’s were encouraged to bribe government officials because it was “standard practice”. He identified the real tragedy as that of having given one’s own conscience over to someone else to do your thinking and to make personal decisions for you.

    He also read a snippet from a Watchtower article that said (I paraphrase), “A person must not side with a relative and go against the decisions of the local elders even if he believes that relative is scripturally right.”

    I’d like to try and track down the specific Watchtower article he read from so I can add this article to my reference (evidence) archive. However, I can’t seem to locate it. Can anyone assist me, please and thank you?

    If anyone wants to listen to the discourse, you can download it from here:

    Scroll down and look for “863 A Matter of Conscience”

    (The JW segment begins at about the 25 minute mark.)


    • Ted R (Bible Student)

      Excellent talk Br Greg. Thanks for posting. He mentions in the talk about how thousands of brothers went to prison for not accepting alternative service. Thats another “change” they made. I guess now it is acceptable according some info on the JW website. Another example of how wrong it is for anyone, individual or organization, to dictate the Bible trained conscience of another. It is one thing to point out scriptural principles to consider if asked for help, but we never want to push our conscience on another.

      • greg (Bible Student)


        One of the most painfully frustrating conversations I ever had was with a couple of local elders who knocked on my door several years ago. Though they used the term “Bible-Trained Conscience”, they were not about to acknowledge MY Bible-trained CONSCIENCE.

        Instead, they falsely accused me and said I could not possibly have a Bible-Trained Conscience since I wasn’t open to letting the Governing Body dictate to me what my conscience “should be.” I realized there was no point even objecting, never mind arguing. They were fanatical and loyal to self-appointed MEN, to their Governing Body. There was no way of reaching them because they weren’t interested in truth.

        All I could do was keep myself calm inside, listen and ask questions, and watch them struggle against their own growing anger. I particularly liked employing a strategy I’ve found to be very effective whenever I’m facing false accusations: Whenever the other person makes a “You…” statement, I reply by asking a “…you…” question.

        In practice, it sounds something kind of like this:

        Other person accuses me: You have got to attend the meetings! You are being disrespectful towards God when you don’t attend them!!

        My response: You would like it if I attended the Kingdom Hall?


        Other person: You have got to come back to Jehovah!

        Me: Are you worried that I’ve left off loving Jehovah?

        I find it quite therapeutic and calming to reject their false accusations in this manner. Its not always easy to do, but at least it helps keep ME calm and focused on my reality rather than getting me all caught up in their silliness. (giggle)


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Wow, Greg thank you for this. I need to speak with Br. Peter to see if it can be s subject that appears on the left because this comment will get buried.

  • Jacqueline

    This is a link for audio of Raymond Franz “Crisis of Conscience”.

    Also more is available on you tube under audio “Crisis of Conscience”

  • Brother David Lawrence

    I am so thankful,that this wicked system is being destroyed as we speak,and soon Jehovah will set up his righteous kingdom on Earth! All will soon hear and understand the wonderful Good News!

  • David Lawrence

    What a blessing to be totally free,and know who Jehovah really is!

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