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Richard Rawe, Our Dear Brother and Friend, Passed Away

Death of Richard Raw from Barbara Anderson post:

Richard and his wife Frances were very dear friends. Richard had a significant stroke last week and died in his sleep at home last Friday night. He will be sorely missed by his family and hundreds of friends. We know we’ll miss his phone calls. He had a raspy, croaky voice due to many little strokes over the past twenty years which affected his vocal cords. But what knowledge he carried in his head about the history of the WT and Adventist religions that we won’t be able to hear him tell anymore. All his many friends are shedding tears over his death and he will be sorely missed. Richard left a hole in our world that will never be filled by anyone else. He truly was one of a kind.

Barbara and Joe

This is his life story: http://www.xjw.com/rawe-df.html
This is a fuller life account:  http://www.christianwitnesses.com/id250.html


From Jacqueline:

No he was not a Bible Student. He was concerned with the events around the adventist movement. A time of awakening it seemed in the latter half of the 19th century into the 20th century. He was a very kind gentleman and helped me not to be afraid of leaving the watchtower. I told him within myself I knew there was something diabolically wrong from inside association with CO and a big CO gathering I attended in 1996 in Maryland. i told him I knew I had to separate myself from them for quite some time but took every other path to try and work within their system. He told me it was okay to separate from them to be used by Jesus. He was just kind and loving.


From Peter K.

Richard Rawe was a good friend to me as well as to many Bible Students and many who had been associated with the JWs.  I was honored to have been a guest on his call in program, along with many other brethren who had also been guests.  Richard was a kind and loving Christian brother.  He encouraged open discussion and respect for Christian liberty in drawing doctrinal and prophetic conclusions. He asked challeging questions which provoked thought and investigation of the scriptures.  Although Richard had some concerns about the Watchtower organization, I think he made a stronger effort than many to sift through the facts for the truth and not just swallow every criticism.  He was an appreciated participant in our Wednesday night call in study.  Whenever he had a different opinion, he was a real gentleman about it.  I look forward to reuniting with my brother in God’s kingdom.

9 comments to Richard Rawe, Our Dear Brother and Friend, Passed Away

  • Anonymous

    ON that final day when that nothing left but you and God. the name Jehovah and God will save a person. faith in exercise the name of God and faith in Jesus Christ ransom will save a person. KRD

    • Peter K. (admin)

      John 3:16 ““For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

  • Sheila

    Richard will be greatly missed. He was always so happy to hear from anyone and his main interest was on God’s Word as we all had come to recognize about him. No one was a stranger to Richard and he was always ready to hear what you had to say and to give encouragment. I am so glad that he did not have to suffer long, but had died in his sleep. The worst is over for Richard and so I am so happy for him. His exit was quick and merciful. “Death, where is your sting”? In his resurrection he may even be surprised that he had died. When it is my time, I can only hope to exit as quickly and painlessly as he did. What a way to go……… to exit in a persons sleep!

    Who knows how much longer it will be until Christ comes and God’s Kingdom has finally fully established here on the earth as we pray for in the Lords’ Prayer. God’s four angels “holding back the winds” have the power to hold back “the tribulation” until it is God’s time and though we see “critical times hard to deal with is here”, it could still be many years away yet and many of us may not be alive ourselves, to see Christ’s coming. So Richard my friend, “sleep in Christ”, rest well in peace and God willing, we will meet again in God’s wonderful Kingdom. God bless

    (I truly enjoyed meeting him personally and enjoyed attending various Bible Conferences he had. I miss them and I will greatly miss his fellowship. My prayers are for his wife Francis and the loved ones he left behind.)

    • Jacqueline

      Sheila, one thing I remember is he never got upset or angry when views were different than his own. In our study some of us was impressed with his knowledge but more impressed with his non confrontish attitude and how he would beg anyone pardon in a gentle manner. I noticed even Rick Feason mentioned this on the tribute Saturday night. It was so nice to have his daughter come on to let his friends talk and express their sympathy to Frances and Janice. Take Care

  • Saddened to learn about the death of Bro. Richard Rawe (Rev. 2:10). At the same time thankful that we got to know each other even a little before he finished his course and is in the hands of our loving Heavenly Father. (I participated on his program the last Saturday in September.)

  • Our brother Richard Rawe will be missed very much. If he didn’t hear from me, he would always give a quick call to see how I was doing and that I was missed.
    We will enjoy seeing him again in our Father’s kingdom; won’t that be a grand time!

  • Jacqueline

    It was so loving of Br. Rick to let us just talk about our experiences with Richard and other things on our mind. Richard was a part of our wed. group and we all missed him. He was so kind and gentle but a walking encyclopedia on religions and their relationships to the word of God. He has passed beyond the veil, so happy for him and sad that we won’t hear his distinct voice. Out of service (:)

  • Jacqueline

    There will be a special conference call on Saturday, Nov. 3rd for Richard Rawe.

    (712) 432-8710 pin # 9925 The six screens tele-network.

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