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An Eye-Witness Account by Br. Irving Carl Foss

An Eye-Witness Account by Br. Irving Carl Foss (Elder), Elder of the Chicago Ecclesia in 1933 [Recorded for his granddaughter, Alys Schneider, on 3/28/83] . Yes, it was about Aug. 1, 1933 that some of us left The Watch Tower Organization and started what is now The Chicago Bible Students Class.  Prior to this, some Read more…

How and Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Were Founded

According to the book, “Pastor Russell – Founder of the Bible Students,” published by Bible Students Christian Classics:

An unfortunate scrap of history provides the answer as to the origins to “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” After the death of Pastor Russell in 1916, the purpose of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society changed drastically. Joseph Rutherford, Read more…

Who are the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have created this website?

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Pastor Russell Founded the Bible Students, Not the Jehovah’s Witnesses

The picture is clear. The historical data reveals beyond a doubt that the Bible Students founded by Pastor Russell and Jehovah’s Witnesses founded by Judge Rutherford are two separate movements.

Pastor Russell founded the Bible Students. The movement had its beginning in 1872 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania, where a newly formed Bible Class selected Charles Taze Read more…