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A Seven Year Tribulation? Prophetic Chaos in Our Time?

The Futurist view is held by many very sincere Christians. Actually, John Darby back in the mid 1800s sold his Futurist “seven-year tribulation” concept to a minority of Fundamentalists. But they are a vociferous minority. During the balance of the 1800s up until 1948 they taught that Jesus could return any day. They claim that Read more…

“A Time of Trouble, Such as Never Was Since There Was a Nation”

Many Bible prophecies predict the conditions and events of our day as signs of the end of the world—today’s headlines written nearly 2,000 years ago. Consideration of these prophecies establishes:

(1) that the Bible is indeed the inspired Word of God;

(2) that we are living in unprecedented times prophesied in Scripture as the “end Read more…

Turmoil in Egypt and the Middle East and Bible Prophecy

[flv:Egypt_in_Bible_Prophecy.flv Egypt_in_Bible_Prophecy.jpg 550 400]

Additionally, click here to listen to “Middle East Meltdown” on the Christian Questions radio program. It is program # 649 which aired on March 6, 2011.

Read all about the Middle East Meltdown here:

September 11 Attack – Is Koran Burning right?

The Christian Questions radio program considers the events of 9/11 and brings it up to date with current events, including the recent plans for Koran burning. Was the Pastor right in wanting to burn the Koran? You can find this discussion at: http://christianquestions.net/Christian_Questions_2010.cfm Once at this site, scroll down to the September 12, 2010 program: Read more…