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Why I am a Bible Student

 Click here to check out this link for a very interesting article written by Daniel Torluemke, a Bible Student, in response to Robert C. Hill, ThB’S article “Why I Am Not A Bible Student”

Bible Students are not a sectarian organization.   We are organized like the Early Church and the Bible Students at the time of the Early Watchtower, without any Governing Body.  Each Bible Student Congregation is independent.  As in the Early Church, elders are elected by vote of the Anointed Congregation members.  Bible Students permit liberty of thought and differences of opinion, yet the Holy Spirit and our agreement on all the basic doctrines holds us together as a unified group.  Our most important foundational doctrine is the Ransom for ALL.  That “Jesus tasted death for every man” (Heb 2:9)  and that ALL will come forth from their tombs (Matt 5:28, 29).  (This is the same word tomb mentioned throughout the Bible and has not special thought of only those whom Jehovah remembers.)  When ALL return to life upon Paradise Earth, it will be a time a judgment and education that will take place during the 1,000 years.  Isa 26:9  says “when Your judgments are in the earth, The inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.”


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  • Thank you Daniel Torluemke for your critique. Please note that the old nowthink.com software using FrontPage has not been supported for years. Only recently I had an all new website covering Bible Student teachings, among others, and position articles. New website software for nowthink.com, now accessed at https://www.nowthink.com

    Just in case anyone wants to see new or old articles I have a fully secured website with SiteLock badge at bottom and https. Please visit for new articles posted and even a blog page within nowthink.There is also a form to submit comments positive or negative. Again, thank you, Robert c. Hill nowthink.com

  • I get so tired of “The Dawn this and the Dawn that.” The truth is that the Dawn is simply a publishing house. Like all orginizations they have made mistakes over the decades. The truth is some, not many, have a personal vendetta against the Dawn for one reason or another. Perhaps they were not elected elders and blame it on the Dawn, not appointed to the Dawn speakers service, etc. Some would like the Dawn’s mission to be expanded to what they think it should be.

    The Dawn is a publishing house. Just like Chicago is a publishing house. There is really no such thing as a “Dawn ecclesia,” or a “Divine Plan ecclesia.” All that means is that an ecclesia might use more publications from one than the other. Perhaps forty years ago these lines were drawn deeper. In our day it is simply no longer the case. There are other publishing houses, “The Herald,” “Ft. Worth Bible Students,” Layman’s Home Missionary.” I have obtained publications from all of them. I do not have to agree 100 percent with any of them.

    I support the Dawn, as well as most of the others in their efforts to spead the truth about God’s kingdom.

  • Domenic pappalardo

    I use the NWT published by the Watchtower. Here is one reason<

    This should be read by all who believe in the Bible.

    Why has the Bible been changed by Jehovah's Witnesses?
    wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_has_the_Bible_been_changed_by… Cached
    What is the Jehovah's Witnesses bible? The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. Has the punctuation of the bible been changed by jehovahas witnesses?

  • hank

    Be careful going to that site. You may learn not all Bible Students are in unity. Ask Rolando if he agrees with the Dawn Bible Students.

    Not sure how he feels about the Chicago group.

    So be careful.

  • Yes I believe all of Gods people will be in the resurrection.
    I also believe When Jesus comes he will raise God people off the earth before he destroys all living things on this earth. The Bible speaks about their flesh rotting off their bones as they stand on their feet. it also says it will take Gods people seven years to bury all the bones. I believe these are Satan’s seed that are working to destroy Gods people.
    Sorry, but yes I do believe there are two seed on earth, and it started in the garden.

  • hank

    July 1905 from G.W.S.-Pa.

    Although I have read Vol. I. probably six times, Vols. V. AND VI. at least four times, yet I have been mortified to see how much I had forgotten.

    It sounds like you are a truth digger Daniel. How is you ecclesia doing? Getting up in age? Just curious.

    Great hearing from you.

    Hard to believe how people can hate a man like Pastor Russell.

  • hank

    Listen to how special this one was Daniel. Letter to the WT Dec. 1905

    Four years ago I commenced to read these publications and have read them over at least twice during that time, but my eyesight failing me I have not been able to read at all for the last eighteen months. I am so thankful to my dear heavenly Father that my site was spared to me long enough to learn of the great plan of salvation.

    C.C. Strong-Ca.

  • The thing you have to remember about Bible Students is that there is no central authority. Each local group is in charge of themselves. They decide what to study, who will be their elders, and deacons, and who will speak a their gatherings. This is done through a vote of the membership.

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