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  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.
    Matthew 5:5 Psalms 37:11,29, John 10:16
    Happy are the mild tempered since they will inherit the earth. But the meek will possess the earth. And they will live forever on it. And I have other sheep noymt of this fold, those too I must bring in, and they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock, one shepherd.

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.
    Good job on 14:3 Why? Look where verse1 says Jesus and 144,000 are. Verse 2 John hears sound coming out of heaven–where did they come from? Verse 3 bought from the earth. The other translation says from heaven. We have no problem with that verse. Can you show me a verse in Rev. Where it says Jesus will shepherd 144,000? Remember the great crowd at end of great trib, at the beginning of the 1000 will be shepherded by Jesus. Rev. 7:17 will guide them to springs of waters of life. The 144,000 don’t need that as they are immortal. When it says before the throne it shows God spreads his tent over them. Psalms 15:1 and Rev.213-5
    Again I challenge you to show one verse in Rev. Where it says God’s tent is over the 144,000???
    Where is God’s throne? Psalms 103:19 Jehovah has firmly established his throne in the heavens. Psalms 95:6 Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before Jehovah our maker.
    50 times in the Hebrew scriptures the words from humans, praise Jah. Surely you believe Jehovah on His throne heard those 50. Also all the billions times billions of prayers that went to Jehovah on his throne he heard. But wicked ones he does not hear. Is. 1:15
    And last but least, JWs have a great crowd who are washing their robes in the blood of the Lamb. Your group has no such group.
    This is the facts .

    But on my next one will explain the virgin companions in Psalm 45.

    • Christopher Johns

      You’re refusing to answer my question. Where did jesus ever offer two Hope’s for Christian’s? Where does jesus offer an earthly hope for Christian’s. Your must preaching JW reasoning. Abajn show me where Christians in the first century have an earful hope. I won’t answer any of your questions until you answer that. I used to argue with you on the FOJW Facebook page.

    • Christopher Johns

      Rev 19:1. IN HEAVEN. Not FROM HEAVEN. Where does mankind serve Jehovah in the temple? The great multitude does. 馃槉

    • Christopher Johns


      “And there was opened the temple of God that is in heaven.”
      Revelation 11:19

      “Therefore are they before the throne of God; and they serve him day and night in his temple”

      Revelation 7:15 ASV

      • Richard.Tazzyman

        Dear Bro Christopher,You as a ex Witness like myself were blinded by them(The G/Body)Into believing that the great Multitude(G/company)were a Earthly Class.But it is so clear that they,along with the angels,Elders,& the four Living creatures are before the Throne!Also it says further in verse 14(Chap 7) that have washed their Robes & made them white in the blood of the Lamb-Itf this was the case then they would have been given everlasting life,They would not have to face the final Test at the end of the 1000 year reign of christ,when Satan is let loose!The same misunderstanding they have when it comes to ISRAEL.If they read the scripture in Romans 11,The apostle paul clearly states that Jehovah has not discarded Israel at all-“BY NO MEANS” he says,in fact in verse 25…..”:A partial dulling of senses has come upon Israel(Note-NOT SPIRITUAL ISRAEL)untill the full number of people of the nations has come in,& in this manner all Israel(Again,NOT SPIRITUAL Israel)will be saved.God Bless,Richard.Tazzyman-Bible Student,Australia)

  • Dave

    Hi Chris’s Johns.

    Isaiah chapter 6:1. I saw Jehovah sitting on a loft and elevated throne.

    1 Kings 22:19 Micaiah then said: I saw Jehovah sitting on his throne and all the army of the heavens standing by him.

    Daniel 7;9 I kept watching until thrones were set in place and the Ancient of Days sat down. 7:1 saw a dream and visions.

    Rev. 1:10 By inspiration I came to be in the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a strong voice like that of a trumpet

    Did all those really see Jehovah? Three said they did . Exodus 33:20 You cannot see my face, for no man can see me and live. Look how Jesus agreed. John 1:18 No man has seen God at any time.
    43 times in Psalms, 5 in Isaiah Nd twice in Exodus the words Praise Jah!
    John is being given this in signs, he is taken to the future. And when asked who the great crowd was, this group saved through the great tribulation, John did not know. Also he didnt know that the 144,000 were all in heaven before the end of the great tribulation.

    Now I know you guy read the Watch towers when they come out. So I ask you a favor. During the trib when you read the anointed were taken to heaven . Will you believe me then?

    • Christopher Johns

      What does Isaiah 6:1 have to do with the great crowd. Jehovah is sitting on the throne in heaven. Rev 19:1 says “Great crowd in heaven”. That’s very clear. Doesnt day hes in heaven hearing them on the earth.

      If I said “I heard the voice of a class of kids in heaven” where would would say they are? Heaven. Simple.

      Also again show me where jesus offered earth to Christians.

    • Christopher Johns

      Of course no one saw God. But he heard the voice of a great crowd IN HEAVEN. Not “while I was in heaven.”

    • Christopher Johns

      The great crowd are before (enopion) the throne. Rev 7:9

      The 144,000 are before (enopion) the throne. Rev 14:3

      Both are before the throne. That completely overthrow the whole “on earth in sight of the throne”

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.

    The sound is in heaven. The great crowd are in unison with the words Praise Jah!

    Rev. Says they come throught great tribulation. Palm branches in hand. The spirits in heaven dont have palm branches in hand. Also spirits dont drink living waters in heaven. And when Rev. 7:9-17 takes place on earth, the marriage of the bride in heaven has already taken place.

    • Chris Johns

      So if John was saying he heard them and they weren’t in heaven it would read “I heard the voice of a great crowd while I was in heaven.” If I say “I heard the mistake screaming in the bwdroom” where would you say they were? In the living room? No. “GREAT CROWD IN HEAVEN” NOT “from heaven” you’re trying to split hairs. Show me again where Jesus offered an earthly hope and heavenly hope to his followers. Youve avoided that question a lot.

    • Christopher Johns

      The palm branches cant be symbolic? How do you know that those who have them arent in heaven. Rutherford said that they are in heaven becasue more than 144,000 were joining.

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.
    In my distress I called on Jehovah, To my God I kept crying for help. From his temple he heard my voice, And my cry for help reached his ears. Ps 18:6
    And when you spread out your palms, I hide my eyes from you. Although you offer many prayers, I am not listening; Your hands are filled with blood. Isaiah 1:15

    Jehovah God has the power to listen and not listen to people from heaven. So after he destroys Babylon the Great He receives praise and thank you from the great crowd in which he allows the praise in heaven but it comes from earth. Here is your clue verse 3 , And right away for the second time that said: “Praise Jah!” And the smoke of her goes on ascending forever and ever .

    Babylon the Greats smoke ascends forever, this bad group is on earth not in bug raven, destroyed on earth not in heaven and smoke from earth not in heaven keeps ascending from her, down here on earth not in heaven.

    • Chris Johns


      The scripture line quotes said he heard him FROM his temple. Meaning Jehovah was in heaven.

      Rev 19:1 says he heard them IN heaven.

      Rev 7 shows they serve him IN his temple. The Greek word NAOS. Look up the scripture in your Kingdom Interlinear. It says “Divine Habitation.”

  • I am going to spend time in bible study. I need to make changes in my life. God is love that is what his spirit is. The end of gentile times means many things to many PEOPLE. I will study. I love Jehovah i wish i could love people the way i love him may be one day i will.

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.

    Common English bible 7:13 Note the question. Who are these people wearing white robes, and where did they come from? The anointed John, the spirit begotten John, the chosen one John, did not know the answer. 14 These people(not spirits) come out of great hardship.

    So easy to see I am left with the question.Does a person see it but refuses to except it?

    • Chris Johns

      Rev 19:1 “After these things I heard something like a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven…”

      Simple. I dont need to split hairs to find that words like “people” mean earthly hope.

      Show me again where Jesus offered two distinct salvation to the church. And show me a Lords evening meal that had people that passed it by becasue they had an earthly hope.

      I’ll wait.

    • Chris Johns

      Why are the great crowd following the Bride into the palace?

      Psalms 35″13-15

      “The King鈥檚 daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King in embroidered work; The virgins, her companions who follow her, Will be brought to You. They will be led forth with gladness and rejoicing; They will enter into the King鈥檚 palace.

    • Chris Johns


      Rev 19:1 NWT
      “19 After this I heard what seemed to be a loud voice of a great crowd in heaven. They said: 鈥淧raise Jah! The salvation and the glory and the power belong to our God…”

      Rev 7:9-10
      “After this I saw, and look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands. 10聽And they keep shouting with a loud voice, saying: 鈥淪alvation we owe to our God….”

      Notice how the Great Crowd is in heaven in 19:1 and they both say the same thing.

  • Dave

    Thank you for your comments Chris.

    Rev. 21:3 Look! The tent of God is with mankind
    Psalms 15:1,2,O Jehovah, who will be a quest in your tent? Who will reside in your holy mountain? Isaiah 2:3 And many peoples will go and say: Come, you people, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah.
    Back to Rev.21 talking about who are under the tent of God. Verse 6, To anyone thirsting I will give from the fountain of the water of life free.
    These are not the 144,000 who are in heaven. 19:8 the end, the holy ones.
    Now note Rev. 7:9 no man was able to number, catch it no man. If they were in heaven of coarse no man could number spirits, their invisible to mans eyes.)their people out of all nations. Where did they come from? Came out of the great tribulation, the holy ones are already in heaven.keep in mind this group is in the beginning of the 1000 years, the ones in Rev. 21 are after Satans final attack and proved faithful. And reme.ber what God was giving them? Fountain of the water of life free.

    Verse 15,and the One seated on the throne will spread his tent over them. Remember end of 1000 years after final test on peoples, verse 3,the tent of God?

    17, the Lamb will shepherd them. You know fully well, the 144,000 clothes with immortality in heaven have no need for shepherding, but these sinners do and the Lamb is doing what at the beginning of the 1000 years. He will guide them to fountains of waters of life.last sentence, And God will wipe out every tear from their eyes. Read Rev. 21:3-5

    • Chris Johns

      I’m not going do a scripture tip-for-tat. I used to be a JW. I used to look for arguements to show that I was a proud JW and no one else had the truth but us. I was a mean JW. Once God called me I learned the Truth and I was set free from the bondage to an organization. When an organization says “Come to Jehovah’s Organization for salvation” and that the Bible belongs to the organization no matter how much you believe you can interpret it. Thatd a red flag. Jesus never taught organization. The bible teaches that the Ark is Christ but your religion reaches it’s the organization then you have become Babylon. I know your line of thought and how I was in there for 6 years and it took humbling me to admit how wrong I was. The Truth isnt first everyone. I believed I had the truth as JW. But once you are spirit begotten you know the truth. I used all those scriptures you did Rev 19:1 shows they are in heaven. It directly says that. Psalms 45: 13-15 shows the entering the palace with the bride. That’s a direct statement. So you can believe it or you can stand on a proud JW and rejoice in your organization (which hides more child pedophiles) and believe what you wish. But I believed I had the truth. Then Jehovah showed me I was wrong.

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s . Did you see the problems with those 2 verses?

  • Dave

    To Christopher John’s.

    Rev. 19:7,8, Let us rejoice and celebrate, and give him the glory, for the wedding day of the Lamb has come,and his bride has made herself ready. She was given fine, pure white linen to wear, for the fine linen is the saints acts of justice.
    Do you agree, this is Jesus the Lamb along with herself the bride of 144,000?

    • Chris Johns

      Yes. The bride is in heaven. Notice how in Psalm 45 tye bride is described in verse 13 and 14. Then the “virgin companions” are the great company and BOTH go into the palace. Here is the text.

      “The King鈥檚 daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold.
      She will be led to the King in embroidered work; The virgins, her companions who follow her, Will be brought to You. They will be led forth with gladness and rejoicing; They will enter into the King鈥檚 palace.”
      Psalms 45:13-鈥15

      This definitely describes the bride and her companions. In the Paraboe of the Wise and Foolish virgins they are calsoncalled virgins but were negligent and were not with the bridegroom when he came to collect his bride.

      And the great Crowd in Rev 19:1 is said to be in heaven the great crowd are eventually overcomeers. How can Rev 19:1 show they are in heaven unless the were first spirit-begotten? But we dont believe there is a calling to this great crowd. In the Gospel Age there is only one call to the high calling. Jesus never offered a two-hope system. Jesus never taught that there was a group of Earthly Christian’s and a Group of Heavenly Christian’s. He came and always preached about the kingdom of the heavens. We don’t find any Christian’s in the bible with an earthly hope. The earth is for the restitution class and those who lived before the high calling. You said that you have the Studies in the Scriptures. The first volume explains it all. It blew my mind. And let’s say for argument sake that the great crowd is on the earth. It doesn’t bother me because neither Jesus nor the apostles taught about us running for that. The JWs are right in saying that the Bible is written for the anointed. This is true. Because there is no other class of Christian’s being called.

      Jeremiah 8:20 states “The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.” These we believe are the great company. Once the bride is complete they will know this.

      Im always here to answer your questions. 馃槉

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