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Interview – How David Stein was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization by trying to save his father from Apostasy

THE RECORDING CAN BE HEARD HERE:  DavidSteinInterviewNov12-2011

On Saturday November 12, 2011.  Ex-JW and former Circuit Overseer Richard Rawe interviewed  David Stein a former JW and Bethelite, who is now a Bible Student Elder.   David Stein will tell the story of how he was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and how his wife Read more…

JW’s Honest Questions Lead to Isolation and Disfellowship, Then Finally to Answers, Joy and Fellowship

Here is the publication of the story of Kent from Sweden by his own hand.

Searching for the true God and the meaning of life.

I grew up in the 70s. My childhood was filled with mixed emotions due to a separation Read more…

JW Elders Book – “Shepherd the Flock of God” explains Judicial Committee and Disfellowship Procedures

In 2010, a new Elder’s book – “Shepherd the Flock of God” – was released. You can find a copy by clicking here. A large portion of the book is devoted to the procedure for judicial committees and disfellowshipping. This book is for elders only, as made clear in Letter to Elders, August 23, 2010, Read more…

Apostasy Trial Video – JW “Eric” from “JW Struggle” website disfellowshipped right before your very eyes

Brother Eric – Our prayers are with you as you are going through this very terrible trial. We pray for you and your family and want to encourage you in every emotional and spiritual way possible. We trust the Apostle Paul’s words, that “all things work together for good for those who love God and Read more…

JW was Disfellowshipped for Going Back to Early Watchtower Roots

In 1984, Harrison Reed wrote a letter to the Dawn Bible Students explaining how he was disfellowshipped for going back to our Early Watchtower roots. Read this amazing letter and follow Brother Reed on his journey beginning as a faithful follower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Brother Harrison’s conscience is awakened as he considers how the Read more…

Police inquiry over Jehovah’s Witness magazine ‘mentally diseased’ article

An official magazine for Jehovah’s Witnesses that described those who leave the church as “mentally diseased” is at the centre of a police inquiry, it has emerged.

Read more from the UK Telegraph here:

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The official magazine for Jehovah’s Witnesses has described Read more…


Should apostates and sinners be disfellowshipped from the congregation?

“Apostate” is a term used by the governing body and JW organization, but let’s look at the Bible list of unacceptable behavior.


Various sins prevent people from inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Gal 5:19-21 says, “Now the Read more…


The whole purpose of addressing sin in our brother is to win or gain him back! Jesus himself gives directions for handling sin in our midst. In Matthew 18, Jesus said to his disciples that they must be humbled “like children” before being “greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (vss1-6). Jesus then further explained that Read more…

How can I leave the JWs without losing my family?

(Editorial note added 8/22/10: If you are happy as a JW, we are not advocating that you leave, nor are we advocating division among the Lord’s people. What we are expressing here is that Christians in any Church should have the freedom and liberty to express their views of scriptures, based on personal and honest Read more…