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How are Bible Students connected to the Early Watchtower?

Who are the Bible Students? Where do they come from? These are questions frequently asked by those who seek to identify this movement and its origins. This special issue of The Herald is an expansion of an earlier edition and is meant to answer these queries.

Seeking to place the Bible Student movement in a Read more…

Watch the Photodrama of Creation

The Photo-Drama of Creation was produced at the time of the Early Watchtower under the direction of it’s president, Charles Taze Russell. It was in 4 parts, altogether for 8 hours. The completed production premiered in January 1914 in New York and was presented worldwide, being viewed by over 9 million people. It has the Read more…



You can view the Webcast (video and audio) by clicking below:


The audio only of this webcast is available by clicking here:

2010-12-03 – Discussion re- JWs Faith In Action DVD

The New Jehovah’s Witness Movie, “Faith in Action” covers the history of the early Watchtower, focusing on the life Read more…

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses and Bible Students testify

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses and Bible Students testify about providential experiences from Jehovah which drew them to consecrate (symbolized by baptism) and to accept the Truth. The moderator interviewing the brethren is Bro. Irving Foss. You can read his “eye witness” testimony on the Testimony page, where he describes how the Chicago Bible Students broke away Read more…

From 1964 recording, hear Bethelite and Colporteur recount their experiences in the Early Watchtower

During the time of C.T. Russell, in the days of the early Watchtower, Norman Woodworth and Russell Pollock were colporteurs going door to door full time offering subscriptions from the Watchtower and selling the Studies in the Scriptures books. Norman later went to work at the Bethel and C. T. Russell assigned Read more…