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Is the Great Pyramid the Bible in Stone or part of Satanic Worship?


On Saturday evening, February 9, former JW and Bethelite, and now a Bible Student Elder, David Stein will lead a round table discussion on this topic. Joining him will be Bible Student Elders Russ Shallieu and Todd Alexander. Todd was part of a research group that spent weeks working in the Great Pyramid.

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Intelligent Design or Evolution – Is Jehovah the Creator?

Followers of Jehovah today are bombarded on every side with agnostic and atheistic philosophies that erode faith. In science, the theory of evolution is embraced by many as the best explanation of man’s existence on earth, of course without the necessity of a supposed mythical creator. However, in recent decades the scientific debate over the Read more…

The Egyptian Abydos Tablet contains the Genealogy from Adam to Noah to Ham

Listen to Ric Cunningham talk about The Abydos Tablet by clicking here

The Egyptian Abydos Tablet contains the genealogy from Adam to Noah to Ham.

You can find an electronic image of the Abydos Tablet with the genealogy by clicking here:

In ancient Egypt, the Read more…

Archaeology Proves Our Bible is True

In our era of scientific and technological advancement, many question how our Bible written 2000-4000 years ago could possibly be true. However, Biblical Archaeology confirms that the Bible is true. How? The people, locations and events of history in the Bible have, metaphorically speaking, left footprints in the sands of history. Archaeology is the process Read more…

The Historic Journey of Jehovah’s Written Word

The historic journey of the Word of God reads like a dramatic mystery novel, complete with political intrigue, brave heroes, hush money, treachery and murder.

To the sincere Christian, the Bible is not just a compilation of wise proverbs and interesting stories, but it is a priceless treasure—the words and thoughts of the Divine Creator Read more…


The Herald Magazine investigates Creation Verses Evolution. It begins with an examination of the creative days of Genesis chapter one. In elegant language, God has provided an account of the central work of each of seven epochs preparing Earth as the everlasting home for his human family. The details of these days are examined in Read more…

Do we all worship the same God?

Our Multi-Religious Culture

A Cultural Revolution is creeping across our country. We are in a fundamentally different religious environment from what our grandparents or even our parents encountered. No longer can we think and speak in terms of a Christian society. The United States is fast becoming a multi-religious culture. The world we live Read more…

The Great Pyramid Witness to Jehovah

Was Charles Taze Russell a Pyramid Occultist? From his 77 chapters of his Studies in the Scriptures of six volumes—Charles Russell devoted only one chapter to “The Corroborative Testimony of God’s Stone Witness” (Vol. 3, Study X)

Occultism—as generally called in Christian circles—refers to demonic influence including spiritism and witchcraft. Charles Russell, in fact, constantly Read more…