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In 1933, How the Chicago Bible Students Escaped a Takeover By the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

Here is the story of the origin of the Chicago Bible Students.

Read An Eye-Witness Account by Br. Irving Carl Foss (Elder and a founding member) by clicking here:

Watch a video interview of two eye witnesses and founding members of the JW Organization’s move to takeover the Chicago congregation by clicking here:

Watch the 75th Anniverary Meeting video from 2008 by clicking below:  

  • the history of the original class during Br. Russell’s ministry, 
  • situation after Br. Russell’s death and change of doctrine byJudge J.F. Rutherford, 
  • separation form the Society in 1933, 
  • meeting locations
  • first years as an independent Ecclesia, 
  • witnessing activities (radio, tv programs and trade shows)
  • printing projects efforts and numerous talents, 
  • a look ahead.

13 comments to In 1933, How the Chicago Bible Students Escaped a Takeover By the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

  • Randy Smith

    I have most original brother Russell’s works, all his Millennial Dawns and Scripture studies and the Watchtower Reprints. So I was curious if the bible students still existed – not Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • Randy Smith

    Great video. Too bad I can’t locate any brothers in the Bay Area (San Francisco.

  • Mimi

    (Greg) hi, yes the comparison between BS and JWS. I understand more now that this website is to help those transitioning? Listen regardless of my religion. I for one do not believe that there is one true organization or group. Though it’s too much hassle changing religions because let me be honest I’ll find something wrong in others. I do not blindly just follow what I am told to. We can agree that the Bible is the ultimate source for how we should be living as Christians. So I am just still continuing to learn and being curious, that’s all. I respect the BS. To be honest I didn’t know you guys were still around lol. Good for you though. So I’m sure I’ll have more questions regarding your practices. Thanks for the responses 🙂

  • Mimi

    Lee Anthony )Brandon) so you’re saying criticizing other religions or organization would be contrary to what you believe? Because than how to know that the BS or the many other religions that came from you guys might as well be walking in God’s path too! Since the BS don’t really “condemn” having different ideas than their own individually. And it seems to me that BS and JWs which is what this website is comparing this more with, are very very similar more than cousins you are siblings. I can see many things to disagree with the BS and JWs but I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re both wrong. You guys believe that not one individual religion will be saved. So I do not get what the point is in continuing this comparison.

    • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

      I see. Yes I wouldnt criticize anyone for their beliefs personally. I was a pagan, then part of christiandem and for many years a Jw. I had my fill of being critical of others. I am a bible student because i feel they as a group have love that is not conditional and view all people as having an opportunity. I still do not agree with all that they teach though as the bible is the ultimate authority. The Jws belief that only Jws will be saved. I see that the scriptures teach that all will have an equal opportunity. 1 Tim 2:5-6. The ransom for all means all. We differ much when it comes to the ransom. The site is for those who are seeking to find comfort after coming out of organized religion, specifically Jws. Hopefully i understand your question? Are you a Jw or of a particular religion?

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Greetings Mimi.

      It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance and a joy to read your comments here.

      Uhm, I’m a little puzzled by your expression: “So I do not get what the point is in continuing this comparison.” Can you help me understand what you’re asking? Are you asking us why we seem to be comparing ourselves as Bible Students to JWs? Does it seem to you that we are possibly even implying our superiority over them?

      I’m desirous of making a reply to you, but I’d like to make sure I’m clear about your question first.


  • Mimi

    Do you guys consider yourselves as to having the truth?

    • Lee Anthony (Brandon)

      I think it would depend on who you ask?
      My response: Gods word is truth. Anything contrary to the scriptures is not truth, I do not think any one can say they are in the truth in the sense of being part of a group or organization, yet one can say they have an understanding of truth from the bible. Example is: I believe the scriptures teach that the trinity is false, this is truth. Others might say just the opposite and feel this way as well. What does the bible CLEARLY teach on the subject?

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

    Outstanding! Truly is a blessed and sacred heritage from our Lord.

  • StanleyL

    Great video!

    I recognized the printing press shown on one page. It is a Miehle Vertical and I ran one just like it in the 1970’s myself, among others. They are very good presses, almost as good as the Heidelberg Plattens, often called “windmill” presses, which I also ran back then. I was a pressman in a small job printing company back then and my job required me to be proficient with five different presses, two letterpress and three offset presses up to a 22 inch press. I did pretty much everything with those presses right up to four color process printing. Back then if you bought a Gasoline container from Standard container with a yellow and red tag hanging from the spout you saw my work. I have some really nice memories from that work.

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