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Bible Students are hosting live interactive Conference Calls and webcasts.  Some of these can be found at another site here:  Saturday Conference Calls.   You are invited to join us.  Our purpose is not to attack JWs.  We would like to have an open and friendly two-way dialogue with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Ex-JWs in these Webcasts and Conference Calls.  In the Webcasts, our Abdobe Connect technology will allow you to anonymously type questions, comments and testimonies without fear of being identified by your local Elder, Circuit Overseer or the Governing Body.  You will even be able to talk directly to us using your computer microphone.   There is no charge for these events.  If you cannot attend we will post a recording here.  You will also have the option of talking to the host and guest after the interview, which will be for at least an hour.


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