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Answering More Questions about the Memorial

How Do the Temple Festivals Relate to the Memorial?

What were the most significant changes introduced after the Babylonian exile that were observed in our Lord.s day?

What is the record of the primitive Church observance of the 14th of Nisan?

What is the current reckoning of the Memorial dates for the near future?

Find Read more…

Do we all worship the same God?

Our Multi-Religious Culture

A Cultural Revolution is creeping across our country. We are in a fundamentally different religious environment from what our grandparents or even our parents encountered. No longer can we think and speak in terms of a Christian society. The United States is fast becoming a multi-religious culture. The world we live Read more…

Is the Great Crowd to be in heaven or on earth?

Since the Levites picture the Great Crowd, the fact that the Levites had no inheritance in the Land (Deut 18:1-2; Josh 13:14, 33) illustrates that the Great Crowd has no inheritance on earth. Actually, the Great Crowd is described as being in heaven (Rev 19:1). You will recall that the Levites replaced the firstborn (Num Read more…

What is the role of the Great Crowd on Paradise Earth?

As noted in the answer to the prior question, “…they are before the throne of God; and they are rendering him sacred service day and night in his temple;” (Rev 7:15 NWT).

Just as in the Old Testament the Levites provided service for the tabernacle (then later the temple) and supported the greater work Read more…