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Is the JW Songbook Really Singing Praise to the Faithful Slave (Governing Body)?

JWSongsDoes the JW Organization believe it is good to extend our worship of praise beyond Jehovah and Jesus and also to the men known as the Faithful Slave (or Governing Body)?

You can find the JW Songbook here:  Sing to Jehovah Book

What do you think of these songs?  Do you agree with the words to the following songs?  We would love to hear what you think.

Hymn 43 – Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty – “Stay awake, and keep your senses, Always ready to obey. Staying alert to Christ’s direction, through his faithful slave to day. Heed the counsel of the older men, Who protect his sheep and truth defend.”

Hymn 63 – Ever Loyal – “Ever loyal to their guidance. When our brothers take the lead, When they give us clear directions, May our mind and heart give heed.”

Hymn 84 – I Want To – “Oh, what help Jehovah God gave, when he sent the faithful wise slave, With whom we serve with joy, Our powers employ, that meek ones we might help to save.”

Hymn 116 – The Light Gets Brighter – “Our Lord has appointed a trustworthy slave, Through whom He gives food in due season. The light of the truth has grown brighter with time, Appealing to heart and to reason. Our path ever clearer, our steps ever firm, We walk in the brightness of day.”

Hymn 125 – Loyally Submitting to the theocratic Order – “God provides his steward and his active force. These will ever guide us in our Christian course. So may we be steadfast, seeking God to please, Loyally proclaiming all his wise decrees!”

72 comments to Is the JW Songbook Really Singing Praise to the Faithful Slave (Governing Body)?

  • Neddie

    I would like to purchase this bible,and the song book please.The Grey Holy Bible please.

  • Anonymous

    Hi.I please would love to purchase this song book please.And the Grey Holy Bible please.My Email address is nedntroy2014@gmail.com Thank you.

  • Come on, there are no “smoother words” (Dan11:32a) to lead a final apostasy, than the polished “Governing Body” and “JW Media” production. Anything with a shiny “flawless” veneer, diamond studded cuff-links, Rolex watches, and other “shameless luxury” props like JW Org “corporate branding” employs to hide the GB Cadaver within, is HIDING something PLAIN EVIL, just like modern-day corporate bankers and corrupt politicians accomplish in similar “uniforms”.

    JW Org media is just serving decades worth of now spoiled left-overs to help float the act by the sheep, to make everything seem fine with all kinds of “wholesome” advice, which even makes the GB lawlessness more sickening to those who know what those Pedophile Paradise UN NGO Ghouls have ACTUALLY been up to.

    It really is a “mystery of lawlessness” as per 2Thess2:11-12.

  • Trudy

    No proof that they are appointed by Jesus what so ever, no more than the Catholic Church leaders can prove Jesus and his God supports them.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think you had enough of them changing the song book

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