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The suggested answers provided to all questions below are based on and in harmony with the views of the original Watchtower Bible and Tract Society when under the guidance of Pastor Charles Taze Russell.  Comments will often include a link to Pastor Russell’s own explanation.  However, in any case, we leave your conclusions to your own personal study, prayer, conscience and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Governbody of Jehovah’s witnesses the faithful discreet slave I kevin Davis annoited King of Isreal of the 12 tribes. Will you see to it i have food to eat a place to lay my head at nignt. My master and great teacher the greatest man who ever live Jesus my friend loves me to you my brothers love me or i am dog or a king with you.

  • jr.lyles

    I will kep praying for help and keep searching the bible thanks to Jehovah and his son the help he has shone me so far

  • junior lyles

    I have listen to the public talks on the dawn different bible students and I found that I belive most that has been said. I belive in the two hopes heavenly and earthly hopes but I don’t no were I fit in. I love the one who love us first and I pray to jehovah all the time.from the day I was babtised as a Jehovah witness 40 years ago I had question about the society I quit going to the hall because I come to see more what br. Russell tahght’ the meeting at the hall theelders book. my love for Jehovah and jesus is deeper then any religious organize ation any help you can tell me I would appreciate it

    • Chris Johns

      Good afternoon Junior,
      Thanks for your comment. I too was a JW. When I found the Divine Plan of the Ages and read it it rocked my proud JW lifestyle. I found out that God has a plan for EVERYONE including Adam and Eve. That God is calling us to joint heirship with his son. Jesus never taught a two-horse system. He came to call the bride and the Jews rejected and now he’s going to the gentiles to complete the bride. He didn’t call us to an earthly hope. With the Bible Students there is no organization. No president or Governing Body. People aren’t going to die in Armageddon for not being JWs. Everyone will be brought back to life. Those who are faithful now have the prospect of reigning with christ. Jesus is a ransom for all. Not only those who join a religious movement. The JWs have put the world.on judgement to second death for not joining a movement. Jesus never taught this. It says in John 5:28,29 that ALL will come from the graves. God has a plan for all mankind. Everyone will be raised with the prospect of living on the earth. But as for this Gospel Age we are called to run for the high calling. Not an earthly hope.

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello JUNIOR,Like Bro Chris Johns I was a JW For over 40 years.I Started associating with the Bible students in 2010.At present there are quite a few people(ex JWs)that are searching for the Truth.In Australia in the last 2Years we have had another 2 witnesses consecrate(Baptise)themselves to Christ & become Bible students.At present in Portugal we have a young man(Ministerial Servant)who we are studying with,as he to wants to become a Bible Student.He has talked to others & his starting to hold classes with Interested people(another four)He will be visiting the Bretheren in London very Soon.Any help you need,We are here to help you to Find the truth that sets us free.God Bless,Richard.Tazzyman,Bible Student,Australia.

      • jr.lyles

        I was babtized at br. ramound franz visit at frsno calif . he gave a talk there the name was here I am send me assymbly .I am 76 years old the year was 1965 ithink

        • Richard.Tazzyman

          Jr,I was baptised in 1965 In Melbourne ,Australia,& I was born in 1949(70years)Pls Keep in touch with the Bible students,Bro Richard.Tazzyman.Bible student Australia.

  • Gasa

    Thank you Christopher,
    I agree that when the wt has said only JWs will be saved I have added a pinch of salt. Our Creater is much to magnamous . There is a joke that I was told about a man who died, he went to heaven to see St Peter at the gate and was shown the mansion and its rooms, as the angelic guide passed a specific room he said please be very quite now, he said “why!” And the Angel guide said oh it’s the JWs they think they are the only ones up here.
    I don’t really agree with great crowd bit but not to worry, I respect your views. A couple of question that you or other users of this site may be able to help me with.
    I think that any sort of expelling or disfellowship from a congregation is anti Christian so as you can imagine I want a change.
    Do you know when and who started the disfellowship policy amongst JWs ? I know bro Knorr was president and its was about 1950’s. Any materials history ref or books on this subject. My prayers have been for some years for this crazy shunning policy to be reversed. Christian regards,

    • Christopher Johns

      Sorry I don’t know where it started. I do know that they say excommunication is pagan practice. But I do know

      “January 8, 1947 Awake!:

      Excommunication is “altogether foreign to biblical teachings.”
      It’s an unbiblical Roman Catholic teaching by which “you are looked upon with the blackest contempt… being cursed and damned with the Devil and his angels.”
      Its origins are pagan — supersititious Greeks and the Druids!
      It’s “an instrument by which the clergy attained a combination of ecclesiastical power and secular tyranny that finds no parallel in history.”

      It’s my belief that they use this to control others from spreading the knowledge about the society to current members. If you read the book “Crisis of conscience” it’s by an ex-Governing Body member who exposes all of that.

  • What do most bible students believe on the 144000 a literal number or the 144000 more then 144000.

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Kevin,TO Answer your question,We need to look at Rev Chapter 7.This Chapter deals with two groups that are of the heavenly calling.Firstly the bride,refered to in verses 3-8 where it tells us that this number is SEALED!These are the bride class who are chosen to Rule with Christ.The second class are mentioned in Verses 9-17.If you look at these Verses it tells us that this class is a Great Crowd(Multitude)Which no man can Number!They have washed their robes in the blood of Christ,& where are they? Before the Throne of God!(With the Angels,Elders,& the four Living creatures)These two classes are refered to by Jesus in Mathew 25(The ten Virgins)So we see that the 144,000 are the ones who are more faithfull,Zealous,for the Lords work.The others miss out on being invited to Join the Bride,but are still Virgins,these are the ones refered to in Rev 7:9/17.They are still in the heavens.These two classes make up the Church,One class,Called & Sealed,The other class-Great Crowd,No Number known.The rest of mankind(+those who have died since adam) will be offered life eternal on this earth,during the thousand year rule of Christs Kingdom.Hope this explains it a little clearer for you.Bro Richard,Bible student,Australia.

    • ZionsHerald

      Hello Kevin,

      A quick review of the context of the seventh chapter of Revelation illustrates two heavenly groups, one group that was sealed, and another that was not. That second group is described as washing their robes in the blood of the Lamb. This is the same group that is described in Revelation 19:1 as being in heaven also. From the context it would suggest that there are two heavenly groups of saved men, one that is sealed, and the other which was not but still is rewarded although they need to wash their robes in the blood of the lamb.

      It isn’t until you get to the 20th chapter of Revelation (Rev. 20:4-5) that a third group of saved men is described. The heavenly group is described as being a part of the first resurrection and the second death has no power over them. They will be priests and reign with Christ 1000 years.

      The job of a priest is to reconcile men to God. This is their duty and one we see illustrated well in Revelation 22:17 where after the judgment against the Kings of the Earth they are described as making offers of salvation to unbelievers after armageddon, after the day of judgment!

      “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” (Rev. 22:17)

      Imagine that!

      We see the same thing illustrated in the Old Testament where this same group of unbelievers is described as being destroyed in the battle of Armageddon, yet through the grace of God after that battle these ones who attacked God’s chosen people Israel are described as going to worship God in Jerusalem from year to year.

      God’s grace is bigger than all of us.

      • ZionsHerald

        I forgot to add another difference from the seventh chapter of Revelation. The group that is described as sealed is numbered, while the unsealed group is not described with a number. While the unnumbered Great Crowd is described as a heavenly group in Revelation 19:1, the 144,000 are described in symbolic terms in the same location, on Mount Zion in Revelation 14.

        A little side note here. When looking at the description of the 144,000 they are given seven descriptors. Seven in Revelation is a complete or perfect number. The 144,000 are described as being perfected while the Great Crowd in Revelation 7 states that they needed to wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb.

        #1 Rev_14:1 They had name of the lamb and his father written on their foreheads.
        #2 Rev_14:3 No one could sing the song of Moses and Lamb except those purchased from the Earth
        #3 Rev_14:4 Not Defiled with Women and kept themselves Chaste
        #4 Rev_14:4 Follow the Lamb wherever he goes
        #5 Rev_14:4 Purchased From among Men as First fruits to God and the Lamb
        #6 Rev_14:5 No lie found in their mouths
        #7 Rev_14:5 Blameless

        Regardless of where the JWs think the great crowd is located, they have a difficult time dealing with Revelation 19:1 which states the location as heaven in very simple terms.

  • Nubby Tope

    Any one seen this? What are your opinions please?


  • Richard.Tazzyman

    Hello Ted,Do you Mean the book”Your Will Be Done”? On page 279 it states that from the time that Russia ,Under the communists,seized power in 1917,has had at its AIM “World Domination”so therefore Russia then started to rule as the New King of the North.Bro Richard Tazzyman.
    PS NUBBY Would you like me to scan some pages on this subject from the Book?

    • Ted R (Bible Student)

      I have almost every book and booklet the Society ever printed

      • Richard.Tazzyman

        Bro Ted,We have a newly Consecrated Bro In Australia(Ex JW) who also Collects very early Bible student Material,Including Books,Booklets & Watchtowers.I am sure he would like to correspond with you,Would you like his details?Brother Richard,Bible Student,Australia.

    • Nubby Tope

      Hi Richard,

      No thanks, its OK about the book you mentioned, thanks for offering though. I feel I’ve read enough WT stuff for one lifetime! But I am very contented with the comments on here and that’s sufficent for me for the time being. A new Bro “down under”? Good for him although it’ll be a while before I do anything like that as I still need time to fully heal.

      • Richard.Tazzyman

        Thats okay Nubby,We also have another ex JW who will be getting conscecrated at our Sydney,NSW Convention in March of 2019.We also have another ex JW Who associates with us,but he is not very well as he has Lukemia,But he still Witnesses to any one he can about what he has Learned from The Bible Students, also have a ex JW Elder in Korea who is so happy that he also has found the Bible Students,We have sent him a copy of the Ist Volume in Korean,& a brother in our class who works for the GMH ( motor) Company In australia who travells to Korea for work has just visited him,& he was so happy to as he said”Meet his very first Bible Student.Christian Love,Richard,Bible Student,Australia.

      • FYI on JW Russia=KN error from the USSR=KN error.

        God was not wasting Daniel’s time, that is why Daniel 11:1-26 eventually led to the Christ benchmark in relation to Rome’s symbology. And if we notice, every KS KN transition, every fall of a King in that progression is noted. And, there are explicit clues in the prophecy with direct indication of who was who in Daniel 11:1-26.

        WTBTS began a course of inserted assumptions, and that is how globalization progress through the world wars to today, including the unique Cold War of Daniel 11:29 unique note, was diverted to mere nation-state squabbles (Dan11:27b) as will probably be the case with any potential US vs. Russia decoys of the future, which just “heal” into complete globalization of world government anyways. (Rev13:3=Dan11:45)

        Instead, at Bethel, “nation versus nation” speculatively applied diversions WITH NO PROPHECY INDICATION CUES are then applied to lead to and into Daniel 11:27-43 through WW1, WW2 and into the Cold War, to terminate, or rather to go “King North on hold at Daniel 11:43”, as the assumed “King North” USSR fails and falls in violation of Daniel 11:36c, with also no prophetic indication of such a major truly global scope event. Thus, all real globalization system reality is totally bypassed and covered up by UN-allied JWs, in all its Daniel 11:27-45 details, set in 1990 stone at Bethel, in the meantime!

        That is why they also ride the wildbeast as UN NGO from 1991-2001. JWs are involved in a cover up of the real King North globalization progress to world government.

        King North Globalization Completion into World Government


  • https://www.reddit.com/r/exjw/

    There are many KN threads there at redditxjw since this last GB fraud announcement, btw.

  • Nubby Tope

    Just seen a thing on YouTube that page 29 said The Watchtower of October 1905 page 293 that Russell gives credit to well known astrologers for some of his predictions about 1914.

    Can anyone on here confirm this?

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello,Bro NT,The article referd to in October 1st 1905, Is not a quote From Bro Russell,But a quote from a a person called Sterling Heilig. Before the quote Bro Russell was telling us that we should be aware that also the demons/devil believe,He points out that they are well informed as to what is happening on this earth,&That they could be behind Predictions made by noted astrologists of this time period,showing that the demons were aware of the Important times of the early 20th Century,they even refereed to 1914. This article in no way supports their claims or predictions, but is to warn us that the Devil is aware to some extent of what is to occur. We should always check what these people say/quote on The Internet, Bro Richard, Bible Student, Australia

      • Nubby Tope

        My Dear Bro Richard,

        Thanks for clearing that up; I can breathe easy now!

      • Chris Johns

        Yes is it there. It’s not a quote from Russell though. It’s under the heading “Devil’s Also Believed”. It’s showing that these things are believed and he used quotes to show what he meant and what they are being taught.

    • In modern times David Wilcock demonstrates a 1914 date arrival from the Giza pyramid. He is a new age type of alien theorist and the gist, imo, is Satan marked 1914 as well for the “New World Order” inception phase. Because many did not understand the budding globalism of its day or who backs it, no one can blame religious researchers who may have caught on to this Satanic calendar. It shows both God and Satan have that date marked for very good reason.

      History also proves the corporate super-culture-global did get its engine started in 1914 by way of the London and Federal Reserve system funding the world war 1 orchestration to the tune of 200 to 300 BILLION dollars of the day, by use of the first world war to world government formulaic cycle. It led to the first “problem to solution” pattern resulting in WW1 resolving into the League of Nations globalism-nucleus for world government, the international executive branch and forum in the making. That formula repeated in WW2 and Cold WW3, for the same UN presentation highlight. And it will happen a fourth time in some form in the future, but this time as world government 8th King globalized governance, the line in the sand will have finally been crossed.

      Thus all the 1914 controversy merely distracts from the truth that the gentile rulership is coming to an end according to a calibrated divine prophecy schedule, it is what ti is, while many are sidelined by all the controversies, all just a waste of time really. It is going to where Revelation 8-11 says it is going, and the rest of the supporting prophecies.

      607 has to be marked by a “gentile time”, not the erred Jerusalem destruction date+event known error among JWs and others. King Neb’s coronation phase is what marks that 609-605 era with a much smaller tolerance of error than Russell and JWs 20 year glitch. Jerusalem’s temple “seven times” is the 70 years of temple desolation as the temple completed in Zechariah’s prophecy, in 586-516 BCE. So, there is a “seven times” active principle in the whole phase of those 70 years and 2520 years, but the Jerusalem Destruction Event is in error in its 607 BCE dating, it was 586ish.

      That error is causing huge problems for JWs as the sinister GB plays it for all the stumbling block grease they can, when in reality the fix is very simple: Gentile Times are based on GENTILE known world history, Babylon has to mark 607. Any Jerusalem trampling was also present well before destruction of 586 BCE, from the time Josiah took an Egyptian arrow, so began the trampling of the divine Judean kings by gentile historic interference as Jehoahaz died a prisoner of Egypt, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah were all puppet kings of Babylon, that is enough to qualify the “gentile” “trampling” of the Judean line of Davidic Kings, it did not have to become physical in the destruction of Jerusalem, their unfaithfulness is why that occurred as the seven times could have fulfilled in a totally vassal non-destructive Jerusalem takeover.


      Simply stated, 8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and “world peace” stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years. Js go don as timed in Daniel 8:13-14 well before world government arises from the future final global formulaic cycle of war to resolution to world government for its fourth cycle final rendition.

  • Nubby Tope


    Has anyone seen KIM AND MIKEY’S new youtube program? Apparently a new Circuit Overseer at a convention in North Carolina that “he regrets that he won’t be able to complete his circuit term because Armageddon will come by then”!

    Have we really got 3 years left?

    • Not we but WTBTS. As in Daniel 11:32a the GB work for King North Globalists, and that “the end” is just a decoy pretext of deception completing to crash the JW Org for criminal activity (Dan8:12-13; 2Thess2:1-4), but tell JWs “it just must be the end brothers!— this way JWs do nothing to avert the catastrophe but aid it as the obey GB commands for their own internment and what not, because, you know, they actually think it is the end.

      But, it is not the end but of JW apostasy, the sword stroke heals into 8th King full world government, that scralet wildbeast ascends from the global abyss of that global crisis as in Rev17:8-12 to go into complete form, whole world government, then the deposition of BTG to aid their 1Thess5:1-3 final “world peace and security” proclamation.

      This way by rnuning the full course of prophecy, many can understand aiding their salvation. That is focuses on JW lawlessness and apostasy mega-divine accounting and its Dan8:14 verification timing of the future in that WTBTS “trampling” when the smoke clears as in Revelation 9 abyss release from the temple judgment of all anointed scattered everywhere, the rectification will revisit the 1914 sovereign message that the gentiles ruling time is now truly ending.

      JW Catastrophic Collapse from Jehovah and Christ using mundane rulers to decimate the place will be made clear as to why JWs had to be “trampled” for an eventual rectification to complete the then cleansed 1260 days final witnessing ministry of them TWO witnesses— and that is why both witnessings of 1260 days past and at that time will have been “dressed in sackcloth”, this time it is JWs who will be the bones of Ezekiel 37 for reveival for that final warning in a very depressed state as the littl scroll message is also bitter and sweet, but it is the final summary of Rev10:5-7, so it must go forth.

      The ministerial identity is unkown at this time, but it will clearly restate the Russel era truth this world rulers time is up, seven times up as then 2520 DAYS “seven times” complete as Revelation 11, in fact Rev8-11, have two cycle, one for each witnessing.

      The GB man-o-lawlessness is there to play a deception to cancel the JW minsitry from their own mouths to try to prevent this final warning for their father the Devil and their King North Globalist bosses. THAT is why they will tell JWs the JW Org downfall must be the end, but it is a judgment due to huge sins and UN NGO treason in that 1990 3rd UN endorsement by JWs and the cover up King North is Globalist NWO world government designate system forming to completion and that 1990 3rd UN “place the disgusting thing” is that Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23 prophecy of that post Cold War unique period of Daniel 11:29 note.

      The GB are agents of KN, Daniel 11:32a, they will waltz off with 30 BILLION in JW assets too boot.

      • Nubby Tope

        Hi there TempleBBQ,

        Can I ask you on what do you base the idea that GB are agents of King North? I see in that new Ezekiel book that’s just coming out that they say Russia is King North again. If this is because of the ban Russia has put on WT, then the GB should realise that Mormons and Scientologists have also come under fire there because their shunning policies break up families, so could this “persecution” be self-inflicted? They brought this on themselves?

        • The globalization system is run by a private global array of corporate power who controls the wealth of the world progressively, manage the credit and central bank issued currency and debt, and they program the governments for the corporate advantage, as it funds everything in the government and its military and the globalization of military around the Global NATO nucleus. That complex is the real King North. It is so obvious a 101 level global management student knows this or a basic level geo-political researcher. True, it is not common mainstream media covered information, but it is all researchable.

          For the GB to be acting as if globalization is not the main global force which “gather the nations” especially when their USSR failed as anything King North, they have to be covering it all up on purpose, it is plain obvious the globalization system completion is a world government. Russia and every other nation must become subservient to the final globalization system when complete, even now their entire economies are run by that corporate global array.

          The USSR=KN started as an error the GB then capitalized on to silence King North as globalization system progress to world government 8th King parallel meaning. Thus, the Russia=KN is a new GB DECOY, so JWs will think ti must be “the end”, then they can crash the JW Org amidst that deceptive smokescreen “the end” pretext. KN will end up with the JW 30 billion, a conservative estimate. The world will go through a final “sword stroke” phase to recover into 8th King KN world government as the final sign, and JWs will have been detoured into a delusion of “the end” as in 2Thess2:1-2, and silenced in the flow of the real prophecy which is now at the GB “man of lawlessness” apostasy, prior to JW Org global dissolution. That is the goal, cancel the JW minsitry prematurely by its own mouth and fake prophecy which will fail, it has been hi-jacked to cloak “the end” of the WTBTS, it does not really apply to the KN of the globalization of the world. It covers it up.

        • Exactly, they are bringing it on JWs on purpose as a “self fulfilling prophecy”, to cloak the WTBTS downfall coming up. The global context that goes down in will produce a “tribulation of those days” but it recovers into world government. As Christ said the end does not come with wars and reports of war and global disorders as in Matt24:6 and Luke21:9. As Paul further clarified, all from God’s guidance in prophecy, the “world peace” and security is when Christ arrival is triggered, and that will have to be under that final world government sole sovereign overstep uniting all the nations against God’s Kingdom.

        • Richard.Tazzyman

          Hello NT,Just wanted to let you know I have been able to Source a copy of Your Will be Done on Earth,1958.Richard

          • Nubby Tope

            Hi Richard,

            That book came out the year I was born! I’ll be 60 next month! I remember my Dad having a copy of this. Can you quote from it if it has anything to bear on the above topic?

            • Richard.Tazzyman

              Hello Nobby,Do you mean on the Subject about the King of the North(Russia according to JWs in the late 1950s to late sixties)?Richard

              • KN was USSR to JWs up to circa 1958-1990. Recently, the GB is re-framing Russia as KN at their last annual meeting. Many JWs are all hyped up for “the end” now, as a result. But, it is a decoy, as was USSR. It serves the purpose of making JWs think the end is here, thus they are more controllable for capture, WT dissolution, global laughing stock eventuality witht hat “the end” fail, etc, etc.

            • Ted R (Bible Student)

              I have the book in my library.

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