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Where was God on 9-11? Does He Care? Why Does Suffering Continue?

This is a time of Remembrance—remembrance of a Day we will never forget. . . .
We like to think that “time heals. . .” But we seem to need something more than time. We need answers. . . .Why, Lord, why?

“Where was God on September 11th?”. . . .

As Christians we ask, What does the Bible say? Asking this question should reveal that we do believe that God exists. . . By asking where was God, we’re not trying to judge God. Rather, we hope to share with each of you the satisfying answers we have found in the Bible.

In this tragedy, the questions came: “Why?” “Why did God let this happen? “Did He know what was going to happen?” Did He hear the cries of the victims? Or their families who ask, “Lord, why didn’t you stop it?” “Why Lord, Why?”

Some have suggested that God was desperately trying to keep as many people as possible off those planes and out of those buildings. I don’t thinks so…If he were he failed….Some—or many—of you may have known a victim who died on September 11th. Many noble people and heroic firemen and policemen died that day—but were all of them Christians? Certainly, we don’t think that those who died on that day did something wrong to deserve to die that day. . . . Nor do we think that those who were spared were in some way better and more deserving of life.

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5 comments to Where was God on 9-11? Does He Care? Why Does Suffering Continue?

  • doug

    Can we measure sin ? is there a diff.between a small sin and a big sin ?

  • doug

    Why does God allow suffering on earth ?
    As already pionted out the whole world is already dead, from the standpiont of
    justice (the death sentance rest apon all)
    Paul the apostle:Rom.7:24 O wretched man that I am ! who shall deliver me from this body of this death ? (are we dead in the eye’s of God ??)is that why there is so mutch suffering and pain on earth? we pray and ask but we recieve not.
    Matt.8:22 But Jesus said to him, follow me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead.
    From God’s standpiont the entire race, under sentance of death, is treated as though already dead ? we may properly recognise an aditional and still broader meaning in the Apstle’s words: namely that the entire human family was included in the experssion “the dead)
    Rom.5:12 Because of this, even as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin,so also death passed to all men, inasmutch as all sinned.
    For I know that in me (that is that in my fallen flesh) dwelleth no good thing; for to will is present with me, but how to perform I find not:But the evil which not, that I do…. O wretch man that I am (as all my inherited sins are ) Who shall deliver me from this dead body (this body) that which will I cannot fully controll, and with whitch there is a constant battle) then the answer, that God has appionted Jesus to be our deliverer- I thank God there is deliverence from this slavery, sin trhough Jesus .
    Rom.7;25 I thank God through Jesus,so then with the mind I myself serve the law of Jehovah: but with the flesh the law of sin.

  • arimatthewdavies

    oh someone please shoot me ! I took a job feeding the elderly and One employee is a j.w Im already asked if I am an apostate !oh jehovah please explain to the jws what an apostate is ! just because I disagree with some jw doctorines that certainly does not make me an enemy of jesus ! oh well thats what they made tranqilizers for, I WILL need them, I am enjoying the conventions with you, I did invite the jw lady to listen in and the reaction was why ? I said come on you came from the bible student roots how can you not want to visit your spirtual relatives to which the jw just kind of turned up the nose ! oh jehovah how oh how are any of us going to get along in the new world if we can not do it now ! its just not going to happen if we can not love each other today enough to work togeather we will get escorted to the dog kennel when we arive at jesus super with our blazeing lamps and 100 gallons of spare oil ! yes the six wise virgins who had plenty of oil got in the door but would it have killed them to say to the foolish ones
    here stand at my side so that you will not be left outside? somehow I think the master would have forgiven someone with dead batterys, anyway please let jws and all others who claim jesus as lord get along with each other ! and while Im on this what about that very old first bible estimated to be onley 200 after jesus resurection? and the picture of three crosses at cavalry ? is the society going to repent from fighting about a straight pole ? no but no ! oh somebody give me a prosac l.o.l
    keep up the good work folks, see you again soon jah willing.

    • Jacqueline

      Arimatthewsdavies, sometimes you just look at the person and wonder how we let some men make us crazy like that. I never called anyone an apostate, I always wanted to hear what they had to say that had left. But the majority of JW are persons that don’t think on a regular basis and it is eay to recruit them by talking to them. Those that think have always left either in mind or physically, staying only because of family. When the great revealing occur and witnesses see others survive armageddon it willk be a shock for so many that they were driven and lied to. Maybe they will see before the new world and will welcome those surviving with them. So many have been touched by the tentacles of the society, you will meet them every where. The governing body is like a god to them so that’s why they react the way they do. I don’t try to talk to them unless they themselves have had an awakening. They will be okay, some of them love being a part of a corporate type religion. Scientology and Mormon appeal to a certain type of person. Most will leave before they get in to deep if they aren’t born in the religion. Take Care and keep up your good works declaring Christ.

  • ari matthew davies

    everyday we see human strife and suffering and we often ask why god permits this.. and I am moved by gods holy spirit to answer why this evening.. our god jehovah loves us and hates all this suffering but it must continue until all people learn and submit to the simple hard fact that sin any sin starts a global catastrophe ! its now 7000 years since adam and eve ate fruit god said no to ! yet many people continue to this day to delibrately do what god says no to..jehovah wants all humans to learn and benefeit from this hard lesson. but god is not without compassion and mercy ! he has promised that he can and will reverse all damage caused by sin,my freinds please understand that jesus gained total victory over all sin and death,and this same jesus will guide us into full spirtual health and physical perfection in the future ! we the entire human race can be likened to a child who crys while geting a shot at the doctors office.. we humans see all the suffering and death and pain. but we just can not bring ourselfs to truely beleive that god has already fixed the whole mess before it evan began ! (the lamb slain since the foundation of the world ) god knows what a mess we are in and he has already healed us ! we humans because of our condition just can not perceive with our natural senses what has already taken place ! I know its so hard to beleive in what we can not see but rest asured jehovah will restore your sight to see what he promised.. in that waiting time spread the good news that we are healed ! evan though you dont feel healed spread the word. this is a sure and certain promise ever person who does this will in the blink an eye suddenly become aware of their new bodys and spirits ! do not fear death, he is gods obediant slave who will bring you to a wonderfull new life, do not let your own senses deceive you into dwelling in the dreamworld of sin suffering and pain, awaken yourself from the nightmare and see the glory in front of you ! and know with all you are, that its allready a done deal, jehovah does not permit human suffering ! we do ! yes the truth is out suffering pain death is allready dead ! unfortunatly for some humans it takes a whole lifetime to see the truth. now go forth in joy knowing that jesus paid it all and its up to you to go pick up your free gift of life..

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